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  1. Thanks Jami74 and GentleLake for the replies. Much appreciated and will take on your advice. All makes perfect sense to me and yes sometimes I wonder if I expect too much from a six month old. He is a fantastic little character and I will remember to give him a break and let him have fun. We live in an urban environment with plenty of traffic and people and I would really like for him to come back under any circumstances hence my reluctance to try off lead. Plenty of time to work on things. Brian
  2. My boy is six months old this weekend and I have just in the last week began experimenting with off leash. It really is quite good but I am positive he does not have a solid recall. For instance this afternoon I let him off leash and he walked along never more than six feet away and always looking back to see where I was. If I called his name at any point he would come to me immediately BUT!!! At one point he wandered off and looked like he was following a scent. At about twenty feet I called him but no response, thirty feet the same and on he went. Eventually had to go to him to find him eating discarded food. Gave leave it command which he obeyed then came to me. Guess I have to work on building a better recall. Any suggestions please. Brian
  3. Hi ShellyF, My dog is six months old today and we live in Western Scotland. The weather is starting to get cold but really nowhere near as cold as parts of Canada. My wife lived in Toronto for a couple of years and the Winnipeg for one. She tells me she has never know cold like in Winnipeg. I think the coldest day last year here was around -9. I have not considered putting a coat on him and will wait and see how he reacts over the coming months. He is still long legs and skinny so will have to see how it goes. Not a great fan of walking in freezing weather myself so probably won't expose him to too harsh weather. I never put a coat on my previous dog and he seemed fine. Although cold, windy and sideways rainy nights were never either of our favourite walks. Brian
  4. Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having. The thread inspired me to check my soon to be 6 month old last night. He lay on his back for a tummy rub and I took the chance for a feel. Yes!! two small but in the right place testicles. He has a scheduled vet check tomorrow so will get a double check. Hope all comes out well for you. Brian
  5. Thanks both for your reply. Gentle Lake, What do you feed your dog as far as raw food goes? and what portions do you feel would be suitable for a 5 month old? Curious as I have never considered raw feeding. Thanks again Brian
  6. Hi All, Just a quick question. My 5 month old is getting a handful and a half of Puppy food in the morning and again in the evening. When training or on our walk I also give treats which on occasion could be more than he gets in a full meal. He appears to be perfectly normal, even still on the skinny/leggy puppy stage. The only reason I am asking this question is he poops like a Great Dane, long and firm and usually in two instalments at a time. Makes me wonder where is he fitting that in his skinny tummy? Probably just being paranoid but wondered if anyone would have an opinion. Brian
  7. How are you dealing with the sniffing? I tend to let him sniff a little and then say "walk on". He usually walks on fine unless something has really got his nose then a gentle tug will get him to brake free. The problem is I have to watch every-time he stops to sniff to ensure it is not something he is going to eat. "leave it " works to an extent but I have to catch him before whatever it is goes in the mouth. Working my way through "Control Unleashed" (Puppy version) book at the moment but this will take a while and a great deal of effort. Sure it will all be worth it in the end. Brian
  8. "lie down" as a game is a great idea. I have been training my 5 month old to "down" . He is pretty good in a controlled environment ( Kitchen, Garden ) but would really like to make it a solid command anywhere. Making it a game may just be the trick to re-enforce the concept for him. Like most things he is great when not distracted and to be honest I haven't really challenged him. ( NOTE TO SELF: you only get out what you put in. )Also working on "leave It" especially when out walking. He has a huge desire to eat clumps of fresh cut grass and anything he thinks might be tasty lol. Really have to watch him before he discovers anything and chomps on it. Brian
  9. Hi, my 5 month old is pretty much the same although he doesn't constantly look for treats. Its quite funny, he can be walking along really well and you can see the light bulb go off in his brain and he remembers "oh I get a treat for walking nice". He still walks at the end of the lead but I would not class it as pulling. Whenever the lead gets too tense I stop and stand still. He quickly realises and stops himself and we walk on. We went to our local trail park at the weekend and joined in with a dog walking group. Must have been 8 dogs of different breeds. He mixed in well and really seemed to know his limits and was respectful of the other dogs. Brian
  10. Hi, I had a similar experience yesterday evening although the dogs never came together. I was out walking my 5 month old along a pathway. As I came around a bend I could see two people with dogs around 50 metres away. I stopped as their dogs were off leash and I don't know them. As soon as they spotted me ( the owners not the dogs ) they started to franticly recall their dogs ( German Shepherds). It took what looked like a great deal of effort to get hold of the dogs. I slowly approached as they held the dogs several feet off the path. As we drew level the dogs started to bark and growl and nash towards my pup. The owners struggled to contain their dogs. Anyway we passed by without incident but it really made me wonder what would have happened if the dogs had seen me before the owners did? How would I have handled 2 large dogs trying to get at my pup? Did they get aggressive because they were restrained? I suspect that they are aggressive from their owners race to grab them which begs the question why are they off leash in public to start with. Glad to hear all came out good for you. Brian
  11. Eureka!! I wondered why my 5 month old, Dudley, keeps putting his head under my chair. Now I know. lol
  12. Hi and welcome. My pup is 4.5 months old now and I have been working on his traffic sensitivity for several weeks. He started off reacting to every car that went by. He did not always lunge but did show a great deal of anxiety. All I could do was to take him walks where there is going to be traffic and slowly let him de-sensitise himself. If at any point I felt it was becoming too much I had a get out plan where I could divert to a quieter road or park area. I found if he was getting too stimulated he could calm back down if I removed the traffic. I would watch for him jerking about too much to get closer to the road and his attention to me was fading. Several weeks later he seems fine now. He still will stop occasionally and watch a car pass but mostly is quite accepting of them. I still watch him like a hawk just in-case something spooks him. Afraid he has never had much of a reaction to bikes but I am sure the same principles will apply. Just be patient and work with your dog to get used to bikes a little at a time. Hope I haven't rambled on too much. Brian
  13. Good going, keep it up. Take a nap yourself, it may the only chance you get lol.
  14. Second everything Lawgirl says. My pup is now 4 months old. I started by sitting with the leash in my lap and he got used to it being around. Eventually put it on and got the big freeze and lie down. Just kept putting it on and taking it off if no interest in moving. With a little coaxing by putting a treat inches from his nose he eventually took the first step forward to get the treat. Slow and consistent and they get the message. Don't be in a rush as it comes along in time. Good luck. Brian
  15. Thanks everyone for your input. I think we will try the no bedding for a while and see how it goes. Put the bedding back at night as he does not do this during sleep time. Major time out last night as he was found sitting in the middle of the garden happily chewing away at a plant he had broken a section off. Time out did not seem to have any effect as he returned to the same plant this morning and broke another piece off to chew. ( garden strewn with chew toys ). Patience of a saint required I am afraid or a time machine to zoom him a year or two ahead. haha. Brian
  16. Hi Marcia, I am Brian and have a 4 month old called Dudley. We live in East Kilbride, Scotland. Welcome to the boards. I am pretty new to the boards myself but find them to be a very valuable source of information. There are some really great people willing to help and advise. Best of luck with your new addition. Great pictures. Brian
  17. Just a quick question if anyone has a suggestion. My 4 month old has taken to destroying his bed if he is left alone in his crate when we go out. It is not during rest time or night time but when we go out and never for a long period. My wife said he had a " I'll show you look " on his face before she left him in the crate for 45 mins to go shopping. He has destroyed three beds so far. I have ordered a " bite proof " bed and hope this works. He mostly does this when left in the morning. Energy to burn ??? I had a rescue BC before him and remember he would sometimes do this. We had him for 13 years and don't remember what stage in his life he destroyed his bed. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. See below for the culprit. Brian
  18. Hi All, My Puppy is 18 weeks today and it is interesting to hear what may happen over the next few weeks. Scary thing is at the moment he is doing really well. OH NO !!! is he going to turn into a monster overnight HAHA. He was rumoured to have tried to lift his leg for the first time yesterday but could have been stumbling. No testicles yet just fluff. Walks really well on lead and rarely pulls. stops automatically 99% of the time before crossing a road. Can sit, stay, give paw and sometimes down. Of course he is still a pup and prone to the short attention span, bouts of mischief, digging to the other side of the world and going into "I'm not listening" mode. Oh what joy and I guess a great deal to come. Hope we all get as much joy and fun from our pups as possible. Good luck to all. Brian
  19. P.S. He always looks so sad in photos but really is a happy chap.
  20. Hi All, Dudley is 4 months old tomorrow and doing really well. Walks on the lead good and generally behaves well (puppy moments aside) Have to start working on his recall as it really is hit and miss. Ordered the book "Control Unleashed" ( puppy edition) and hoping it will give me an insight into building a strong recall among other things. I have seen this book mentioned several times on these boards so hope it is good. Any opinions on it welcome. Hope you like the photos. Brian
  21. Hi GoState11, Great pup and like his name too. My pup is four months old this weekend and I initially had trouble like this. Whenever I put the lead on he would drop to the floor and not move. It just took patience and gentle persuasion. I would dangle a treat he liked in front of his nose and eventually he would move forward to get the treat. Only one or two steps at the beginning but just kept trying and he got better and better. Now walks on lead no problem. By the way I got Dudley at 10 weeks so take your time and I am sure it will come along fine. Hope this helps and enjoy Franklin. Brian
  22. May be a silly question but am I correct in assuming the long leash is only for periods when training? and not when he is just playing in the garden.
  23. Hi again, makes a great deal of good advice. I will try some of your methods. I think he will take to it no problem as he seems to take in new concepts fairly quickly, apart from when he is in the crazies haha.
  24. Hi Jami74, I always take a look at your threads as my pup is almost exactly one month younger than yours and I see if you are doing anything I could take on board. My Pup, Duddley, is allowed access out in our garden and usually is quite content to amuse himself, although some of this are things I don't want him doing i.e. chewing the planters, digging holes and eating the flowers etc. Pretty much impossible to watch him every second but try to correct him if he gets caught. He will eventually settle himself either in a shady patch or back in his crate. This brings me to a point from your thread. I never walk him off lead as I do not have a great recall with him yet. Do you? and what did you do to make this happen. I know that even in the garden where he cannot escape if he chooses not to recall it is very difficult to catch him. I know I can't let him away with ignoring my call so really have to work on strengthening his recall. He walks really well on lead. If he puts tension on the lead I stop and he quickly stops. He now walks along at my pace and only occasionally will put tension on the lead. Hope I haven't drifted away from your questions too much and best of luck with you pup. Brian
  25. Hi dreizehn, I didn't start taking Dudley out in public until he had finished his vaccinations. As you know it is not safe to meet other dogs or be in places where they toilet until the initial vaccinations are complete. As for people it is fine to introduce him to new people in your home environment. Just remember to manage any meetings so he does not get overwhelmed and find it all a little scary. Hope this helps you and please feel free to post any questions you have. Brian
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