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  1. Yes the ‘I’m doing training right now ‘ might work, so many times I say sorry my dog isn’t good with unfamiliar dogs and the owner just lets their dog run up anyway!! So annoying! Yes Salty doesn’t seem to like any dogs She doesn’t know in her space , she only snaps after she has had a chance to sniff the other dogs face, I am trying to not let her get this close as from a distance she is quite fine
  2. Ok thank you, last question.. when walking on lead around town I have been giving her a lead correction and saying ‘ah’ when she starts to focus on a dog across the road and keep her walking do you think this is the right thing to do? Or am I creating a negative association with the presence of the other dog ? Thank you for all the advice , I live in an area where there’s lots of dogs around town and at the beach so it’s been stressful the last few months making sure she gets enough exercise.
  3. Yes thank you you are right , I think she is rushing to greet to seek information then decides uh ah no way !
  4. Yup this sounds like my girl Salty. She’s actually quite a sensitive little soul but yes reacts quickly! Thank you for the advice, salty isn’t good driven at all esp when out and about but I will try use the ball as she LOVES it, and will not bother with on lead greetings. Do you think I should give her a chance to meet other dogs off lead that she might get along with or just keep our distance? Your girl Molly is a beauty, thank you for sharing her story!
  5. Hello I have got some great advice from this forum before so hoping someone might have a suggestion for my girl Salty. She is 18months old, I have had her since 8 weeks. We have had a few issues with her since she was about 5 months old, she had poor impulse control according to the trainer which has her chasing lots of things - joggers, bikes, cars. This thankfully has gotten a LOT better as she doesn’t lunge on lead and can walk next to the road now. We have her on a long line when we are out somewhere where there may be bikes or cars so she does not have the opportunity to chase. She is als
  6. Sorry if I wasn’t clear , I was hoping to hear from others if their bc had modeled behaviours from older dogs, as I’ve noticed Salty doing it a lot with my friends dog that I’m looking after while she is away. We are not getting another dog! Just my observations from salty spending time with this other bc name is Sunday who is a year older than our girl Salty. I feel that her spending time with other dogs in a backyard playing is teaching her a lot more than quick interactions with other dogs down the street or at the beach and also building her confidence. I have also noticed when out on lead
  7. Yes I wasn’t saying we were getting another dog hoping to fix any problems with Salty. One is enough for now!! She’s just starting to chill out a little now and has come a long way from when she was around 5months and super reactive. I can see how modelling behaviour from other dogs could work either way, Thank you for the helpful response
  8. Yes this is what I meant! Thank you for clarifying!! I’m just looking after a friends older and not so reactive bc while she is away. Salty still is attending dog school once a week to reinforce training. I was trying to find some articles and came across some stuff around allelomimetic behaviours but thought it was worth asking some other bc/dog people about this! Thanks for the helpful response
  9. Haha yes I agree! We are not getting another dog (yet). But I’ve been looking after a friends bc while she has been away and noticed Salty imitating her good and bad behaviours! But this has been especially helpful on lead walks as Salty is very interested in cars and Sunday (friends bc) isn’t. I’ve been watching her look at the cars then at Sunday and Sunday hasn’t taken any notice then Salty loses interest. Interesting to observe
  10. Does anyone feel that having another slightly older border collie for my girl Salty who is 1.5 years old now to hang out with and play with will be of benefit? I’ve been minding a friends bc who’s also a girl 3 years old while she’s away and they have been playing and playing and I’ve noticed Salty looks to her when on walks for direction at times. I feel like this has huge benefits for some of her behaviour issues which are mostly impulse control related. I wasn’t sure if bc often model behaviour from others? Claire and Salty
  11. Thank you both I have read the thread about Fern. Will have a look for that book also!
  12. Hi there, after some advice for our 16 month old female BC. I wrote on here a little while ago as Salty was getting nippy with other dogs down at the beach and it seems she has a strong predatory drive which we have been working on tirelessly!! She has been going really well and slowly losing interest in chasing things (bikes, joggers and cars) when we are out on our adventures and we have been able to shift her focus onto the ball which is really helpful but unfortunately she seems to be getting worse with interactions with other dogs. We are really limited with the places we can
  13. Thank you for the response. Yes Salty is now at the stage where she often looks to me for direction when a bike, car or other distraction approaches. Which is a great improvement, the three P’s are paying off!! We’re not at the stage where I trust her off lead but I do believe we will get there. Thanks for your input to the chat.
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