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  1. I know I deserve razzing for following through with bringing this pup home. All of the red flags were there. I would say the same to another person. I should have kept the post and about the registration, but I was trying to add context to my concerns. I'm frustrated. This pup is a project dog for my son with ADHD. He picked the breed and breeder. I wanted a Belgian Tervuren, he wanted another Border Collie. I researched AKC v ABCA and that was what we decided together. The timing of the litter also worked very well, but we did have other options. I discussed all of the red flags
  2. So my BC pup is over 5months now, and on the third request to ask about abca registration, the breeder made a Facebook post to mention that the paperwork to register the litter didn’t make it in the mail so she is starting the process again. She never bothered to answer me directly. Mind you, she has not even asked me the name that we gave the puppy. Doesn’t care how she’s doing or acknowledge updates. I’ve tried to interact kindly and patiently, but the feelings I had about this breeder early on seem to be correct. Does the ABCA care when a breeder claims she will register a litter and doesn’
  3. Hi! I have a baby too, she’s five months Keep with it on obedience, she’ll get there. Sometimes we have tantrums/ pity parties and act like she’s forgotten everything she’s ever learned, other times she gives me a requested behavior on a dime. I’ve been told to keep working through it, and you may need to digress a bit and reward her for smaller victories. When all this is going on, she’ll still listen to the men of the house, which is more than a little annoying. Just two days ago she “forgot” sit and down, but today she’s flipping her hind end around to heel on a dime. The potty thing.
  4. I will take that advice and use it! My lab was an easy pup and the last BC was a 2yr old shelter adoption with reactivity problems. I know sensitivities and quirks are part of it and just want to give her the best chance at it. My dogs have always been running buddies so I don't want to mess this part up.
  5. We've had Indy for almost 2 weeks now. We brought her home at 8 weeks. She was the shy/timid one in the back of the room, exploring on her own, a bit withdrawn. Which is fine, honestly. She has warmed up to our family and adores the old lady, our 13 year old lab. The lab tolerates her, but doesn't put up with too much either. She has become more patient with puppy antics, and Indy responds to her signals when enough is enough. Good news is she LOVES kids, is open to meeting any dog with a friendly demeanor, and accepting of most adults too. She was a little afraid of men at first, but
  6. Ah thank you for this thread! My almost 13 yr old lab has been putting pup in her place when she gets out of hand, only escalates past a low growl to a louder growl if necessary and she has had to use a snap once or twice. I felt kind of guilty telling my kids to let her go, but honestly my 9 wk old pup respects her reprimands and she puts her right in line! I think the old lady knows what she's doing
  7. There is currently a man facing 2nd degree felony assault charges and up to 7yrs in prison for trying to hit my fiancé and I with his car repeatedly. We didn't know him, just driving down a country highway, and apparently he didn't like that we were only going 5 miles an hour over the limit. We eventually turned to head back to town, and he tried to hit us head on. Didn't know him. Didn't provoke him. Only tried to evade.. He followed us all the way back into town at a high speed, trying to hit us. The police eventually found him, he was "impaired". Not sure if it was drugs or alcohol.
  8. There are a lot of crazy people in the world, and unfortunately this one got a dog. I would guess if he was bold enough to do this in front of company, he has harmed animals before. I feel a bit sorry for the people/animals of his inner circle, they only have 18 months to enjoy his absence.
  9. I work in critical care, and many of us have experienced a lot more than we’ll admit in that realm. I should stop here.
  10. He did spend time talking about border collies in this book as well. Early on he said to never introduce a dog to playing fetch and chasing, or they will only become accustomed to it and expect more of it. Later, he states that in preparation for a BC puppy he was to get, he went out and purchased balls and toys so that the BC would have an outlet to use its tireless energy. Denice, I actually don’t categorically disagree that there is more to the world and our relationships with our animals than what we can hear, see, or feel. I am skeptical when people look for messages that are not ther
  11. Well I had my first Katz experience while looking for an audio book about dogs to borrow from my library. I didnt know...... Part of me wanted to stop listening after about five minutes, the other wanted to hear the rest of the train wreck. I wonder what the gentleman who had to orate this book thought to himself? Katz assigns human logic and emotions to animals, and believes he is able to speak to them telepathically. Ive never been exposed to true delusions in published literary form until now. He says that more than one pet wanted to be killed because they werent enjoying their ear
  12. GentleLake, this post is the first I’ve heard about this syndrome, and it makes my heart skip a beat a little to be honest. Can I ask, do you know if it can cause an elevated amylase and lipase? I’m terrified I missed something.. could he have made it all the way to the age of nine?
  13. I wondered the same thing, only he only had access to my backyard. We have a lot of rabbit droppings? The vets first thought is too many table scraps or a high fat diet, but that wasn’t the case at all for us. I have no idea why and that’s what’s so hard.... Both of my dogs had one to two doses of bravecto in the past and a months worth of blue buffalo life source (he had diarrhea so we switched back), and I always wondered if it was something I gave them. Of course you can google either of those things or look at forums and find negative experiences. It’s hard for me not to beat myself up
  14. I am so sorry for your loss, it’s so hard. I lost my otherwise previously healthy 9yr old to pancreatitis as well just a little over a month ago.
  15. About a year and a half ago, my BC had a food intolerance while on BLue Buffalo. He developed diarrhea toward the tail end of the transition of the new food and it never quit. We went back to the old food which I am appalled to say, was Purina dog chow. Fast forward over a year later, he ended up with pretty severe pancreatitis. Mucousy stools, diarrhea, they have abdominal pain and will refuse to eat. Vomiting bile. This is diagnosable with a lab draw/X-rays. We did a bland diet of chicken/rice for 3 weeks and antibiotics/antifungals. He got better, but later things flared up again and he di
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