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  1. I did not know this was actually a thing, I thought it was just Willow!!!! I stopped bringing Piggy out because she was so scared of her, but if it's ok to use as a deterrent..... This is the closest she ever got.
  2. By way of an update (and thank you very much for all of the excellent advice) we are using time-outs and they are a game changer! My parents came round on Saturday evening, and in-between being quite affectionate with them (which she never is with us ) she would get a little nippy, we'd put her in her crate for 5-10 minutes and after barking for the majority of the time she would usually give up after about 8 minutes and settle down. We'd just give her another minute or so after her final bark, for good measure, and then let her out and tell her she's been a good girl. She was much muc
  3. Thank you!! Yeah, I was wondering when the 'teenage phase' would start! I think staying calm is the hardest thing to do to be honest, she's like a yoyo bouncing up and down all the time. I'm going to try to praise HARD when she sits down if I ignore her and I'll feedback and let you guys know if it's working!
  4. Thank you so much for the great advice D'Elle! The walking on the lead and timeout advice is going to be put into practice straight away! (In fact, all of it is to be honest) It's also nice to know that the things I want to do are ok to do and not a punishment. I'm worried we're letting her get away with too much at the moment by being 'overly positive', if that is such a thing.. We try to re-direct, use praise where we can etc etc, but I always feel like at the end of it she's just not done and always wants MORE.. I reckon I can crack the barking and the jumping up, and I hope that
  5. This is all really interesting! I am scared of using the crate as a punishment area, because that's where Willow sleeps and I don't want her to associate it with anything negative, but maybe I should just scrap that line of thinking and try it! Really interesting advice! Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, long time lurker here, this is my first post and I'm after some advice if possible! As an intro: Willow is a six month old female sable merle and one feisty lady! Since we got her at 8 weeks life has been a whirlwind, and it hasn't all been plain sailing; poor thing has had a UTI, conjunctivitis in her eyes, she's been one nippy madam since about 10 weeks and we cannot for the life of us get her to keep all her paws on the floor when we're in the house (she's constantly jumping up, either on us, guests, kitchen work surface, sofa, tables etc). On the plus side, she's super ea
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