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  1. I emailed and inquired. He was ADdopted!!!! wooooohoooooooooooo WWBC
  2. I have recently wondered the same thing, whether the insurance was worth it or not...I think I've already funded a section of my vet's new building. I agree, remembering to send in paperwork, deductibles, what's covered/what's not etc.....was too much hassle for me. I now work at keeping a credit balance at my vet, usually have a 300 to 500 dollar cushion. When I take a dog in, I usually pay for whatever gets done, if I don't happen to have it, then they can take it from the balance I have there, which, I then replace as soon as possible. Crazy I know, but works for me. I suppose it helps t
  3. There is no problem with getting blue eyed dogs CERF(eye test)tested, even as puppies. They can be tested just like dogs with "normal" colored eyes. Vets not familiar with blue eyed dogs and the lack of pigment in the eye might not be comfortable examining them, but the specialists that do CERFs have no problem with it. WWBC
  4. If it is a roundworm and your dogs are on interceptor, check the info on the interceptor, they will reimburse you for the vet visit and worming if you have a record of your dog receiving interceptor regularly. FWIW WWBC
  5. I agree witht the others who have suggested that you get her urine tested for a UTI. She could have a low grade infection with few symptoms. I wouldn't wait a month to get the urine checked. Also you mention this is a new vet................hmmmmmm, from the result of the visit, I think I might be looking/seeking a second opinion. I have a young female, housebroken who started, over a weekend, to have "occasional" accidents while I had her in playing with her. I collected a sample of urine on that Monday morning and took it to be tested. She didn't have an infection, per se, but did have
  6. Then you should stop letting her push your buttons, take a stand. It's your home and your dogs.............not her home or property. I would tell her to make other plans. Sounds as if she has spent her life perfecting her bossy, rude behaviour. Someone somewhere needs to give her a dose of reality. Might as well be you. WWBC
  7. No one is going to call me, invite themselves over to my house, instruct me to remove my dogs, instruct me to invite others and expect me to provide a spread. She would have gotten nowhere beyond asking me to remove my dogs. She WOULD BE instruct that my home includes my animals, and to look elsewhere for her entertainment location. That's not an over reaction, that's a fact. WWBC
  8. I think SIL was already over bounds and to request that you now invite others and expect that you are to have a spread for them is ridiculous. If she wants to have a get together /party whatever she is trying to engineer, I would tell her to find some other location. I would not put myself or my dogs out for someone who is that rude.
  9. I don't allow other people to "dictate" what I should or will do in my own home. My home is maintained for the comfort and security of my animals, if you can't abide by that simple fact then you don't need to come to my home. How 'bout you keep the SIL outside If she's afraid of them she doesn't need to come over, especially by her own invitation........... WWBC
  10. Nope, my home is my dogs' home, if you don't like my dogs then stay away..........I wouldn't be "offended" per se, I WOULD inform her that I would NOT remove my dogs, if she is "afraid" of them then she needs to learn how to deal with it or visit somewhere neutral. She called you asking if she could come over, you didn't call her. WWBC
  11. I don't know as I'd wait "a couple of weeks" to have my dog's eyes checked by a specialist, especially in view of having a double eye infection and a "spot" on her left eye. A prompt second opinion by an opthamologist may mean the difference in saving the eyesight or not. I get any eye trouble/damage checked asap. JMHO WWBC
  12. Are there no leash laws in your area? If there are leash laws I would report the dog as well as the address where it belongs. Has it been the same dog all 4 times or different dogs? I would also use my walking stick to knock the heck out of the attacking dog at the very least. Would really like to use it to knock the heck out of the "owner" who is such an ignorant pet owner.
  13. perhaps check (if you haven't already) for Lupus.
  14. short, undetailed answer. Different genes. Ticking or roaning affects white areas. Merle affects/dilutes colored areas. Did you know Australian Cattle Dogs are white when born(except for any body spot they will have)
  15. FYI, You can get Capstar from Jeffers Pet supply. It is relatively cheap. Something like $12.00 for 6 of them I think. I usually keep a box in my van to give to my dogs whenever we have been someplace they may have picked up fleas, to try and avoid bring the fleas home. WWBC
  16. I think Rose's dogs came from somewhere down South and are related based on info from a couple of other groups. WWBC
  17. Looks like he could be a mix or he could be purebred. He is not merled as they refer to him in the id paragraph. He is ticked or mottled. Very cute whatever he may be. WWBC
  18. One of Laura Cunningham's dogs is named Mist, she is a Lilac colored dog according to Laura's site. Looks like a red and white to me. WWBC
  19. Check the UK website posted above Laura ran in the Scottish national Also likes to take beautiful photos of her dogs doing their jobs. The scenery in some of her photos is gorgeous. That kennel prefix is Sadgyll WWBC WWBC
  20. Here is a link to some excellent working merles in the UK www.corriedhu.co.uk They belong to Laura Cunningham WWBC
  21. Doubtful you will have time to use "tricks" to train this young dog. Unfortunately at the rate it sounds like you are going you will be picking her broken body up off the side of the road. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you need a reality check. A 5 month old puppy loose and chasing cars is a recipe for death. WWBC
  22. Looks like he was burned or scalded with something or a road burn maybe? Looks like scarring. WWBC
  23. You can't rescue them all. Nice theory, but not realistic. Sam bit Vicki, someone he was not familiar with, he has also bitten his foster who he runs to for reassurance. Big difference between Sam and humans and Melanie and Solo, Melanie said it herself, Solo would never lay a tooth on her. A dog like Sam, if adopted out is a huge liability, personally and financially for the rescue that places him. Basically there are two choices, Sam could perhaps stay with Vicki and be "managed" and hopefully not bite her or someone at her home or Sam could be released from this life that he doesn't und
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