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  1. We adore the rain because it means fewer people are outside and we like it when it's quiet! My BC will go out in any weather, but both my terrier crosses refuse(d) to go out at even a hint of rain which I have heard is common in terriers. Completely agree with no such thing as bad weather!
  2. Hi everyone! Just posting as I'm wondering if anyone else has the same thing with their BC and was looking for some thoughts. I'm feeling really disheartened. I should say that to me my dog is the best dog in the world, but I feel really useless as a dog owner right now. One of my previous dogs (a terrier) could do agility, a crazy number of tricks and she could even read cue cards and do the commands written. My collie just won't do anything like that. He knows tonnes of commands, and listens to everything (the only time he ever ignores me is if he's going to get a drink or I'm trying to get him to do agility!) but he won't do certain sorts of commands. I don't know how to explain this but he knows 45 commands but they are things that all involve movement or obedience I guess like heel, turn, round, legs, flat, stop, roll over, back up, stay- that kind of thing. He won't do (or I can't teach him) anything like paw or other simple tricks which makes me feel like the stupidest person ever since I feel like every dog in the world can do that but not us and it makes me feel really inadequate that we can't. I have a suspicion that my high expectations/I am the issue and not him- he spent his early years as an abused farm dog, we always say he's very much a farm dog and not like the pet collies we know if that makes sense? When we adopted him we were told he would never be a normal dog but no one thinks that now as he's changed so muchHe loves to please and loves obedience type stuff and to be out and about doing stuff with me, but just shuts down completely if I try to do agility or trick training (he was abused in his previous life so I wonder if when he can't do things he just shuts down for fear of punishment. I have never and never would hurt him/punish him but his previous life has left its mark on him.) Or maybe he's just not that kind of dog? Does anyone else have a collie who won't do agility or trick training? Am I the problem here? Am I expecting too much from him? Am I doing the equivalent of trying to get someone to like ballet who wants to do karate? Should I just focus on what he likes like hiking and stop trying to teach him things? Would be really interested to hear what you guys think. He is so good off lead and out and about, so obedient and great in the house and really empathetic (I have ASD and mental illness issues and struggle out and about so he does some service dog type commands for me (he isn't an actual service dog though.) Am I being stupid being upset because we can't do tricks? Conversely, does anyone think I can teach him paw? Does it really matter? The more I write this the more I think it doesn't matter but I'd be really interested to hear if anyone else has a dog like mine...I always hear about collies who love agility and tricks and things and never about ones who don't! Sorry for the long post!
  3. Thank you Sue! Seems like there's no straight answer but I'm so interested in all the replies.
  4. That's so interesting! Thanks so much for your input, alligande
  5. Hi! Hope Jasper is okay. It doesn't sound to me like he has done anything wrong. My collie is very selective about his friends and much prefers collies to other dogs but I have noticed that a lot of dogs do not like him. He is a farm dog and extremely intense really and I notice he acts quite different in communication with other dogs than typical pet dogs do. A lot of dogs have a go at him as we pass (completely unprovoked) and I am always wondering if it's some sort of miscommunication between them. Wonder if it may be the same for Jasper but doesn't sound like he has done anything wrong. What was the other dog? Hope you are both okay.
  6. Thank you so much for your replies, everyone! It's really interesting to me. It would be great if you could count rings like trees! That made me laugh So basically then the grey means nothing in terms of age. Does anyone know how rescues/shelters decide what age to give to a dog? My first terrier was said to be 1 and a half by the rescue centre...turns out she was 4 (she had a microchip) but my other two dogs were given straight to the rescue by previous owners so they knew their ages. Not the case for my collie obviously and I'd love to know how they decide what age to 'market' them as so to speak. Thanks again everyone
  7. Irish Collie- she's gorgeous! Thanks for your reply:)
  8. Hi everyone! I'm really enjoying using reading the forum and just thought you knowledgeable collie people might be able to help me out with a question. My boy is a rescue dog. We are his fifth (and final) place of residence from what we can gather -(originally owned by a farmer (sadly an abusive one :(), then some lifesaving person took him from the farmer but didn't keep him, then he was rehomed to someone who couldn't cope with him (he was a real nervous wreck when we got him and seems to have some sort of PTSD relating to farms/his farmer), then he was given to the rescue centre, then he came to me where he will stay forever. The rescue centre put his age at 2 (born 2014), but obviously they can't know for sure. I have always wondered if he was actually older, as he's always been extremely mature and sensible, he had bad teeth (although better now as he lets me scrape and clean them) but now I am really wondering as he has started going grey. The black patches on his face are starting to get a lot of grey hairs on them, and he's getting a lot of grey hairs on his back too. I was just wondering how old your collies have been when they started to go grey? Or if there is any way you can gauge the age of a collie? My terrier is 13 next month (we got him a year and a half ago but the previous owner has contacted us since and happened to say he didn't go grey until he was about ten). Thanks!
  9. Thank you so much! And thanks everyone for the clarification it's so interesting how different Border Collies can be- we know a lot where we live and if you lined them all up on the park I don't think they would look like the same breed of dog at all!
  10. I like short haired collies. But in truth I never really liked collies or wanted a collie until I saw my boy (adult rescued farm dog) and knew he was the dog for me. Our personalities are identical and I am sure he is my soulmate! Now I understand why people with collies often say they wouldn't have anything but a collie (although I love my two terriers and Old English Sheepdog to pieces as well!) I am biased to short hair as that is what he is- definitely the personality match that matters though. Mine isn't social with people (abuse background) or dogs he isn't properly introduced to - he doesn't like random dogs running up, but our personalities match and I think that's what matters most- I may be in the minority but I don't like over friendly dogs at all. I think short haired collies tend to look smarter in general and are easier to keep clean - a lot of the long haired ones I know are quite smelly and feel greasy and get matted a lot, but I do think when long haired collies are well kept they do look lovely. Could someone tell me the difference between a rough coat and long coat? I feel really stupid! This is my boy
  11. Hi! Congratulations on rescuing Stanley. I have an ex working sheepdog who is rescued and was abused before we got him. Mine has what it is easiest to understand as canine PTSD. He is very scared of anything that reminds him of his old farm and farmer and makes the most terrible screaming noise if he hears cars going over cattle grids...it obviously triggers bad memories in him. Mine used to have nightmares most nights and would wake up terrified and snapping his teeth about until he realised where he was and who he was with. However we have now had him 3 and a half years and although he still can't be touched by strangers he is a happy dog and has far fewer fears and no longer has nightmares. When we first met him we couldn't even touch him or look at or speak to him and his rescue centre told us he would never be a 'normal' dog so I just wanted to offer you some hope that things will get better. We also adopted a now almost 13 year old terrier almost a year and a half ago. Every night he would hide himself away in corners and looked like he had dementia as he went completely absent. If you approached him he would bite. We were told to document everything that led up to the 'funny turns'- any changes in environment, smells, noises, people, lighting, anything that could potentially trigger this state which I thought was good advice so maybe worth trying as things we don't even notice can be so significant to them. Could be a smell or sound or something that reminds him of something distressing? It may well have just been a certain time of day for ours though, we never figured it out. On the plus side, he no longer has funny turns so we think it was just anxiety about being in a new place with new people. Could this be the case for Stanley? Also are they actually fits, as in seizures, or just like funny turns? My previous terrier had seizures as she had a brain tumour and we were worried about that with our new but old terrier but apparently if they happen at the same time every night it is unlikely to be something medical, more something behavioural or environmental? I'm not an expert but my two current dogs reminded me of what you have written, so I just wanted to reply to you. May not be helpful but just wanted to offer some ideas, hope that's okay. I read these forums a lot but have never posted before. Take care, and congratulations again on rescuing!
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