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  1. Thank you. After a week I put her on scale and she's now over 5 lbs . This is 9 weeks. If she keeps growing at this rate, who knows.
  2. Hi, I am new to Border collies. I just got a pup from a breeder. At first I was concerned with her small statue. After some research I am more at ease given that her mother is a wee thing at 17" and 27 lbs but the dad is 40 lbs 19". The pup weight 4 lbs at 8 weeks and breeder was telling me that this is normal for this litter. She assured me that I will not end up with toy BC. Pup seems happy and eats 1/3 cup kibble 3 times a day. Sometimes I sneak in piece of steamed chicken. What do you think how big might she end up?
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