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  1. Haven't heard anything about that. Just because it "can" be given at 3 months doesn't mean it has to be given that young. I agree keep the pup away from areas where it would be exposed to rabid animals. I also give rabies seperate ( by at least 2 wks ) from the basic vaccine. And I usually wait til they are about 5 to 6 months old before they get their rabies vaccine. Me? I'd tell them I considered it (the lepto vaccine ) and my answer was no. I'd also be a bit concerned about them "pushing" the lepto vaccine since they already know your protocol. If dogs are going to react to a vaccine it is usually lepto that causes most of the reactions. I'd just keep my vet aware that my dogs are not being vaccinated for Lepto and keep vaccines to a minimum.

  2. I used the same vet for over 25 years...watched his kids grow up.......it was really hard to leave the practice. They grew,in the last 4 years built a huge new hospital, hired two young vets, who married shortly after being hired. They were right out of school and young, still had/have a lot of other things they would have rathe been doing. The original vet was practicing less and less and the new clinic/vets increased his costs. I watched the practice become about money not pet care. I was truly sad. But, I didn't want my dog's care to become just another business money maker. And yes, I did talk to the original vet and address my concerns with the direction the practice was taking. The answers were not agreeable to me. So I began a search for my new vet, taking copies of all my records and spending time talking to various candidates. I was able to locate a vet I respect and am very comfortable with after "interviewing" several practices. I am looking forward to building a new history with my current vet. I won't respond about the HW question because Mark is right. There have been break thrus of HW in dogs on prevention, so best to check status.

  3. For the bordatella, since you are required to have it, ask for the intra nasal bordatella as opposed to the injection. And it is true the bordatella and lepto vaccines do not cover nearly enough of the strains out there, for that reason my dog doesn't get those particular vaccines. I have a good relationship with my vet(or she wouldn't be my vet) and she is aware that I live in the country, ( with plenty of wildlife in the surrounding woods ) she knows I don't vaccinate for Lepto, in the event that the dog became sick, she would know that Lepto might be a possibility, and act accordingly. Discuss your concerns with your vet, if you don't like their responses, start looking for another vet. Make an appt to speak to other vets if necessary, use the time to discuss your concerns and protocol for the care of your dog. Your vet is offering a service, if they don't offer the services you want/need, find another vet. I travel almost an hour each way to the vet because the 6 or 7 local vets are not acceptable to me. I would hesitate to take a dog to any of the locals, I don't agree with their treatment regimes. So I go farther to find a vet I can believe in and trust.

  4. Two BAER testing locations listed for GA. Dr. Mark Kent at UGA College Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal teaching hospital Athens, GA (706)542-3221 MKent@vet.uga.edu and Dr Ronald P. Johnson at GA Veterinary Specialists 455 Abernthy Rd NE Atlanta, GA (404) 459 0903 Johnsonr15ucf@aol.com Perhaps the breeder could contact them and schedule the whole litter for BAER testing at a litter rate? Dr Johnson at GA vet specialist is listed as temporarily unavailable. There is another tester in Opelika AL Tha Animal Health Center (334)745-0060, call for appt. arvlel@bellsouth.net

  5. Once predators "discover" your livestock is an easy source of food, you are pretty well sunk without some kind of livestock guardian. Llamas are truly not aggressive enough(as a general rule), donkeys are certainly aggressive enough, but may also be aggressive with the stock they are suppose to be protecting. An LGD is a good way to go, especially once you already have a problem with predators. Granted LGDs may require a learning curve and innovation on your part. How to feed the dog, etc. You will find it well worth the effort. An LGD or multiple LGDs will give you peace of mind and save your stock. Depending on the predator load and type you may need more than one LGD. Do research, lots of research, talk to area farmers who use LGDs. Try to find a breeder that will help you with your LGD when you have questions, that support can be important.

    You might want to check out the yahoo group, workingLGDs-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Another good place to research and look is edgefieldsheep.com/bb where they have forums on guardian animals and have breeders who use LGDs on a regular basis and offer valuable information.

    Good luck

  6. Another place to get some advice, suggestions might be to go to BackYardChickens.com they have a very active site with a section on ducks, along with several other sections on medication, predators, etc. Also have sections on sheep, llamas, goats, etc....

    Hope the duck survives and does ok, trauma might be too much? Hope Sam gets back to duty soon.

  7. I use SWAT on my dogs, I put it on the ear tips of my Border Collies to keep the flies from "chewing" the dogs' ears bloody and I use it on my LGD, on the top of his nose/muzzle where the flies seem to love to land and bite. I have not seen any adverse reaction to using SWAT. I don't know about putting it on an oozing wound.... you could probably smear it on the leg/paw around the open areas to keep flies off the area. Whatever happens I hope he heals well and soon.

  8. Have you actually put a pencil to the numbers? From the little bit of info you posted, it is costing you $70 a week in gas to commute.......so say $300 a month for gas. Can you really find/rent a place closer to school/work where that same #300 will cover your rent, utilities and living expenses? Is it truly gong to be less expensive if you move? I agree with others who have posted, if my dogs aren't welcome then I'm not staying there either. Good luck whatever you decide.

  9. Sounds like a Lovetree puppy, you'll love it. I got one last Spring(my first LGD)after coyotes discovered, after 25 years, that I had sheep. He has been great to work with and is a good dog for staying in close. He was only 5 months old when I drove up and got him. He is settling in very well and no more coyote problems since his arrival. He is very smart and enjoys visits when I go to the field.

  10. Don't know how to link to the topic, from 2009, search for list of dogs deregistered, that is the topic. Post #31 is Eileen's. The dog in question is indeed the offspring of a deregistered dog and the other parent was granted a breed championship before deregistration began. There is at least one person who believes in their dogs and is/was persistent enough to pursue an ROM on their dog. Absolutely, no doubt, ROM is hard to do and requires major effort from the dog and the handler. The dog in question runs regularly in Open trials, qualified for and ran in Nursery Finals and in more than one Final. I don't believe they read these boards.

  11. My guess is Richard has covered any "connection" to the folks advertising puppies and I'd bet his "name" is not on any paperwork having to do with any breeding or puppies............that would be part of his past behaviour also......he isn't going to change his spots and will continue to just do as he always has, with few if any penalties..........I'm sure he was back in business before the dogs that were taken from him had made it to safety. I'm not sure how he can truly be stopped.......He should certainly not be allowed to own or have possesion of any animals............but chances of that are slim to none and slim just left town. :rolleyes:

  12. For anyone wanting to go with the preventic collars, Zema makes a collar that is the same active ingredient as the preventic collars. Right now Jeffers has the preventic collars for just under $10 apiece and the Zema collars are actually on sale for $5 apiece, cheaper the more you buy. So if you are using or planning to use tick collars you might want to check out Jeffers.

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