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  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only nervous mom. I can imagine all types of senarios that might cause an issue. How did our parents raise many kids and a family without this much thought?!
  2. Collars make me nervous. I'm always afraid that they will get out of them. Yeah I know it's silly and that most dogs wear them just fine. Our old BC mix used a harness so it didn't choke him when he walked. And although he had three or four walks a day he was never a very compliant walker. But I still loved taking him out every day and look forward to feeling that way with the pup.
  3. We were told by our trainer that it gives her more control over us if she is clipped in the back and it gives her more strength as she pulls us. If I clip her in the front she looks like a kangaroo hopping on her back legs. I will be very interested in what the trainer tries when we see her tomorrow
  4. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound unappreciative towards your comment. She really is a beauty and also the first puppy we've ever raised. Afraid that I am trying so hard to make her a good girl that I am making her neurotic. I truly appreciate all the help and info that is recommended. I will surely keep you posted and thanks again for the suggestion and compliment
  5. Thank you. Her cuteness is her super power but I do worry about the behaviors. I will definitely research and try the suggested method
  6. Good morning Our Four month old BC mix is terrible on her leash. Lately she has started lunging and barking at bikes and cars. I can get her to sit when they pass but then she lunges at them. I am concerned about her safety and the safety of the bikers. She also will only walk with a back clip harness. When trying to walk her on a front clip she grabs onto her leash and hopes along on her hind legs. We are taking her to puppy classes but the walking issue has me very concerned. She does know basic commands and is housebroken. Any help would be appreciated
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