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  1. doxy can affect their appetites, especially at the doses recommended to treat TBD. I currently have a dog on doxy and his appetite is improved.....one of the suggestions I read here: http://sites.google.com/site/blackgsd/ canine tick borne disease information page, suggested giving the dog probiotics a couple of hours after every dose of doxy, theory being you are killing good bugs(stomach flora) along with the bad bugs. I am not doing it after every dose, what I did was go to TSC and get a lg tube of Probios over in the horse section, it is just a gel with all the good bugs concentrated in it. So in the mornings, 3 or 4 hours after the morning round of doxy I squeeze out about 1 inch or a little less of the gel and place it on the back of his tongue, he will actually eat it on a dog biscuit. That is working well for my dog, maybe it will help your dog too. TBDs suck.

  2. There are as many registries as there are people who want to start them and keep "records". A registry's objective is to keep records. Registries don't "own" the breeds they register. They just keep the records. If you do a search for dog registries the numbers that come up are staggering. Anyone can come up with an organization/registry to suit their particular needs. Come up with whatever "rules" and "standards" they desire. A registry is not some omnipotent organization merely a record keeper.

  3. Something everyone might want to keep in mind is that a registry is a very basic organization, regardless of whether it is ABC, ACK, ISDS etc....a book of official records (registration) is kept at the registry. In the case of dogs, a registry keeps track of pedigrees and breeders of those lines. It usually is not policed but relies upon the integrity of the people registering the animals. The registry takes the breeder's word for the sire and dam listed for the litter they are registering. In rare cases a registry will ban a dishonest person from registering any more animals with them. Then there are always all kinds of "other" registries that will be all to happy to supply "papers" for the average person to have for their new dog. ABC and ACK are no different. There are plenty of "breeders" in either (or any, for that matter) registry that are not honest, breed dogs solely to have puppies to sell without regard to their qualilty. Frankly, with the activities of some breeders the papers aren't worth the paper they are printed on. One of the biggest factors with ABC registration(or lack of it) for people who may have conflicting feelings, and a reason that having different colored papers probably wouldn't work, is that other than a record of the sire and dam the "registration" isn't neccessary to pursue any activities. Dogs don't have to be registered period to run in the trials..........or many other activities available to the average dog owner. It is easy to advise people who would like to pursue other activities to go to some of the other organizations available to compete with their dogs in those activities. The problem then becomes availability of those venues. Many are few and far between compared to the availability of ACK trials in all venues. Just some extra food for thought in a dfficult situation.

  4. My guys will sometimes get itchy if they have whipworms.............or tapes......if there isn't anything else making them itch it might be a good idea to give them a good worming.....just something to think about. I'd also second the salmon oil, especially if they are inside dogs with the heat dried air..........good luck

  5. I personally don't like the first three ingridients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, and Rice Flour. I do not feed a grain free diet to my dog but the grains are further down on the list and the first ingridient is chicken vs chicken meal, for example.


    Just an FYI, Chicken and lamb, meat in general, contains 70% moisture which is lost during cooking/processing. So meat is "heavier" than grains prior to cooking, but NOT after. Possibly leaving the total formula as a grain base food after processing.


    Chicken/Lamb meal(meat meals) are dry and 50% to 65% meat protein. During cooking/processing meat meals do NOT shrink below grain weight.


    So meat meals are a "better" source than meat.


    I'm sure someone with much more info on dog food ingredients can/will add to this small amount of general info.

  6. I know the concept of bully sticks are gross, but when they give me almost of hour of down time, I don't care what it is! :rolleyes: And yes, the are expensive. I am constantly checking websites for the best prices. So far, I have been buying them from "Only Natural Pet Store", where I get a bag of 10 12" sticks, for around $27. And, they are low odor. Occasionally a pet store in my area will have them for $2.49, and I try and buy a few then. I think what a friend and I are going to do is buy a case and split it. It is a lot of money to put out, but those are the only real bone/treat that she gets regularly, and again......they provide my husband and I with some downtime in the evenings after we walk with the puppy. So most times, I feel like the price is worth it!


    Try http://www.jefferspet.com look up bully sticks and beef pizzles. 12 or more 6" bully sticks are $2.09 ea, 12" bully sticks are $3.99ea..........you can also get a box of one hundred 6" beef pizzles for $81.67 :D

  7. Sorry to hear the troubles continue. University of TN in Knoxville has an excellent Vet school. There is also a veterinary specialist group down in GA. www.gvsvet.com located North of Atlanta. They have a neurology specialist on board.

  8. Our vet office has a program that is called care credit that is a medical expense account......for pets who are injured, having surgery etc. perhaps that is what you are thinking about? Look up carecredit.com and then check out the vet expense plan. Many of the clients use this program and approval is pretty fast. Good luck



  9. Ha, not ALL vets, at least not in my town. Finally, slowly my vet has "discovered" that SD is garbage.......... It has taken almost a year working there to "convince" him there are waaaay better choices. Especially now that people can get SD at Wally world and TSC . No way to compete there price wise. :rolleyes:

  10. Here is a link to a raw food provider who happens to be in the Southeast. They are in NC, GA and FL. They have been in business for 30yrs. Their beef is raised and processed at their private facility. They have pure ground beef, a natural mix, raw green tripe, ground whole chicken(bones too), ground rabbit, kitten grind, trublue puppy, and beef heart. All available in 2# and 5# rolls and 30# cases. They have wonderful RMBs, a 30# case(which has apprx 50 bones in it) runs around $20. They also have Sojos and Europa mixes to go with the raw. The Sojos mix has grains like rolled oats, etc and the Europa mix is freeze dried veggies.




    Wonderful people to deal with and are available to talk to when you need help.



  11. Originally posted by fooshuman:

    Are all stockdog owners better then pet/sport dog owners? No!

    Are all Pet/Sport owners better then stockdog owners No!

    Thing is BCs should never be bred for anything except herding sheep. (this method hasn't failed us yet)


    Nothing is black and white besides our dogs!

    *and even all of them aren't!* [/QB]

    You captured the point: No one is saying that the only people who should own a Border Collie are people who work them. What IS being promoted IS that the only reason to BREED a Border Collie IS for their working ability. NOT for how fast they can make it around an agility course or down a fly ball lane. Seems pretty basic to me. JMO



  12. A friend of mine has a Border Collie who is highly allergic to Flagyl. The vets are/were blown away that he would be allergic to Flagyl, but that was the only med he was taking and she gave him 3 or 4 doses before she put two and two together. Each time she gave him his "next" dose his reaction was a bit worse until the last dose she gave him when he swelled and broke out in hives. It is now listed in BIG letters on his chart and records that he is allergic to the Flagyl.



  13. Once again, the dog has a lot of white on his head...........He behaves and stays in line/ behind you when he has a visual aid(the stick/arm extension). To be fair to him, I would get him BAER tested. He could be deaf or at least a uni which could cause him some anxiety. Deaf dogs will often bark excessively. You also said he never takes his eyes off you and stays right around you (in sight) when he is loose. Another clue that maybe he is watching you for visual cues. Being super sensitive to movement could also be indicative of a hearing deficeit. Again, just a thought.



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