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  1. Saw this article this evening: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/05/us-fda-study-dog-food-canine-heart-disease
  2. Thank you, @Mark Billadeau. Thank you, @Journey. It's been devastating, to say the least. I fault myself to some extent, as- when the vet made her initial assessment of stool obstruction, she also said "I haven't pulled any labs..." I should've said, yes, let's look at labs, a white count would be good ..." I should've, I SHOULD HAVE- but I didn't. Maybe he could've shown an elevation, and if an ex-lap had been done, maybe, just maybe, just a small segment of bowel might only have been affected at that moment, and been resected. The only issue seemed to be "the elephant in the room". So many what-if's. It's been just over a week, and feels like only yesterday that we lost him. Thank you.
  3. As I read through your initial post, @Rooster, I wondered if perhaps it wasn't a growing disinterest in cattle or sheep, but rather, a rejection of the training methods or discipline he received in conjunction? You describe his behavior as chasing and not herding. Maybe that was the problem?
  4. Our Lonnie that we just lost would sleep with the tip of his tongue sticking out. I never realized until just a few months ago that it was probably due to lower teeth misalignment and a gap that was there. He's a doll baby!
  5. Am posting to inquire about seizure related disorders, if there be such a thing? We lost one of our two 4YO BC's during the night. He had been observed in his lifetime as having only 2 separate incidences of seizure activity, about 3 months apart. Taken off of Simparica after the first episode. No anti-seizure meds. Yesterday, he was unable to defecate despite multiple attempts, showed what seemed to be all the symptoms of constipation/ possible blockage. Taken to our vet- she could feel what seemed to be hard stool but too high to finger retrieve/ 2 enemas unproductive. Kept overnight, IV fluids/ cathed/ stool softeners. This morning they found him deceased. Necropsy reveals dead bowel, from ileum onward - dx sepsis secondary to that. Perhaps mesenteric infarct. No intussusception, torsion, or perforation, no peritonitis. Have any connections been observed between seizures in dogs that are perhaps related to clotting disorders, affecting other body structures? Thank you for your time and response. I'm sorry, I forgot how to "tag" a member in a post - @Mark Billadeau Maybe I'm looking down the wrong rabbit trail - I'm sorry.
  6. Just reading this beautiful tribute to your Celt only now, and the equally as poignant memoriam to Megan. You've had special partners in your walk of life, and they most undoubtedly felt the same about you. I did want to add condolences for the loss of your son, as it was almost buried in your sharing. Know that must have been extremely difficult for you. Respectfully-
  7. "Humans have altered dogs' brains"- https://apple.news/AtrxWwQn4QGyfAo0dz4eS_A
  8. TY. Stupid me, I was adhering to a q3 mo interval of the Bravecto for L&L (my other two) only to read the flyer again yesterday... 2 month intervals because of the Lone Star tick?? Drat. On a side note, am doing my own entymological study, you might say, on captive ticks. Saved 3 egg laden ticks in a pill bottle at least 2 mos. ago. As of yesterday, 1 of the females was still alive. No food, water, or fresh air... she (or maybe all 3) laid eggs, which hatched. The inside of the bottle/lid is "peppered" with the larval ticks, still crawling everywhere, inside conditions unchanged. Gross. They're a scourge.
  9. You could well be correct, @GentleLake. The other thought might be that these untested included ingredients were being used all the while by owners who wouldn't have known any different necessarily.
  10. Interesting proposal, @Zaphod know it helps humans... will follow!
  11. @GentleLake- I followed your link, but it was dated Sept of '18... picked up some Bravecto this past week, and the copyright on the enclosed flyer is 2014 and 2017 - meaning, hasn't been updated per FDA directive. Really don't know what choice to make- ticks have been SOOOO bad, despite using K9 Advantix II for our rescue BC cross. The alternatives, it seems to me, are- plan on having to treat your dogs for any of the various TBD's and forget the preventatives, OR- use them, watch for SE's, and hope for the best
  12. Just saw this today: https://apple.news/AJmpXOXDHRxWAKaJgFlf7Og
  13. @GentleLake- Yes, I always praise all 3 when they jump up into the car. Haven't passed out treats (mostly, to avoid the possibility of car sickness, which used to be a problem). Yes, he'll get in with just one of the others, incrementally. It's not like I'm pulling him, kicking and biting into the hatch. Just reluctance and stiffening. Hard on paint jobs ... we'll work it out. Thanks for your suggestions!
  14. LOL- to be truthful, he IS sure he doesn't want to be the only dog I can try that, yes, TY.
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