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  1. I had only seen your advice after my client left yesterday, at the time I was following the rule that I had been told to keep him restrained and tell people to ignore him so he settles without any attention. You get different advice from different people and I only saw your post about him self rewarding afterwards. I am changing all my routines and following the advice here. I've moved his crate into the quiet lounge and getting him to go in there every time he gets over excited, stressed or misbehaves etc. I just have to train the rest of my family to do the same too now wh
  2. Thank you for all your advice. I had a client around today, she has been before so I texted her to say I would have him on a leash when she arrived and for her to ignore him which she did and went straight through to the therapy room. I locked the cat in the bedroom because he sometimes runs around with clogs on which sets Alfie off. Alfie barked a bit when my client arrived but was pulling on the lead lot so as it was raining so put him in the lounge with a nice new bone and I put some relaxing music on for him, I didn't take his crate in though so I suppose I did that wrong but althou
  3. Thank you for your advice, I really would like to be able to get him to stay in a safe place but at the moment he is so fixated on whatever he fears, i.e. the cat (who loves to wind him up) or visitors thati can't get his attention,mi will keep working in it though.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply, the problem is more with new visitors, post delivery men and clients etc. When friends visit they are understanding and patient and he is fine after the initial contact but I need to address his fear so it won't happen at other times. I can't leave him alone in the house because he would start chewing things up or go after the cat. The only thing I can do is leave home outside, he has an access to an outhouse for shelter and olentynof space, I give him a new bone and a treat filled Kong but last week when I had a client he barked on and off through the whole tre
  5. I last wrote on here when Alfie was four and a half months old. For some reason the original post showed hear instead of this so I have edited it. Since my last post we had been on holdiay and had some very good house sitters who looked after him, at the time he was still sleeping outside and we said he would be OK being left for a few hours if they wanted to go out without him. But they took him everywhere with him, to café etc which was good for socialising but they spent all their time with him so that made it difficult for me to leave him afterwards because he didn't like being on h
  6. Thank you for your replies and advice. I've started putting him in his crate for time out when he is disobedient, I haven't had the chance with visitors yet because I haven't had any. The next time the post lady came I had him on a short leash on the lawn away from the gate, he still barked but not as bad and each time he stopped after me saying 'quiet' I gave him a treat. He is very clever and has worked out what 'quiet' means as sometimes he'll bark, whilst looking out of the corner of his eye at me and when I say quiet he does then runs up to me for a treat. I understand a
  7. He can calm down if we keep him separated, eventually. But his barking is very allarming to people. He did it with the vet and tried to bite her who was very annoyed and said we had to stop that happening as it would be a major problem for us, she stipulated she wasn't allowed to hit him herself (again the farmers around here beat their dogs which I would never do, one even advised us to use a stick and not your hand) so getting help locally with behaviour isn't very promising). He calmed down after a short while though and giving injections and examination went smoothly. At the mom
  8. The children take him out on a lead for walks around the local area, and with my husband. They have visited neighbours and sometimes he barks at them but only for a short while, nothing like he does at home. If I'm in the house he can't actually get to visitors because he has an area fenced off. For example yesterday a friend pulled up on the drive and I first knew because he was barking but when my friend came to the fence I gave him some treats to give to the dog and he calmed down quickly as we just talked, occasionally barking again when my friend paid attention but not for long and h
  9. Hi, this is my first time as a dog owner. Initially I wanted to get an older dog in a few years when the children left home (they are young teenagers) but a friend of mine's border collie had puppies unexpectedly and I agreed to take one thinking the children would enjoy his younger years and then he'd be my companion and walking buddy later. A week before we were to bring him home I broke my ankle and we couldn't put off taking him because his owner was quite old and needed homes as soon as possible. This meant that I couldn't be the one to initially train him or be the leader etc.
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