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  1. I concur with Hooper2 that inconsistency of your walking route should help you 'outsmart' your smart dog! My BC Roan displays a similar stubborn pattern: When we near the end of our daily walking he decides he wants to slow down and begin lollygagging. It seems he is quite aware the walk is ending and doesn't want it to. So, to extend the walk, or to delay the inevitable conclusion of the walk, his pace slows to a crawl and every scent needs to be explored in detail. To counteract this pattern I change up the routine by walking past the house, or by turning around or by taking an
  2. Hey everyone, It has been just over 6 months now and I've been meaning to give an update. I apologize for the delay. Winter here in Minnesota was long and I'm finally getting caught up on things. I haven't reviewed Roan's pictures in a long time and I am shocked when I look now! I am so glad I documented his history. The dog that now receives compliments as to how rich and thick his coat is doesn't even resemble the one from September. His coloring is somewhat mahogany in color now as compared to the orange shading he had. His build has also changed. He looked so underweight a
  3. Just my two cents and perhaps not applicable however my ex was adopted and it was very important to her to find out who her biological parents were along with accompanying medical conditions, personalities, general understanding of where she came from. What I learned from the time we were together is that in reality it kind of doesn't matter because none of those factors would change what is. Let me explain. Even if your dog's parent's were wacky or calm or had all the health problems in the world or none, treatment of the dog and training of the dog is based on what is present in that
  4. I am so moved by others that have reached out to tell their stories, tribulations and journeys. When I originally posted this thread, I dare say, it was for purely selfish reasons while I struggled to deal with the immense emotions of overcoming such great loss. As time has gone by and I read other's stories I realize that not only as my posting helped me but it appears to have helped others. What a great unintentional victory! Had I known the impact or ripple it caused in helping others come to terms with some of their losses, I would have not waited nearly a week to have written it.
  5. Thanks all for such positive encouragement and for sharing your personal stories. Each of these animals is so unique in character and mannerism like ourselves. Combining the two and creating unique relationships is ever fascinating to me. The potential for great relationships to be formed and grow and mature provides me endless, priceless enjoyment. GentleLake: I'd like to learn more about your experience with therapy training. I know nothing, relatively speaking and feel I need to be educated. I also can empathize with your situation with your beloved Bodhi. For myself, having los
  6. It's been one week since I brought Roan to his new home so I thought I would give an update. In general, he has been doing wonderfully. He is following the new rules that come along with being my buddy. This includes just basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, heel, etc. He also is doing well with general house rules and seems to be respectful of my pack leadership. We are continuing to do daily brushings which are still a slow process on his rear quarters, tail and swimsuit areas. I don't think I pointed this out before but his ears were so burred down that he couldn't raise t
  7. I picked him up (rescued) yesterday, liberating him from the chain that held him anchored to a barn. He had no house or bed or anything of comfort. The only shelter from the elements he had was to walk behind a wall. It was hard to see such a beautiful animal being treated this way. His owners were a very simple, elderly farm couple that appeared to unawares as to the discomfort he was in. I felt a little sorry for them as I don't think they knew better. They are in their late 80's and, as I said, at least recognized that he deserved a better life. I kept my opinions to myself and
  8. Thanks for the opinions. I have come to the conclusion that he is just suffering from neglect in brushing and bathing, a good, healthy diet, being around people that care for him and lots of lovin'! As I mentioned, he with an older couple that live on a farm in an isolated area. Why they decided to get him probably doesn't matter. The important thing is they recognized that they were not able to give him a life he deserves. They gave away alot of important indicators: He wants to come into the house with them, but they don't let him. He wants a lot of interaction. He is well-b
  9. Disregard that last question. I understand: You were tying the shearing done to him with shaving done for surgery.
  10. What made you research post-surgical alopecia to begin with? There has been no indication that surgery was performed other than he is listed as being neutered. I hadn't mentioned it though. I am familiar with sun bleaching in this breed and thought, like you, that could be present. That would not be of much concern to me.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and advice. I was hoping I would hear that his coat is more just a cosmetic condition and nothing more serious. Based on what the two of you are saying it's more or less like the dogs getting haircuts. As evidenced by your pics, your little girl is in full coat within a relatively quick period of time. The people that have him said they keep him outside all the time and that he sleeps in the barn. That would explain his rather 'stray dog' look. I would be bringing him indoors at least at night They said his previous owners kept him indoors. That alone w
  12. Hi everyone, I have stumbled across a dog that is in much need of a good home and am looking for some opinions and feedback. This dog was adopted only a month ago by an older couple that lives in a relatively isolated area. They believed they were getting a more docile, less active dog like their previous BC and have at least recognized that they cannot give this dog the activity and attention that it deserves. The area I'm needing help in is of the current condition of the dog. I have not visited the dog yet but the pics and story they are sharing indicate the previous owner she
  13. I'm so glad others are finding value in my posting. I was hesitant to write anything because I thought it could be perceived as self-serving or indulgent rather than the therapeutic value it was intended. I'm grateful that I pushed through my hesitations as I have received such valuable advice. Thanks everyone. NW Montana: I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Hershey and am glad that you found some solace in that which I have written. Being that it was difficult for you to read tells me you share a lot of those feelings I had for Mags with your BC Hershey. By the way, I love t
  14. I thought I would give an update as all of you have been so compassionate and helpful with your replies. I know that it takes effort to reply to this post and I appreciate the fact that so many have done so. As Starry777 conveyed, I have been in and out of the healing process. I feel like I had made great strides but sometimes the impact of the loss hits me right between the eyes and knocks me down emotionally. I feel particularly bad because I think I should have recognized the severity of his situation though he remained stoic until the very end. I find myself reliving the horrible
  15. Grief is definitely not a linear process. It can and does circle back onto itself seemingly without reason. For me, the depth and frequency of the pain has lessened though the sorrow remains and will, I'm sure, forever. Yesterday, for example, I went outside to work in the garage and the silence was, as they say, deafening. He was always out there with me exploring, patrolling, watching me. I was a little unprepared. I have been somewhat sequestered inside with the hot, humid weather and work so I have adjusted to the quietness there. Being outside together was just another part of the l
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