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  1. GentleLake, thanks for your reply. Good suggestion to link to my other post, ISO ABCA pup (didn't think of it cuz I'm new here). Here it is: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/topic/40777-iso-abca-pup/ To answer your questions... No the litter is not spoken for -- the owner said he planned to keep one pup and give the remaining ones to family members or friends but the people fell through somehow. The owner just bred his dogs because he wanted a pup from his bitch to continue the line he's had for many years, but it is not a repeat breeding. I agree that just because the sire is is imported it's not necessarily good (though also not necessarily bad). The owner came by the sire from someone who gave it up. I got the impression it was a family friend, perhaps with health issues, and I don't know why the dog was imported in the first place. I think "Backyard Breeder" is exactly correct for this situation. I'm definitely not endorsing this guy or his behavior, was just wondering whether it *might* be an opportunity for me. But you are right to remind me of my own criteria and I appreciate your comments. I feel like I should pass on this litter, as not exactly what I'm looking for, but I still feel a twinge of reluctance because there isn't anything definite on the horizon and the prospect of life without a dog for a year or more is too grim to bear.
  2. Dear BC people, I could use your expertise, feedback and advice on my situation. I tried to keep this short, but it's still kinda long, sorry. Thanks for any comments!!! I just lost my dear boy Zorba a few weeks ago at age 17 and my heart is broken. While I'm not looking for a new puppy immediately, I've been trying to get something lined up for say 2-6 months out. I have been trying to do everything "right" to find a breeder who is breeding for work and who does health tests on the pups. However, despite a few promising contacts, I don't have anything lined up yet. (See my other post for what I'm looking for and please PM if you have leads. EDIT here's the link http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/topic/40777-iso-abca-pup/ ) Meanwhile... an acquaintance of a friend of a friend has a litter of border collie puppies who are 4 weeks old and he's looking for homes for them in a month. I met the pups, the dam, the sire and a grandfather the other day. The smell alone of the pups was a salve to my heart. But I want to use my brain to decide whether to adopt one of them. Pros. On one hand, this could be serendipity, the path of least resistance, what was meant to be, etc etc (even though it's sooner than I wanted, the timing would be OK). I am weary of justifying myself to working breeders, some of whom have been quite condescending (encouraging the likes of me who seek a "mere companion" to support one of the vanity breeders instead??? but that's another topic...) The pups are being raised with gentle care and lots of attention and socialization. I really liked the sire who had great BC energy and intensity and who was really quick to figure things out. It was harder to get a feel for the dam -- she was nice enough though a bit standoffish with me (understandable and fine, especially given that she's nursing) but was very attentive to her owner. Grandfather was low key, especially around all the commotion and as an older dog, so it was also hard to get much sense of him. I liked one of the puppies, though it's hard much to tell at 4 weeks, I could see them again weekly for the next month. The owner said the sire as well as both of the dam's parents were/are registered and he's supposed to be digging up the papers from a storage locker for me... Cons. On the other hand, I have some concerns: First, this litter was not specifically bred for work. I really really want a dog with all the BC traits that I believe come with working lines, even though I don't intend to work my own dog on stock. However, it's possible that there are working lines quite close back to this litter. When (if) I see papers, I'll be able to tell if the sire is from a working line (apparently he was brought over directly from Scotland, though not by this owner) and how far back work is on the dam's side (owner said the grandfather, the dam's sire, came from a ranch someplace around Meeker, which could even be good). Secondly, there are no health or genetic tests. This is a particular worry because of the three pups, one is totally white and another is a mostly-white piebald. As I understand it, a litter like this is at increased risk for deafness and other maladies. However, I may get some hints from the pedigrees and in lieu of paying for a puppy, I could just get the CEA and BEAR tests and even genetic tests myself for the one puppy I'm considering. Although in that case if the info is not good, then I'd just be out the expense for testing someone else's puppy. What do you think? Thanks!
  3. amc, thanks for the info about the trial in the Springs! I hadn't seen that one. I'll definitely be there. Thanks for the encouragement too!
  4. My first post here. I'm looking for my next border collie for wilderness adventures but I'm struggling to find a good breeder with pups available in the next 2-6 months. I've read and searched everything I can find but the process is remarkably opaque and frustrating. So I'm just putting out what I'm looking for, in hopes of using this network to get in touch with breeders with pups available in a few months. A few notes. I don't want a rescue this time around. Yes, I've had border collies before, Essie 1987-2002 and I just lost my dear boy Zorba 2001-2018 (see pic); I am committed to the breed and want to support the real deal breeders with working dogs. Also, I am planning to go to some trials to meet handlers/breeders, but there's nothing in the region for a while, so this post is a parallel strategy, but not my only one. I don't have stock and don't do trials or dog sports. Rather, my next border collie will be my companion for long remote off-trail backpacking trips and other wilderness adventures. The main traits I'm looking for are exceptional problem solving skills to figure out paths through talus, deadfall, snowfields, etc as well as the endurance to hike for days on end in rough terrain and all weather. I need a dog who is biddable for a huge variety of tasks like getting into the loaded canoe on a river without tipping it over, not walking on the ski trails, shaking off in a downpour before getting into the tent, etc etc. Ideally, I want a young pup (~8 weeks) who will be on the smaller side when grown (<40 lbs). All things being equal, I'd prefer a female this time. I don't want to breed the pup, but I'd like to see pedigrees, OFA, BAER, and DNA checks on the sire and dam (and I'm more than happy to pay a fair price to a responsible breeder who does these health checks). I don't care a whit about the latest fashionable color (and can't believe what I see out there... really?! yikes!). I live near Boulder, CO, but am willing to drive a day (500 miles) to meet the breeder and see the sire & dam and then again to pick up the pup. Thanks for any leads! (PM if you want) Cathy
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