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  1. Not to scare anyone, but it is possible it could be an oral cancer. Nasty critter if it is, I hope it is not a cancer.
  2. A second on the ginger snaps, they help settle upset tummies......
  3. Don't know the cost if ordered on the internet with the added cost of shipping. The place I contact about getting a bag has it at $35 for 40# bag. I plan to talk to my feed store and see if they would consider carrying it, I suspect I could get a better price from my regular feed store. Maybe you could talk to your feed store and have them contact the distributor (randr) about a meet and greet and get your feed store to carry it too.......
  4. I am not looking for a food that is that high in protein and the kcal/kg , kcal/cup for the 24/20 and 26/18 formulas of Victor are higher than the same caloric info of the Hi Tek foods. The Victor foods are also listed as no corn, no soy, no wheat and no gluten so that sounds good in combination with the kcal/kg info. An example, the Hi tek grain free lamb is 3750 kcal/kg , 370 kcal/cup . the Victor High Energy,24/20(which is their beef meal/chicken meal formula not lamb) has 3963 kcal/kg, 457/kcal/cup. the Victor Pro formula, (which is also beef meal/chicken meal) has 3839 kcal/kg, 443 kc
  5. I am currently investigating a food called Victor. It looks and sounds promising, with a reasonable cost for their High Energy variety which is 24/20 and their Pro Formula which is 26/18. It has a small distribution area, but they are willing to contact feed stores and the like to have them consider carrying their products. http://randrdistributors.com/ they have a tab at the top to locate dealers that may be near you. they have a side bar with their selections of food with ingredient lists and caloric info. It is a long established line of dog food........reasonably priced. It is a
  6. After going to the "breeders" site, well, it looks like she follows her own advice on feeding.........the dogs and particularly the puppies she has on her site do not look healthy at all......another case of a "pretty" website and lots of BS...........not much substance.......lots of red flags.
  7. A rescue transport coordinator in Atlanta is trying to find out if the dog is still available, the info she has received is that the person who found the dog may have "given" her away? Do you know if the dog is still available to rescue? There are two offers to whelp her out as it is doubtful she would make it to Canada in her condition.......perhaps once she has whelped and the pups are better able to travel arrangements could be made to get her to Canada? One offer is in AR and one is in GA........They are working on helping this dog on the Border Collie Rescue Boards
  8. Here is a link with excellent info on antihistamines and dosages for dogs by weight. Good reference info and lists trade name with the generic. http://tinapham.com/romeo/antihistamines.pdf I have this printed out and on my refrigerator for easy access.
  9. True enough about the benadryl, I have several dogs that get paranoid when given benadryl.......it really freaks them out. Definitely something to consider. I use chlorpheniramine(Chlor trimeton, I use Chlortabs, the generic) for the ones that can't handle benedryl......... oops it double posted, sorry
  10. True enough about the benadryl, I have several dogs that get paranoid when given benadryl.......it really freaks them out. Definitely something to consider. I use chlorpheniramine(Chlor trimeton, I use Chlortabs, the generic) for the ones that can't handle benedryl.........
  11. think I'd be going somewhere for a second opinion....so in the morning no one leaves the room when the dog is eating? only in the evening?......OCD, and an anxiety disorder and possible other neurological problems. yep, second opinion would be the way to go for me....
  12. Maybe suggest that she run in preferred? See if that helps her Q rate
  13. I would "capture" the dogs getting into my fenced yard and call animal control or take them to animal control and turn them in. Even if they get put to sleep at animal control that would be a kinder fate than getting hit by a car or killed by a predator......... The owners can then be charged with animals running at large, no proof of rabies, no tags.......any number of things that might get the owner's attention.. As for vindictive uncaring dog "owners". When you turn in/call Animal Control they can't give out who made the complaint......at least in these parts....an alternative use
  14. After battling TBDs in several dogs, despite the use of Frontline plus........I went to the Preventic collars about 2 years ago......I am well pleased, ticks don't even want to stay on the dogs, nevermind attaching....the main issue is remembering to replace them in a timely fashion, so far they have been effective for 3 months, but you are pushing your luck to go longer without replacing the collars. Just ordered a new batch to get thru the Spring tick explosion. They are/were in stock at Lambert Vet Supply and at Jeffers......between $10 to $12 .
  15. Hmmm, must have gotten the last of it......from Lambert....checked Valley Vet and they show the 11 to 25# out of stock.........the other sizes are not showing out of stock, but do say call for availability....the number to call to check on availability is 800 419 9524. Wouldn't hurt to call and at least check....good luck in the hunt
  16. to those looking for sources for Interceptor, Check Lambert Vet Supply, your vet would need to write you a prescription that you could mail them or they have a fax number the vet could fax the prescription. The website for Lambert Vet has instructions on ordering prescription meds.....
  17. ^^^^^^^ What she said ^^^^^^^ The fish biotics, at least the cephlexin 500 look identical to what has to be prescribed and work the same..........at least in my experience, for both dogs and myself..no prescription needed.
  18. Dosage for parziquantel 34mg tablet/capsule from a bottle of Droncit tablets, under 5# 1/2 tablet, 6 to 10# 1 tablet, 11 to 15# 1 1/2 tablet, 16 to 30# 2 tablets, 31 to 45# 3 tablets, 46 to 60# 4 tablets, over 60# 5 tablets MAX. Fasting is neither necessary nor recommended.
  19. A cheap way to get praziquantel, also known as Droncit and used to treat dogs for tapeworm is to use fish medicine, http://www.jefferspet.com/fish-tapes/p/0033044/ Jeffers has the best price for the Fish tape medicine that I have found. Same dosage of praziquantel as in the Droncit from your vet or dog tape wormer ordered on line, huge price difference . 30 capsules of Fish Tapes runs around $35.00 compared to $15.00 to $23.00 for 5 tablets of "dog" tapeworm medicine. Just a way to keep up with worming dogs for tapes without breaking the bank.
  20. Whipworms are hard to detect...........and as you live in FL........warm and wet....whipworms get in the ground and are darn near impossible to get rid of, best way to defeat them is to keep up a good worming program.........
  21. I would worm him for three days in a row with panacur....1 cc to 5 lbs.............I would repeat the worming in 10 to 12 days..............he may have a bad case of whip worms...which can be hard to find on fecals....another thing to try after a good worming would be Guinness(Imported only)....1 oz to 25#.........you can just put it on his food.....it is ok if it is flat..so one bottle lasts a long time per dog...I would give him the Guinness (imported.black label).....every two weeks for six weeks then once a month........It has helped one of my "skinny" boys finally put on weight. You may w
  22. Welcome to the boards. Check your box for PM
  23. Also look into Milk Thistle to help protect the liver.
  24. Might also want to reseach dosage. It is "higher" than what is normally prescribed. Tick-L would be a good place to gain insight.
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