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  1. So sorry for your loss heartbreaking xx
  2. I have jinxy who is now 6 months, I have put up 2 trees with baubles lights etc no tinsel, she lay and watched the entire procedure and so far hasn’t attempted to go near it she sits in front of it looking at the flashing lights no problem so far
  3. Thank you so much guys, she is a different pup now she’s getting peace and quiet, she still has her mad half hours throwing her food and water bowls around, using them like a skateboard across the deck, but once she’s in for the evening she puts herself to bed bless her. Thanks for you replies I just felt so guilty her being on her own but she loves it so all good. Debbie and jinx
  4. Hi guys well jinx is 13 weeks old and is now out and about walking and doing lots of mental activities, but each night we noticed she would come into the lounge with us but then bark and keep jumping up, she has a bed in the lounge and her crate for bed in a quiet area, no matter what we did she wouldn’t settle, well the last couple of nights she has just gone to her crate in the quiet area at around 8pm and settled immediately, she gets up for a wee etc but then goes straight back herself, I think she doesn’t like the noise of the tv and just wants silence, I felt awful thinking she shouldn’t be in the crate that long as she sleeps right through till 730 am. But she seems happier and it’s not being forced, she obviously has enough of us in the day and wants to be alone in the evening choosing not to sit with us lol.. is this normal behaviour. Thanks everyone Debbie
  5. Thanks guys for your replies, yes she has chews and rope toys plus treat balls, she plays with them for 5 mins then wants to be on the sofa with me or hubby lol Will keep up with her training hopefully it will catch on lol, I took her spare car crate into the lounge last night I left the door open and she settled ok and then went to her bed crate for the night. So hopefully this will work, will let you know. Thanks again guys xx
  6. Hi all, I have been reading your posts with interest and wanted to introduce myself my name is Debbie and this is our little girl jinx, she is now 13 wks old, we got her when she was 8 weeks from a farm and during her time indoors and garden before her final injection and kennel cough vaccine we managed to get her house trained, she can sit, lie down and stay as well as leave when bringing toys etc, she also is very good at recall and as I live at the beach she often goes off lead when it’s quiet and comes back to the whistle. She also likes us to hide food in a small container and finds it every time letting us know by sitting down, all in all a little beauty, my question is she now goes for walks and has mental stimulation but never seems to tire out lol mind you she does sleep in her crate from 11 till 730 am. She constantly tries to jump up next to me I have tried no and standing up with my back towards her but she just carries on. I’m at home with her most of the day only maybe leaving her for an hour or so which she is ok with but this constant jumping up goes on all the time. Any suggestions, thanks for listening Debbie & jinx
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