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  1. 15 week update! Zoey got her rabies shot, and final set of boosters this past Tuesday. She is growing and is now 17.2lbs! I am feeding about a cup and a half a day, not sure if thats enough but i think she looks healthy. Here are the most recent pics I have of her.
  2. Thank you both! Her ears are definitely wonky. She's been growing a lot lately and I am very curious to see how big she'll end up being. Here's some pics of her from the last couple weeks. She turned 14 weeks old yesterday.
  3. Thank you! Let's see, here's some pics from 10-12 weeks. We made our 3rd vet visit, bought more toys, and started learning more commands. Zoey is pretty strong at: Sit, down, stay, touch (with nose), shake, play dead, go to bed (crate). She's OK at : Come, spin (left and right), place. Shes horrible at: Nice Leash walking . One of her ears started to perk up, still not sure if the other one will follow.. at 12 weeks we took her to get her 3rd set of shots, she doesn't mind the vet, for the most part she's pretty relaxed when we go, and she does pretty well in the
  4. Little backstory first: I had no clue what a Border Collie was approximately 1 year ago. Never really was that interested in dogs period either. I knew my brother had a Border Collie for about 4-5 years, and always used to tell me stories about her, but I still didn't really have an idea about the breed. Then this past Christmas, I actually got to meet Daisy. I fell in love with her instantly, and the rest is history. 7 months later (after doing a lot of convincing to my wife :D), in mid July, I went to the breeder to pick up my little 8 week old puppy, Zoey. I used that time to do a ton
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