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  1. FOCUS! Quinn (Border Collie/ Australian shepherd / golden retriever) has very limited focus at 18 months. And it’s something we are working on. We’ve been through obedience classes and have completed close to a year of agility. Training consistency and listening to commands on the first try is part of our training work to improve his focus and calm. I know this will benefit us in agility as we start moving towards competitions. We started rally obedience this past Sunday and... he didn’t even make it through the whole class before losing his cool. It’s was less than an hour. He just couldn’t
  2. Good people! I figured it was about time for an update! Quinn is now 18 months old! It's been a fun ride :) though I must admit I certainly don't miss those early puppy days That said, Quinn is doing very well and we've been progressing in our agility journey. We took agility classes in the spring and fall (agility breaks during the summer) and now we're beginning Rally obedience this winter. I chose Rally this winter so we could work on some foundational obedience, as @Lawgirl suggested early on. He has come a LONG way but we still need improvement. This fall we ran our fastest t
  3. Thank you @Lawgirl We are! And hope to continue on that path. We had our agility class today and he did very well actually. I’m also learning (though it’s rather a “duh” thing) that the way I come into things plays a HUGE role in the way he responds. For example, today I was calm, collected, and we had a great time and he was very responsive. Two weeks ago, I was in a frenzied state upon arrival and he responded accordingly and we didn’t even finish the last jump in class that day. And of course, this translates to everyday life. So that’s useful should well. All in all, doing we
  4. Hello fellow BC Forum readers! Update on Quinn, my now 10mo BC mix. Knock on wood, he is doing so well. There is no doubt that we both are constantly learning, me about him and him about me. We recently went on vacation for a week and he did BRILLIANTLY except for one instance of... well... there’s no easy way to say it. He peed on my Mom. Appropriate scolding and action ensued and we had s good rest of the week We are now well into our Agility 1 and Obedience 1 classes and he’s doing well. Our “stay” is coming along and our “heel” has also improved quite a bit. He’s still a jumpy
  5. @Lawgirl I almost cried when I saw this YouTube. Not because it's sad or anything, but because it's SO DARN EXCITING to watch dogs do this! I think I've got the bug....
  6. Excellent! I'm looking forward to that. I'm afraid the first time we go Quinn is going to lose his baby mind from wanting to participate. We visited a Super Pet Expo recently where he absolutely lost it, pulled out of his collar (I had a harness on him too) and almost got into the ring with the dogs performing (The Marvelous Mutts) because he was so frustrated and wanting to play. Maybe good practice in self-control for him? Food for thought. I'm thinking I might hit up the Mechanicsville event but need to browse the events a bit more. Do you attend these typically @CaptJack? Q LOVES
  7. I've always been told that chicken bones are dangerous for pets. Is this not the case?
  8. @alligande, this is great and super helpful. It's a completely different ball game for Q depending on the environment, which makes sense. Stay is definitely still a struggle for us and I often use "wait" with Quinn and he's okay with it when we're "on the course" (just in training class). He chomps at the bit and like I said earlier, he absolutely bolts over the A frame. Channeling his excitement and making sure he's focused and not distracted is our greatest struggle right now. Might you have any recommended reading for how those different commands play out? @Lawgirl you are awesome.
  9. Yeah, I stockpile himalayan chews from Chewy once a month and we go through them, but he's been bored of them lately it seems. They're actually much more economical through Chewy I've found. 3 for $12.50 (or less if you do their autoship). In the stores you'd find one for that price usually and these are big and last a while. Link here: https://www.chewy.com/bones-chews-himalayan-cheese-large/dp/137096 Ohhh I've not tried cow hooves yet, though I know Quinn's sister, Lexie loves them. I'll have to take a look and maybe buy one. Pig ears here are gone quickly too. And they smell q
  10. I've been worried about the teeth as he scrapes them across but still ok for now. He's less interested in antlers so we've only had a few over the months. And we did rawhide until I stopped buying them for the aforementioned reasons. So now that you've mentioned which ones don't work, any recommendations on which ones have worked for you and your dogs, @GentleLake? We've stuck with Himalayan Chews recently.
  11. I'm just here for the puppy pictures Don't mind me. No, but seriously, congratulations. As another condo-dweller, it's challenging raising a pup in such a small space, but if you're willing to keep them busy and go, it's SO worth it. And these boards have helped immensely. I got Quinn at 6.5 weeks as a foster for our county shelter and adopted him at 8 weeks. On the separation note, I also used kongs to help keep Quinn (9mo now) occupied while I was away. We started crate training immediately and whenever he would go in, he'd get a peanut butter stuffed Kong. It would keep him busy
  12. As Quinn grows and develops, I've been trying out a variety of different chew snacks for him. We've tried deer antlers, moose antlers, himalayan cheese, raw frozen bones, rawhide, no raw-hide. We've run the gambit. What chew treats have you found that were really durable and worked well for you and your pup?
  13. @Lawgirl @captain jack Much appreciated for the wisdom above. And no, you haven't scared me off! I'm just starting to realize how much work goes into all this. From what I've read in other threads as well it absolutely IS a different language. Our current class is only once a week but when we get there, he snaps to attention (unless there's goose poo, which he then consistently tries to eat. Gross). Distractions are real for a pup his age, and I expect that, though we work on it. I've been thinking about everything y'all have said above and what a year might look like for us, especially
  14. Hello! My pup Quinn (9mo) and I started our first agility foundations class yesterday. They're an hour long and we're working on short, slow fundamentals to help us learn more advanced things in a few months in Agility 2. Right now, with Quinn still being quite young, I'm not practicing outside of class in order to ensure that I don't do any damage to him til his growth plates are finished fusing. Been reading posts here on that. As a side note, we're also currently completing a Dog Obedience 1 class to make sure we have those proper handling fundamentals down as well. Both classes are a
  15. Really handsome boy. Mixed BC. Named Simba. 1 year and 11 months. Surrendered because owner "didn't have time". https://www.petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Border-Collie-40822686 Petango.com - Meet Simba, 1y 11m Border Collie _ Mix available for adoption in FAIRFAX, VA.pdf
  16. @Shetlander, this was my experience as well. As my Quinn has gotten older it's become more apparent that he's decided I am important and he wants to please. @NW_MONTANA_BC, how is Tucker doing now?
  17. His response to me asking him if he’s ready for bed. Have a good night y’all!
  18. What Alex said. It was quite the learning process I’ve had with my Quinn over the past 8 months (he’ll be 9 months this coming week). I brought him home from the shelter (as a foster) at 6.5 weeks. But the routine you’re keeping sounds like what I did with Q and it’s also worked out well for us and no separation anxiety. I usually leave the house around 9:30 and return around 4. At around 6 months he started to get left out of his crate day and night and he’s almost always got some sort of stimulating toy around or chew treat. This will vary from dog to dog, timeline-wise though, so don’t feel
  19. Quinn has been doing very well since my last upset where he snapped. He continues to grow and mature and is a very happy pup. So, we went to a Pet Expo today where Quinn had the opportunity to try Luring (www.luring101.com) and Basic Agility. He CRUSHED it, naturally. And he’s doing such so much better with handling. Our working relationship has improved drastically over the past month or so and he’s responding very well to a high-praise regimen (obviously). So, I wanted to thank you all for your helpful advice, especially the “baby doggie” tip. It’s helped me remember that he’s st
  20. Update: today I found a Kong gyro and it is AWESOME. Treat-dispensing ofncourse but hours of fun. Highly recommend.
  21. Hey everyone! I’ve been loving all the replies and thank you. I’ve actually been calling Quinn “baby doggie” all week since I read it. Good tip, among all the rest of them. Q is now 45lbs as of our vet visit today. Gentle Lake, regarding your question about the training course. It’s actually Dog Obedience 1. After this it’ll open doors for us to do other courses like Agility for Fun which I know he will enjoy immensely. Related to potato chip bags. I am VERY wary of making sure he’s not left with them in general. This was the one time when he took it off the table. I thought
  22. GentleLake, Appreciate your feedback. I will say that positive reinforcement is something that, especially with Quinn, I’ve had to work on. I will also say, we have a good relationship and he is a happy pup. I do think that my inexperience with the barking has led to some poor responses, e.g. snout grabbing. I’m looking forward to the puppy class which will begin in March. But in the meantime we are actually spending some additional 1-on-1 time together lately (fetch, Training, etc.) which has improved his responses to me because he’s getting a LOT of praise. I’ve also realized th
  23. Quinn is all about the treat dispensing toys, like puzzle balls and the Kong wobbler. He also loves squeaky toys and things he can toss or throw. Like most of the others who’ve responded, he enjoys games with people or dogs more than anything. But he will play with his toys for a while if I’m taking a break.
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