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  1. Thank you for your reply. Our situation would be much worse than yours because nobody would be at home for a few hours... You made me realise this is just not doable, and basically unfair for the dog herself. We will have to rethink this, and maybe wait until the kids are a bit older and able to share more of their time with the dog.
  2. Many thanks for your input Jami. I think you raise a very good point that I had not considered: barking when we are not there, resulting in an unwanted disturbance with neighbours. I think this pretty much kills my idea of leaving her outside for few hours by herself.
  3. Hello, I am new in the forum because I don't have a BC, yet. We are thinking of introducing one to the family, but lots of practical questions keep popping out. Since both parents are working (and kids go to school), we are worried about the young BC left alone at home. We have no other pet at the moment. One possible solution would be to build her a spacious wooden kennel in our big (fenced) garden so that she would be able to stay outdoor and use the kennel (with food, water, toys) if she wanted (e.g. if it rains). The kennel will be without door obviously, just a safe space for th
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