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  1. I have taken your suggestions to heart, and have opened up my search area. For what I could certainly handle a mixed breed. I've seen some mixed breed BC's (all 3 hrs away or more) that would be wonderful candidates. I saw my local shelter had a 4month BC dropped off that is ADORABLE but comes with the warning: non border collie people had her, she isn't house trained, hasn't gotten any commands down or walking on a leash, and isn't responsive or interacting with people in her area. I am going to go look at her myself to see how she interacts and if I think I could work with her. She is also reported to be "skiddish." Poor baby, I'm not sure there are many that are set up to give her a good place, and she's so stinkin cute
  2. I put in my application at a rescue as well, but they told me a lot of the dogs they get are failed farm dogs and that it's not likely that I'll find what I need through them. I've also been looking at other humane society websites throughout the area, but I typically don't find information that leads me to believe they would be good for my situation. The rescues tend to be the ones that look more into that sort of criteria. I almost got into my car to go after a dog 5 hrs away that had failed training for bed bug detection, but they had just found him a new home.
  3. Hi, I'm new here! I've been reading up on some of the boards, and I have one question I haven't been able to find an answer to, and maybe there isn't a definitive one. I recently lost my 9 year old border collie rescue (got him at the age of 2) after an almost month long battle with pancreatitis. It sucks, and he left a rather large hole, and things just aren't the same with only my 12 1/2 yr old lab mix as the only dog in the house. So, I've been looking for a reputable BC breeder. I considered other breeds, and ultimately, I just loved so many qualities of the breed and they really are a good fit for us. About us: I take my dog running (well did, my lab is too old), hiking, and we played a lot of frisbee. We go to the lake where the other homeowners on the lake front and us let our dogs run and mingle together and they got along well enough- my BC was a bit of a snob. He was known as the frisbee dog that wouldn't quit out there and everyone loved him. We spend a great deal of time at rodeos and softball/baseball games and tourneys in the summers. I tried to bring my BC several times, but he was very "reactive." He would lunge and snarl at horses, spooking them, and bark incessantly when other dogs were present at these softball/baseball games (or really most places). My 16 year old rodeos, so when we go, we are there for the weekend and sleep in the horse trailer. There are farm dogs everywhere. I now understand this can be part of the breed and I should have managed it much, much earlier. I plan to prevent these behaviors by early, careful, and frequent socialization, which is why I want a puppy to bring home by early summer so I have ample opportunities. We will also be doing puppy classes and going forward, CGC for any new dog in my world. The issue is that we don't live on a farm/acerage with these livestock and horses. My daughter barrel races, and the horses she uses are 30 minutes away at my sister's home. My sister's pit bull has attacked both of my dogs, so I will not take my pup there. I do plan to visit other friends with livestock and horses. So, is it best to pick a BC from a breeder with proven working or farm dogs? That maybe has seen a cow or horse before I've ever brought it home? Or can I pick one from the breeder I like best that trains BC and uses them for agility, obedience, and what not? Is that dog going to potentially be more reactive in these situations? Thanks for taking my rookie question
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