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  1. Thank you for the response, no she does not do with me. It is the same walker my husband has had and definitelytrying to figure out why.
  2. We have a rescue dog 3 yrs old now 4 yrs (border collie mix but looks and has all border collie traits) we got her a year ago. She is a great dog in many ways but did have to get used to the fact she is also very sensitive and timid and wants nothing to do with other people In the last month we have allowed her to start sleeping in our bedroom. she loves this and is always happiest when she is with us. She is very good with me and my husband. My husband has Parkinson's and uses a walker. Just recently, when he gets up at night to go the the bathroom and when he is trying to get back in bed (he moves a little slow) our dog will get up go to him and start nipping at this legs. This just started. My question is why would she do that and how to stop her? Thank you in advance for any insight and help with this.
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