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  1. another thing to investigate is cost of titre. There is a wide range of charges for titres. Some vets charge an outrageous price to titre. Hemopet will run titres for $45, of course, there is the additional cost of having your vet pull the blood to send to Hemopet, even considering that "extra" expense it is still cheaper than the quotes from some vets that have been as high as $250.


    And it is important to spread out the vaccines and not do huge combo vaccines......it does make a difference.

  2. Flame suit on here, why are you asking / looking for input on, what by your own statements, will be a sport dog on what is/was/suppose to be a board geared to working Border Collies that is against breeding for any purpose other than work? Just curious, so many of the recent posts seem to be veering away from working Border Collies, which is a shame since there are untold number of boards,groups, etc for people who want the latest, bestest, sportiest bred whatever you can name...........

  3. His hangover from bad behaviour the night before is not your problem, it's his. "Normal" day time noises, be they lawn mowers, weed eaters, dogs enjoying some free time should not have to be limited. I'm not going to be "correcting" my dogs for being normal dogs because of a jerk. If he is partying all night with loud music, you DO have a right to complain and that IS his problem... I would not be tippy toeing around and being quiet in the morning when the world is normally getting started for the day, in fact, I might be more inclined to NOT be particularly quiet. Me, I'd be recording the nightly noise and time stamping it, then I would be calling the police about loud music and disturbances going on after 1 AM(and I think that's being generous). You have rights too, and I'd think if he has already been in trouble then he needs to think about that. (Living in the country with the sounds of nature not inconsiderate neighbors)

  4. From the link to the litter page posted in an earlier post in this thread it appears that Sport's sire and dam were bred together 5 times in three and a half years and produced close to 40 offspring. That's a lot of puppies.....glad Sport is doing well and hope he does a good job at the Finals....Good luck to all the handlers and dogs at the Finals this year.

  5. If you end up going to the vet, be sure to let them know that you have given the dog aspirin. There is a "withdrawal" time between giving a dog aspirin and starting them on rimadyl(if that is a direction your vet chooses to go for pain relief)

  6. There are several questions that seem to be "avoided" about this puppy. Still no name, just the puppy, sounds a bit detached. How old was the pup when taken home? Were the parents met? Did the new owner pick the pup or the breeder? Many of the "complaints" about the pup and behaviour seem to be typical young pup behaviour. Seems many excuses, no real answers. This pup sounds like it needs to be returned to the breeder so it can be placed with someone prepared to deal with a less than totally confident pup. And it sounds like the OP should consider getting an adult with established behaviour that suits her. jmho

  7. There is a young man in the Southeast who has a very nice BC that has pannus, when it is a sunny day the dog wears doggles to protect her eyes. The dog seems unfazed by them and works normally. I'm sure there would be an adjustment period, at least in the beginning, for the dog, but it sure might be worth the try.

  8. Your taking offense at my statement is ok by me, you can take it however you want. It is a simple statement and if you want to consider it a judgement so be it.

    I happen to take my dog's health seriously, so yes, I would, indeed have, altered plans to take care of concerns about my dog's health. That's not a judgement either, simply a matter of choice, take it however you will. I repeat, enjoy your trip, poor pup.

  9. So, let the rest of them go and then you could catch up with them a day later..........I truly hope nothing serious happens to your dog. dogs are expensive, it's just a fact of life. I guess if one of the kids was complaining of discomfort and burning when she peed, and peeing all the time, or at least trying to pee.....it would be different. Poor pup is all I can say. Enjoy your trip.


    It sounds like your life has revolved around Juno as long as it was convenient.

  10. So you are saying that you won't be getting her checked for a UTI until next week? Do you have any idea how uncomfortable a UTI is? Not to mention that she doesn't need to have what could be a minor issue with a UTI left untreated to develop into something worse. I hope you are going to get her checked sooner rather than later.

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