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  1. I am going to check out Draxen maybe next weekend. Thank you, everyone, for your responses! My best bet is probably going to be checking out some events, there is a pretty big event in Malabar which is just 15 minutes away.
  2. If anyone knows anyone else who offers classes in the central Florida area please let me know. I am looking for a different environment to continue learning. My dog definitely has a knack for it and she is easily trainable. Not saying she is the undrafted 2019 sheepdog champion but she is definitely not hard to work with and has potential. I have nothing bad to say about JK but some of the ticks who hang out on the weekend really rub me the wrong way and seem to be more interested in putting new trainees down rather than just having fun. Plus It is a waste of time to sit there for hours waiting your turn while having to watch all types of random breeds run around trying to eat the sheep. Thank you to everyone
  3. I was there today briefly and have been taking weekly classes with JK. I know some of you warned against her but I personally like her and me and my dog have learned a ton. I am pretty much hooked and really look forward to Saturdays. Thank you, everyone, who responded!
  4. I am doing my first introduction to sheep tomorrow! Very excited, been wanting to get into the hobby for a while now. I actually just posted in the general discussion about this
  5. I will look into her, Sue mentioned she is in Malabar which is 15 minutes from my house in Melbourne. Gotta start somewhere...
  6. I live in Melbourne, and as someone new wanting to learn, it is hard to infiltrate the right circles. I gotta thank Sue for her message because as someone who wasn't born into this it is easy to be taken a fool for money. Journey, I will message you her name, I don't want to slander anyone without meeting her and I think she may be good for me as a beginner. Once I learn some basics I will inevitably meet the right people.
  7. just to add, I haven't spoken to her about lessons so idk if she even does them. I plan on asking her if my dog seems to enjoy it. regardless, if it does turn out to be BS, its only 40$ and I learn a lesson.
  8. oh lord, now I am worried! haha, she does allow many breeds to do the test but she does have working Border collies and even breeds a litter or two every year. She seems legit but I will definitely keep my eyes out for BS.
  9. Hello everyone, so my 2-year-old BC is an absolutely great dog in most ways, but she lacks confidence and has trust issues towards humans. She was born at nightshade border collies which is basically a puppy mill and is on the 2015 high volume breeder list(Mary Gum), had a litter at 1, and then a friend of mine purchased her. He didn't realize you gotta walk your dog every day and kept her in a crate for at least 18 hours a day so 6 months ago he was getting divorced and I convinced him to let me take her. She is my second BC with my first dying about a year ago so the timing worked out. She has come leaps and bounds with me and is great with and loves other dogs but is a bit skittish to put simply. I love the breed and will never buy another and have wanted to learn how trial but couldn't while I was in the army. Now I do not believe I have the undrafted 2019 sheepdog champion but I want to learn, build our bond, and hopefully raise her confidence. This Saturday I am going to a local sheep farm where a lady does some sort of instinct test and if she has the slightest instinct I want to start working with her twice a week or so and hopefully eventually compete at a beginner level. I live in Central Florida so if anyone knows any good teachers please let me know and what is the average price for lessons? I know it won't be cheap but what is a fair price? Thank you all in advance
  10. you could create a facebook page to try and put the facts out there about this breeder. you could add or follow everyone on the breeder's friends list and eventually, other people with issues will find you. This may be a tad on the stocker side, but hey, someone has to make a stand. If the page grew you could provide links to reputable breeders.
  11. There are a ton of great dogs in rescue now that they have become so popular.
  12. hey guys, so my little girl picked up whipworms so I was consoled into switching from heartguard to interceptor plus as a preventative. The active ingredients are milbemycin and praziquantel. I have done some preliminary google searches and it seems to check out but since tomorrow is meds day I wanted to check with the experts. Thanks in advance
  13. I know this is an old post but this guy is writing like he is on adderall or meth or is like some of yall said a troll. it sounds like OP is conflicted, he/she knows he is breeding to just try and make some money, but wanted some type of approvement from the board. The best advice I can give is the same I tell myself, leave the breeding to the experts. If you are having to ask simple dominant/recessive questions then you probably shouldn't be breeding. I applaud everyone else for being so respectful.
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