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  1. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. Just back from our evening walk. Decided to go along where there are plenty of cars and buses passing. Went fairly good. Jumpy and reactive at first but I tried to just stay calm and let him know the cars were nothing to worry about. After a little while if I stopped walking he would sit and watch the cars without getting too excited. Eventually after a short time he started to lay down and watch. We did this for maybe 15 minutes and then carried on with our walk. I know at any point a new car sneaking up on him could spook him but so far so good. We met a couple of new dogs on the way home. He seems to like to sit and wait for the other dog to get closer and then he will get up and walk over to greet. One of the dogs nipped at his nose but I think it was just telling him ''I don't really like puppies so back off" No harm done and maybe he learned a lesson. will up-date again next week and thanks again for the replies, Brian
  2. Hi All, Just a quick up-date. Duddley has made it to 16 weeks hooray!!. For the past two weeks we have been able to go out and meet other dogs and people. On the whole he is doing really well. If he sees another dog approaching he will sit without being asked and wait for the other dog to approach. This used to be accompanied with nervous growling but this seems to have stopped. Question. he always greets other dogs nose to nose. I tend to get a little nervous because they are both facing each other and I fear they will snap at each other. Am I making the greeting more nervous? should I let them greet whatever way the feel fit? He walks on the leash without a great deal of pulling. If he starts to pull I stop walking and he quickly realises this and stops and sits himself. The only problem I seem to have is the occasional lunge at passing cars. I am trying to stop and have him sit when I see a car coming. Praise and treat for not jumping. Is this the correct way to go? Hope I haven't gone on too much. Concerned parent syndrome haha. Oh while I remember I have my niece's dog ( very old labradour) coming to stay for 2 weeks this weekend while they are on vacation. Fingers crossed all goes well and Duddley does not pester the poor soul to death. Hope you like the pictures. One taken on his walk last night. Brian
  3. Just a quick question on this point. If you are in your garden and he ignores a recall but then decides there is no way you are catching me when you approach him, what then? Do you wait for him to calm down then approach? ( will he have forgotten why you were trying to get him in the first place?) Do you distract him with a toy or treat to come to you? and if he still will not come because he is in run around crazy mode? Hope this isn't a silly question. Brian
  4. My pup is now 14 weeks and has started walking on the lead outside my property in the last couple of days. So far so good. I mean he will walk along which is an improvement on the flop down and don't move I used to get. He does pull but when I stop he stops to look why which I find is a great time to say "good boy" and walk on. He is easily distracted by oncoming people and does struggle to keep calm and I am working on how to get him to focus on the walk rather than everything around him. Saying that though he is a 14 week puppy and I am very happy he will walk along at all. Best of luck in your walking and keep at it. I am sure with patience it will all come good in the end. Brian
  5. Thanks everyone. Jami74 I have just started on lead training with mixed results. Will do fine for a very short period but then usually flops down and refuses to move or starts playing with the lead. I guess I have reached the end of his attention span and calmly remove the lead and move on. I think it will all come good in time and not much point in pushing him too far. Brian
  6. Hi All, I have figured out how to upload photo's from my phone so here he is. 13 weeks old tomorrow and doing really well. Has basic commands like sit, down and wait, although down needs some work haha. Started to use a clicker to reinforce positive behaviour and seems to work good apart from during crazy hour. Usually around 9pm he has a rush of energy and wants to run and play like crazy. I just let him really as it tires him out before bed time and he does need to be a puppy. Hope you like the photo's. Brian
  7. Hi again all and thanks again for all the advise and help. Duddley is 12 weeks old and this time next week will be able to go outside and start to meet new dogs. My obvious question is how should I approach this? First of all I have been working on lead walking with some success but at times he flops down and refuses any command and any treat enticement. Advise on what to do please. Would it be best to first take him to a puppy socialising class? or introduce him to friends dogs I know to be calm? When I do take him out locally should I pick him up when strange people or dogs approach and introduce him in my arms? Don't want him meeting other dogs on the floor and risk bad encounters. Having only seen another dog from the other side of a garden fence I don't know how he will react close up, so to say. When he hears other dogs he does bark back but I am sure this is just curiosity??? Again any tips will be much appreciated. Hope this isn't too many questions at once. Brian P.S. Can't get photos to load????
  8. Hi, Need help please. I do not seem to be able to upload photos from my laptop. Get an error message every time I try. Downloaded flickr but can't figure out how to access photos from flick to upload onto BC Boards. Any suggestions? Thanks, Brian
  9. All my best wishes to you both and hope all goes well.
  10. Thanks for the reply D'Elle much appreciated. I have not actually left my property with him yet. So far he is a little fearful of the lead so I spend a short time holding the lead and petting him as he sits next to me ( reward the calmness). When I attach the lead he is quite accepting but sits still and does not walk when asked to. last night I encouraged him to take his first steps on the lead by offering some treat in front of him and walking slowly. Hooray!! he did follow and was praised and given the treat. Only a few steps but progress I think. Does this sound like I am on the right track? Thanks again, Brian
  11. Hi All, My soon to be 12 week old BC pup, Duddley, will be ready to start going outside and into the general public shortly. I would like to start walking on the leash training and would really appreciate any tips and advice available. I understand he is a pup and want to take my time and get it right. He has been socialising with friends and seems to be quite calm about meeting new people. I have been picking him up and introducing him to new people then putting him down to go to them if he chooses. Other dogs barking in the distance always grabs his attention and he will often bark back, after running back to me for protection of course. Anyway, I don't want to prattle on about how wonderful he is ( I do really) so any help will be much appreciated......Brian
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I may be doing the wrong thing by changing his routine but decided to leave him with freedom and sleep where he wants in the kitchen. All went well with no complaints and no soiling. As for why the kitchen. I appreciate dogs are pack animals but feel that he also needs his own safe place where he can go and feel comfortable being alone. He is not alone at any point during the day and we try to leave him alone in the kitchen for maybe a hour during the evening. May be wrong but I think this will prevent any separation anxiety at a later date. Any follow up feedback is much appreciated. Brian
  13. I have been advised by local vet that it is best to close my pup in his pen at night. His pen is in the kitchen and covered on the top and sides with a blanket. I have done this for 4 nights now. He seems to accept this after an initial protest which can go from 2 -20 minutes of yapping. Once he stops he is quiet from around 11pm until I get up at 6am. Am I doing the wright thing? I was thinking of just letting him sleep in the kitchen without any restraint on his movement. No soiling during the night when in his pen and seems to only want to go toilet outside.Any feed back appreciated. Brian
  14. Hi All, I have started to train my 10 week old puppy basic obedience. He will come to me sit and lie down but at times just looks with that can't be bothered look on his face. Any advice on keeping his attention? Also should I start training walking on the lead? Don't want to overload him. Thanks in advance for any help. Brian
  15. Managed to get photos from my phone to upload. This is Duddley
  16. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. I will follow up on Shaping. I will keep trying to upload a photo. System keeps telling there was an error uploading. Thanks again, Brian
  17. Hello, My name is Brian and I am new to this forum. This is my new 10 week old puppy Duddley ( named by wife and daughter although its growing on me). I have had border collies before but not from puppy age. Just want to say hello and ask is there any advice? I would like to start obedience training ASAP. He seems to sit naturally whenever I approach him. Should I just reinforce this as though it is part of his training? Nips at my heels and slippers when walking by him. Should I stop this now? Any how the list goes on and I can ask for more help as time goes by. He came from a farm with working parents. He has been home with me for 4 days and is sleeping through the night 11-6:30 without complaint and after a couple of initial accidents only toilets outside. Practiced leaving him alone for short periods in kitchen and he is fine with this. I do put him in a closed den to sleep. Is it a good idea to keep him confined overnight? Seems to be accepting it fine. Having problems uploading photo. Will try again next time
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