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  1. I mean inbreeding in the forum members - not allowing for other genes and aspects to get in. Smala, I do not answer you, because your first response was rude, remains rude and therefore I've not pursued my original question, nor will I. And that is for me! I doubt highly that I am going to somehow feel a great need to answer your questions about my background when this forum doesn't serve me any good, and says things 'like a dog to match my armchair' you are so condescending and rude - why would anyone want to engage with that and be batting against your, obvious, discrimination an
  2. Just so that you know, I am not a troll. I am an honest person, who was seeking help. My original post was brief, but it was to ask one question, and if I had any idea that you could assist, I'd have added further information. OR since you guys love to admonish people for what they don't do - did anyone on here ask if the colour was my main basis? No, they assumed. There was, and don't play silly buggers with me, an immediate and assumed response that everyone who comes on here is new, and therefore stupid, and going to do the breed harm. I got the response of 'why do you think your bitch
  3. Since we’re opining here, I’ll opine away…thank you very much for the opportunity you given me to do the same. Since we haven’t read what I’ve written quite well enough, please let me elaborate that I had already done the health tests, and skills I was seeking BEFORE I looked at the colour. That was just a final decision tie-breaker. That’s it folks. It seemed a rather short message without too many words before but still this seems to have confused and befuddled y’all. So let me get to the next point, and yes, I am happy – nay thrilled – to be excluded from this forum. It will be
  4. Hello, Before I ask any questions, I'll state that I do not have a championship dog, nor am I breeding them. I am breeding for homes & working dogs. I have sought out a lot of other information about sires I'd like to use, based on what they can bring to my dam. That combined with those within my proximity of travel, I've selected 2. Now I am down to the last selection criteria, and this one would normally get people up in arms, but hey...it's the market we do live in. So the last piece is how genetically, they will combine with looks. I've tried to read a lot about Border Colli
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