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  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures, Ranger. I'm glad Rusty is still able to have fun with his friends. They look like a happy bunch! He has shown some difficulty and reluctance rising and he has a wonky gait. Very unsteady hind legs. His right hip is very noisy and he's limped once before but he's still very active and he really loves to play with other dogs (part of the reason why I wanted to get another dog, I'll ask the veterinarian about it). And I actually did find a physical therapist who works with BCs and I'm hoping she'll be able to help us. I'm very happy to hear tha
  2. Hello. My BC puppy (8 months) has recently been diagnosed with CHD in both hips. I had been planning on getting another BC once he turned at least 2 years old but now that I know that he's got pretty bad hips I've been thinking about getting a less active, low-energy breed. I've also thought about adopting an adult dog, though that may be a bit more challenging. Which breeds would you guys recommend? And is getting a 2nd dog even a good idea? I have no prior experience with hip dysplasia, would they even be able to play? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! I joined BC boards in July when Finn was just a little puppy and he's grown so much in a few short months. This forum has helped us a lot during our journey so far. Finn on the day we got him (2 months). And here he is at 6 months. Still running around with mismatched ears on most days. He's 19.6 inches tall and weighs 33 lbs. I feel like he's quite big for his age compared to some of the other BCs in puppy school but I'm no expert. Do you guys have any before & after photos of your pups? I'd love to see them!
  4. Thank you! And I don't think they've settled down just yet. While he did have airplane ears for the longest time, they've been floppy for a couple of days now. First time I've seen both of them like that at the same time.
  5. Thank you! I'm definitely proud of our progress. Mancer sounds absolutely lovely. It's always nice to see your dog have a great time, not only with you but with others as well. Odin's still quite shy around strangers but he loves kids and the kids love him. Thank you for the warning! I'm sorry to hear about what happened with your pup, that sounds very scary. I hope he recovered well. Odin's an avid stick collector and he loves to pick them up and carry them around. I never throw sticks because I figured it was unsafe to do so. I don't even let him chew on them because of splinters.
  6. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my inquiries (and for the photos of your beautiful pups), I apologize for taking so long to get back to you all. We just got back from our camping trip a couple of days ago and little Odin had a blast! I followed everyone's advice as much as I could. Turns out he absolutely LOVES water. He wouldn't even come near it at first but he gradually became more confident and soon enough he was jumping in and out of it and fetching his ball. I'm pretty sure he would've just stayed in water all day if I had let him. I know you guy
  7. Ooh, what a handsome pup! His eyes are gorgeous. I hope my Odin fills out like that too. He received his initial vaccinations but not for bordetella. I will definitely consult my vet about that before we go anywhere, thank you for bringing it to my attention!
  8. That's a lot of different variations! I never know what type of ear I'm going to see when I wake up, and that's what makes it fun. I actually had no idea! Everything you wrote makes perfect sense, though. I've read a lot about this breed but I learn something new everyday. We'll just stay away from dog parks in that case and only visit the beach when it's empty. I don't want to create additional stress in a completely new environment. That's what I was thinking as well. I really don't want him to pick up her bad habits. I'll keep him away from her for the time being. Thank
  9. Thank you very much for your response! I've never been to a dog park before and while it could be fun, I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. I think we're going to cancel the visit and stick to unpopulated areas. As for the beach, that particular location is very popular. Most people have their dogs off leash, so the plan was to go there when there's no one around (early mornings and evenings). I'll make sure to follow your advice! I'm looking forward to seeing his initial reaction to water. My mother's dog is very unpredictable. He can hear her bark but they don't have any co
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I thought I'd introduce myself and my pup and ask a few questions while I'm at it. My name's Aidan and this is Odin. He's 3.5 months old and the first border collie I've ever had. He came into my life shortly after my previous dog had passed away unexpectedly. He keeps me on my toes a lot more than Freya ever did as a puppy – which is fun. While he's not my first dog, I do have a couple of questions. Question #1: The ears! He's only just started teething so I reckon they'll change later down the road, but his left ear has adopted a very lab
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