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  1. Hi, my boy will be one year old in two weeks and this sounds all too familiar. He is saintly at home ( most of the time) but outdoors on walks i cannot trust him to come back in face of distractions. If we are alone in the park no problem but all bets are off if there is a distraction.

    I fully accept this is my fault and i really need to work on training. 

    Good luck and keep up the good work

    He was neutered 4 weeks ago and really i do not see any difference.

  2. Thanks to all for the replies. It seems as though there are mixed feelings on this. I personally do not see the harm in feeding from a bowl but am willing to give the other method a try. So far he seems to enjoy getting his food from various sources but was a little confused at first. I guess the most important thing is to keep my dogs welfare and happiness as my first concern and the bonding and good behaviour will follow.

    Thanks again to all.


  3. Hello all,

    Just a quick survey of what you all may think of this. I have started with a trainer / Behaviourist in an attempt to improve impulse control and general bonding with my 9 month old boy. She has asked that we do not feed from a bowl any more but use various ways of giving food. See attached link. The point is to strengthen the bond between us ??


    Hope the link works. If not the idea is to feed as treats during walks, snuffle mats, Kongs, scatter in grass Etc but not from a bowl.



  4. Hello all,

    Just a quick question if you don't mind. My 9 month old has taken to barking and howling when I leave for work in the morning. It is only 10-15 minutes before my wife gets up but it is still waking them earlier than needed. He sleeps in the kitchen without any problem from around 10:30 until 6:00am when I get up. I usually take him for a short toilet walk before I leave and also give him some treats to occupy him. I tried Bully sticks but he doesn't like them. Any suggestions on how to change this behaviour as I am not there when it happens????



  5. Hi, not an expert by any stretch of the imagination and have enough trouble with my 8.5 month old..BUT.. 40 minutes may be a little too much for your guy to handle at that age. I think he may be telling you this through his behaviour. I may be wrong but being in Sweden I imagine it is pretty cold too and this may also be bothering him.

    Apart from that it sounds as though you are doing all the right things at home. I am sure other members will be able to offer more considered advice.

    Best of luck,


  6. 3 minutes ago, jami74 said:

    Has he been running through long grass or bushes?

    Our boy literally started doing the same thing the other evening, actually leaving tufts of black fur on the floor from his tail. It turned out he had some of those sticky seed things he was trying to pull out.

    Just checked his tail and can't find anything attached. Just gone to his bed for the night so will check again in the morning.

  7. Afraid I had the same problem with beds. You can get bite proof beds on line but I have not tried this yet. My dog would only ruin his bed when he was left alone during the day time and never at night. Is your dog in a pen or cage? My dog is now almost 8 months old and no longer has a soft bed. It took 3 destroyed beds before I gave up and took the advise of many people on these boards and gave up buying new beds. Now he has an old blanket and an old sweater in his cage which he occasionally chews but really it doesn't matter. He seems quite happy to sleep without a comfy bed and maybe one day when he is a little older and wiser he can have another go at a bed.

    As for the teddies and toys I kind of view them as something I expect to be chewed. Only thing is be careful with the stuffing in the teddies as he will swallow what he gets out. He doesn't have any at the moment and is quite happy playing with rubber chew toys.

    Good luck.


  8. 1 hour ago, AlexandZucchini said:

    started training Zucchini to run with me when was about 8 months. To start we did 1/4 mile "runs" where we would run a block or two then turn around and loose leash sniff our way home.

    Thanks for the information. My boy is 7.5 months so I think I will start to introduce short jogs and see how it goes. You never know it may actually help with the loose leash training if he gets that he should stay with me.

    1 hour ago, Flora & Molly said:

    think we started cycling with Molly when she was one year old or something like that. Not sure though. 

    Thanks. I think he may be a little too young to try the bike. I will see how the jogging goes first. Better get the local hospital on alert for the twisted ankles and bruised knees....Just joking.


    Thanks again,



  9. Apart from plotting how to get into trouble my 7.5 month old spends most days as follows. Mon-Fri I get up just before six and we go a short walk, 10-15 mins, for toilet needs. Back in the house and into his cage and off I go to work. My wife gets up a seven and around 8:30 he goes out for a 30 minute walk and same again around 2pm. I get home around 5:45. we have dinner and then around 6:30 its a 45 minute walk with focus on loose lead, leave it and generally be in the same universe as me. He is caged for two to three hours around mid-day while my wife is out. Bed time is 10:30ish with 10 minutes out side to toilet. Various periods of playtime through the day with chew toys etc.

    Saturday is pretty much the same but Sunday starts with a visit to a local trail park where he can be off leash and mingle with other dogs for about 1.5 hours. Pretty much the same dogs every week so I am comfortable with him being off lead.

    I really should play more games with him but time runs out so quickly. Must make more effort.

    A question if you don't mind. I am still working on leash walking. When did you guys start training to jog with you or Cycle with you? I know for sure if I tried after 2- 3 steps I would be tripping over him as he got excited and cut across me or jumped up. Any tips appreciated.



  10. Hi All, On a vaguely related topic to the bones and damage to teeth. My dog is 7.5 months old and I believe all his adult teeth are now in. My question is should I now remove his hard chew toys ? Fake hard plastic bones for teething etc. He chewed one to bits at the weekend and then pleasantly passed it through the other end.


  11. I too would like to say thank you for all the great advice I have found on these boards. I don't always contribute and tend to look at posts from people like Jami74 and Lenie as they have dogs of a very similar age to mine and I will take answers to their posts and apply to my own situation. For instance we are having trouble with my boy pulling on the lead when my wife walks him and I have passed on the advice to slowly turn in the opposite direction ( not working yet but hopefully in time) He seems to have different behaviours for different members of the family. Smart cookie I think.

    Anyway thanks again for all the help.



  12. My pup is coming up to 7 months and also has never stalked anything. He will do that freeze, stare and then pounce up in the air on his toys but that looks a lot like when you see foxes hunting in snow on TV. He is leggy and tall but also small and skinny if that makes sense. He has been cocking his leg for several weeks now.

    I guess it takes all kinds and each dog can develop at different rates. I wouldn't worry at the moment and just enjoy.

    We have had a bit of a difficult weekend though. On Saturday at the trail park I let him off lead and he ran around as happy as could be and came back to me every time I called....UNTIL... another dog appeared with its owner and no matter what I did he would not come to me. the other owner eventually got hold of him and I put him back on the lead. I know its is all my fault and have to work harder on recall but so frustrating. Saturday evening he counter surfed and smashed a bowl of grated cheese and last night pulled a steak off the counter. A great deal of work to do for me. Oh the joys!!!!!!!


  13. Very similar looks to my six month old but mine has freckles. Also in UK and the dark nights are here. I never really had a problem with leash biting as I think he quickly learned the leash meant walks. My wife has a problem with him pulling at the moment and has asked me to buy him a Halti collar with the bit that drops down under the chin. He seems to have different behaviour for my wife and I. When I walk him he tends to start off pulling slightly but after a few times of stopping and asking for better behaviour he tends to stop pulling me. I ask him to stay with me if he starts to creep ahead and he rarely will get beyond the end of his leash.

    He will sometimes freak out at simple things, a plastic bag in a tree last night, but he will calm down fairly quickly. As for traffic I spent a great deal of time walking him along roads and getting him used to traffic. Cars no longer seem to bother him. I am very reluctant to let him off lead as we still have a lot of work to do on recall.

    Hope everything works out well for you.


  14. Hi All, My six month old is really good at wait. I gave up on stay as the two commands are so similar I thought it was confusing him. He will wait until released for dinner, crossing the road, a treat thrown on the floor and going through doors.

    BUT!!! I wonder from reading the other posts if "wait" can be incorporated into a recall? Just wondering if I train down and wait to be strong commands would they work as a precursor to recall??

    I have been reading the book "control Unleashed" and it seems various commands can be linked to form one action. Really have to get my act together and work on this lol. For the second time he wandered too far away from me following a food scent and refused recall. Fortunately this was in a park where he couldn't get himself into too much trouble but still I really need to work on this. I know I cannot allow him to ignore my call so want to work on building a solid response to any command.

    Hope I haven't rambled on too much.



  15. On ‎11‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 11:57 AM, Lenie said:

    Did you work on the nervousness about cars by doing something or just walking? Lottie is a tad bit nervous but a couple times has lunged at a passing car and I'm not sure how to handle it. I want her to have a healthy fear of cars but I also don't want walking along a road to be a scary experience for her.

    I wish I had thought puppy classes through like you did and not done the class! It's actually Lottie's second, but her first class she was the only dog who signed up (which is why I signed up for that class! :) ) so it was a very nice quiet class. Unfortunately, the trainer was a little young and inexperienced but we did learn a few things and Lottie had a safe area to get to know a new person. At the end of six weeks, Lottie still wouldn't let the trainer pet her though. 

    Your puppy sounds wonderful! They are fun aren't they? Lottie keeps me busy and we've had lots of problems but I wouldn't trade her for anyone!

    Hi, Apologies for taking so long to reply. Really all I did was walk him along roads with moderate traffic. When a car was approaching we would stop walking and watch the car pass. At first he would be nervous and jumpy. I worked on talking to him to keep calm with an occasional treat and eventually he grew to accept that traffic was no big deal. We did have a set back the first time it rained as the car tyres are a lot noisier in rain and it took a while for him to adjust.

    I think the trick is to be patient and consistent in what you do to show the dog what to do. NOW!!! if only I could get this to work on his recall lol.

    You have a great looking dog. Enjoy.



  16. My six month old is a fantastic wee dog. Loves meeting new dogs and people and thinks everyone in the world is there to pay him attention. BUT at the same time simple things can make him back off and look to me for guidance. He always drops down and waits for other dogs to get close before greeting them and if people approach too fast he backs off. After a couple of seconds he usually is happy to meet all.

    We live in an urban area so I only let him off leash when we are well away from traffic. He will obey commands and unless really distracted will come back when called without problem. I know that at six months although he responds to commands it will be quite a while before his responses become solid. He is a puppy and needs to play and feel secure in his environment. It took many hours of walking along busy roads for him to stop jumping every time a car passed but now pays little attention to them.

    I did consider Puppy classes for him but then thought with all the other dogs and people around his poor little brain would overload and he is better learning at our own pace. At six months I think it is too early to be tagging puppies with personality labels and your trainer is not showing good sense.

    Best of luck with your pup and enjoy


  17. Hi again, Maybe I wasn't too clear. My point was that I am very reluctant to let my dog off leash because we live in an urban environment. He is on the lead at all times when close to a road or a busy place. He sits without asking whenever we come to a road crossing and waits to be released to cross the road. We have worked a great deal on acclimatising him to the traffic and people he meets every day.

    The off leash I was referring too is always well away from roads along pathways and parks but a we all know there are distractions ( Foxes, Squirrels, discarded food, other dogs etc.) that can grab his attention at any point. So far he has shown good control in listening to me when off leash to the point where he stopped at my calling his name when on his way to meet another dog. As mentioned in my previous post he did follow a scent trail and lost his focus on me. It is that situation I need to work on but he is only six months and we have plenty of time to develop our relationship.

    Hope this clears things up a little and thanks to all for your replies. I really appreciate all the kind information you guys make available.


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