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  1. There will ALWAYS BE DIFFERING OPINIONS in those regards, but I agree with you in regards to the car chasing issue. They are meant to discourage the pulling the head to the side, not to discourage lunging through YANKING/JERKING their head to the side. That's the plan. I'm going to start again with a long lead.
  2. He's a very pretty boy, I have to agree with you there And I think that is my next step, no fun outside if he barks...thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm not gonna start a debate on the matter of spay/neuter vs not. As I said, I am a VET Tech and I am aware of both upsides and downsides to neutering. There are risks associated with the procedure whether or not you wait till the growing is complete, it is AFTERALL a SURGERY. Bear in mind though that while you are correct in the fact that there are disease processes and the likes that are avoided if ithe animal is intact, the same can be said if the animal is altered. For instance, Pro-Altering -Male cats/dogs who are neutered young (under 2 years) show a 80-90%
  4. I'm relatively new here, with my first PERSONAL dog, 7.5 month old Kilo (key-low). 1) I'm currently working on switching him from prong collar (Save The RANTS: he was on it to curb his attempts at chasing cars while on leash) to a front hookup harness (Kurgo brand) and he pulls like a mad man. I stop when he pulls, change directions, PRAISE like crazy when hes doing well, etc. Is there anything else that I might be able to do to make the switch EASIER AND PLEASANT for both of us? 2) He chases the cat. It's gradually getting better, as he comes back and generally abides by my c
  5. First off, Hi!!! I'm fairly new here too so a new face is ALWAYS WELCOME! i have a wee 7.5 month old boy named Kilo (pictured). For names: I think Circa is a sweet name for a girlie. And yes, the things you are mentioning were issues with my baby in the first while. Though take her out more frequently if you find she's messing a lot (every 20 minutes) and praise her EXTENSIVELY when she goes OUTSIDE and bring her outside when she messes INSIDE. As she gets better SLOWLY introduce longer periods between potty breaks. My pup was about 10-12lbs when I got him at 10.5 week
  6. 1) Thank you, I am only using the prong collar until i can resume training in an area where there is less stimuli, as I've reiterated, I would like to see him walk on a flat collar. I am simply giving him the time to SAFELY mature further to the point where I can focus on more leash manners and, with the aid of puppy classes, get him on either a martingale (as the next step down potentially) and then a FLAT/STANDARD collar. Unfortunately, I have no backyard and no way to avoid traffic at where I am now, I've had him for 6 weeks and this has been our struggle. 2) I will be working on te
  7. Thank you for stating my thoughts EXACTLY!!! ^^^^^^ SMACKING A DOG IN THE FACE WITH A STCK??? seriously??? Everyone has their own method that works for them and their dog, but I don't see how a stick to the face is any better than a prong.
  8. My pup, Kilo, is a very happy and focused dog on the collar, tail wagging and happy eyes. He gets excited when he sees the collar and associates it with "walkies". Would he associate something cruel and hurtful to an excited tail wag and sit in preparation to go out if it hurt him? NO... I've seen dogs terrified of martingales, haltis,etc before and that is NOT their reaction. (I love your above description of your dog on the prong ^^^) This is also my thinking, this way he doesn't drag and, while it may not be the "gentlest way" of training leash manners, which aren't as important at the
  9. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it and I realize the uproar I may receive at my decision, but it has been made. Prong collars are not the barbaric and terrible crutch that you are making them out to be. For more info look here: http://solidk9training.com/2012/06/14/prong-collars-are-lifesaving-and-humane-training-tools/ Frankly, they provide a short (1-2 second) correction, which is rather humane in comparison to many halters on the market. In fact, if fitted and used correctly, they provide no harm and are rather safe. Halti harnesses are designed to sit under th
  10. He does hate the Halti, I did my research and he's now on a prong collar. At first I was iffy on this decision, but after a small one was put around my wrist for demo I realized it wasn't as barbaric as it may look. He pays attention and it's curbing his car-chasing too... I think many people are just uninformed about the benefits. I mean, he almost got creamed by a pick-up earlier this week when he managed to pull the leash free of my hand. So to me, a prong collar that provides a second of correction (I had a trainer recommend it and show me how to properly fit it and use it) is a s
  11. I've had this pulling problem on everything I've tried, easy walk included, except the Halti.
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