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  1. That's so sad. I am a big fan of snakes. It is nice that it was able to get help. Last year we found one in a city park that had apparently become stuck in bird netting earlier in life and was terribly constricted with the netting embedded in the skin. We were able to cut it off and the snake was probably okay after the nasty wound healed up.
  2. Well I can understand that. Vacuums are unnatural. Just like hairdryers, skateboards, rollerblades, and ducks. Dogs have to look out for us.
  3. Awesome! As a biologist I would love to teach my dog to sniff out different animals some day. Probably safe simple things like box turtles to start though.
  4. I have limited experience with this. I crate my 11 month old when I am not home. Crate training, to me, has been one of the most important things that I have carefully managed. I know that my dog would do unsafe things when unsupervised because she tries to do them sometimes when she is supervised. Things like get into the trash or chew cable wires. These dogs require a lot of entertainment to not get bored, and if they do get bored they are very creative and can be very unsafe. In addition, border collies form habits extremely easily. If you are not there to discourage an activity, the dog ha
  5. I have just been using a large number of different soft training treats, which I tend to cut in half or fourths because they are all too big. I think a variety of treats is good because it keeps them guessing. I cannot discern which is her favorite though. If I want to give her a big reward I give her multiple small treats. I use different brands (cloud star, blue buffalo, zuke's, train me, pet botanics, etc.) and just buy in bulk when things are on sale on amazon because I go through a lot of treats. When dogs are too hyped up, they may be too excited to accept any treat. But I have found tha
  6. How old is your dog and when did the behavior start? I've got another thread - I experienced something like this with my dog, and I suspected it had to do with adolescence. She used to be totally fine at the dog park and would put up with anything, but then she gained the confidence of a teenager and suddenly stopped putting up with stuff and reacting in an excessive way. I dealt with it by stopping taking her to enclosed dog parks, at least for now. I discovered that in off leash areas she is much more relaxed with other dogs. I think it has to do with the dogs not being able to escape each
  7. Fern was fascinated with her tail at that age, and would chase it and catch it like a toy. I haven't seen her do it in a while, so I think she aged out of it. But I wouldn't have been surprised if she also tried to chomp on it like a toy. Hopefully it'll grow back in correctly.
  8. Here are some photos from the past 3-4 months of the little rascal. Sorry, not sure why this one won't show upright. Trying her best not to fit on the bed
  9. It's a constant struggle to keep Fern busy. She finds antlers boring most of the time. She loves bully sticks. I also let her have the porkskin chews because they seem to be a safe, 100% digestible rawhide alternative, and they last a similar time to the bully sticks. She has himalayan chews and sometimes likes them but also gets bored. I buy bully sticks in bulk, 50 at a time, online for around $80. So it's like $1.60 a piece. I haven't been able to find a better cost efficiency when it comes to entertaining her. She usually gets a frozen stuffed kong and a bully stick when left in her crate.
  10. Thank you, this is a good reasoning for why I should teach her both of them. I will keep at it and see how it goes. She seems to be changing a whole lot lately, and hopefully her confidence is improving.
  11. I will try to keep you updated on my progress with Fern (see that thread). We did go to the park yesterday without incident, though most of the dogs there were her regular playmates. I am currently looking at how my behavior might be influencing hers, and seeing if a modification on my part will influence her possessiveness. I have been reading the book Click to Calm (recommended on here in some other threads) and I have been trying to start using these methods to encourage calm behavior in response to exciting stimuli. From reading the book, it does sound like the methods could be very u
  12. If you think she's a sport prospect, I would check to see if you can contact rescues that deal specifically with performance dogs. Given her fear issues, she will have the best chance of finding a good home if she can work with an experienced trainer who can help with the fear issues before she goes to a final home. There's an "adoptable performance dogs" group on facebook that might be able to point you in the right direction or hook you up with somebody who has the experience to work with her.
  13. I've read a lot of these discussions in the past, which led me to think 18 months would be a better time to do it. If I stick to this plan, is there a good chance she will chill out again after going through these hormonal mood swings? I'm only concerned with what will allow her to live a happy healthy life in the long run.
  14. I am wondering if she may be coming into season, given how sudden it is. I was going to wait until ~18 months to spay her, but if she has an early heat it may make more sense to do it earlier. I don't mind if she isn't super fond of other dogs, I'm just not cool with her picking fights with any dog that approaches me due to possessiveness. I know she doesn't care for rude behavior and that's totally understandable as long as she's using appropriate behavior to indicate that, as she has always done before now. If I am going to spay her earlier than intended, does it make sense to do it sooner o
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