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  1. Heres one of their videos. They have a ton on youtube
  2. They were saying it is to be used on lower settings to grab attention only. Not to punish. I cant keep him below threshold because hes triggered by diff things on diff days. They said by the time I'm trying to get his attention, hes alreast off the deep end and too focused on what is scaring him. It's not ment to break him down as some trainers would do(the state of helplessness). I asked lots of questions and brought up my own concerns about their training. They have a high success rate with aggressive and reactive dogs. I will be doing the training myself under their guidance. I will not be leaving him there as a board and train
  3. I took him to a 4th trainer today that seemed very knowledgeable. While i was reluctant because they primarily use e-collar training, they had alot of good insight. His past experience with the breeder, whether it be genetic or not didn't help. Then this broker picked him up and took him from his mother. He absolutely LOVED her. Then she sold him to me about a week or two later. When i bought him, it just added to the insecurity and instability in his life. From what they could tell at the training facility, they said i have to show him that i can be the leader he needs and nothing bad will happen in my presence..that i have to take charge. They use e-collars to get his attention when he goes over threshold to have him refocus on me and look to me in situations that scare him, and reward his attention to me. They said he's honestly just insecure and needs his confidence lifted. Since he's showing no signs of aggression, they have every bit of faith it can be fixed easily by showing him better ways to cope with what scares him by looking to me. The trainer even put the e-collar on my wrist to give an example what it feels like. They said they also usually pad the collar since border collies are very sensitive, and they use 4 prongs instead of 2 to disperse the stimulation. I'm glad there's hope. He's such a sweet tempered dog. Was kissing the ladies to death Thank you everyone for your responses and help!
  4. I guess it was more a question by the one trainer if the pup will be trainable. He said if the parents were crazy, than it's probably genetic and there isnt much that can be done. He said he may be able to get a 40% good response..and 60% he'll just always react the way he does. If this is the case, I'm not going to try to fix it and waste the money on a trainer.
  5. When looking up things on the abca, it doesnt really seem they regulate anything. They can put you on a list that's a "high volume" breeder, as genetics, temperament and health issues may not be considered as high priority at time of breeding. The breeder is supposed to check on the pups for any issues as they grow that may deter them from breeding the parents in the future, and take the pup back at any point in its life for any reason. It also mentions the breeder is required to sell the puppies themselves,and are not to use a "broker"(which in my case happened) I just wanted to learn more about where he came from and shed some light on why he may be the way he is. It honestly may not even matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, just that he gets the help and training he requires in hope he wont always be this way. If he is, I'll just sum it up to a poor decision on my husband's part for wanting him and live with the consequences of not finding a legit breeder
  6. I used to shove a toy in their mouth. Say no firmly. Mine used to try to nip feet. I'm not really sure quite what stopped it. I would push through her biting and tell her no, sometimes I smacked her butt. She eventually just grew out of it, but I noticed it got alot worse when she was tired. She refused to lay herself down and I would have to force her to take a nap in her crate.
  7. How old is your dog? Sounds like an overly tired pup or over-arousal(the cranky). As far as being nippy, I would make a loud noise or stomp my foot, smack a table hard and say no. Only thing that ever got mines attention
  8. I'd have to ask my neighbor again, hes the only one out of everyone that got any papers on any of the dogs.
  9. I only have the dogs names and their owners. The two owners I contacted, all the dogs share a father. I have one picture of mom that's not that great..and I was told the breeder is in NY. That's all I know
  10. I was blaming it on genetics because his relatives in the area have fear related issues. One acts as denise described. I did speak with another trainer and set up an appointment for Wednesday. They set a program to fit the dogs needs, but I dont know the extent of what he needs. I was a bit reluctant because they use prong, e-collars along with positive training.. I'm going to see what they have to offer. When I spoke with them, they seem to think he just has confidence issues. He did have food aggression when I got him. He got his butt smacked which I was told I should have never done because it can make him bite without warning in the future..but it fixed the issue. Haven't had a problem since
  11. I bought my troubled boy from a friend, that got him from a breeder. She sells the pups locally. I asked too many questions and is no longer talking to me. I've contacted another person that also got a pup from her, and she also has not received papers as promised(and the dog is almost 2). My neighbor has another dog from her, but the dog is listed that its owned by her rather than my neighbor that actually owns him. Is there anyway the association could look up the dog by the owner so I could try to find out more information? Trainers are asking where he came from, what were his parents like..and I have no idea. I only bought him because she was my friend and I didn't think she would buy puppies from a puppymill, but I feel like that may be the case
  12. At her age, it could be her teeth bothering her and it could be setting her back. Make sure to keep some safe chew toys in the crate with her to ease her gums. With potty training, my dogs went out on a leash to potty. It kept them on focus knowing it wasnt playtime and they could just run around and sniff as they felt. My girl was potty trained by within 3 months old and had few accidents up to 6 months old. Females for whatever reason seem to need to potty more frequent. My boy is potty trained at 7 months but still has an occasional accident every couple weeks
  13. Not sure it will help, but I feel even without the vet check ups there was nothing you could have done to prevent what happened. What you described to me sounded like kidney failure. I think he was just old and it was his time to say goodbye. I'm so sorry for your loss but where one leaves your life, it opens a door for another dog that wouldnt have a chance without your love..just like you showed him after annie died.
  14. This was in the spring, but I look back on how well i trained my girl and I'm so proud of her and the bond we have! If only we can get our boy on the same page lol Lola and deer offleash
  15. In my opinion, I think it's a bad idea..heres why: It's not in a training session setting . Forcing a dog over their threshold without any official training going on can lead to fear aggression and can cause issues of left unchecked. It can make your dog more fearful as they have no control over their situation and there is no escape. I've seen normal dogs come out of daycare with unacceptable and rough play that has caused major issues at home or around other dogs since no one is there to usually intervene on these behaviors. I also feel being an anxious dog, just being kennels and all the noise may be highly overwelming
  16. I apologize for some of the pictures being sideways. I'm not sure exactly how to fix them
  17. I started training the "leave it" and "here" in the house. I started with throwing a ball or toys and having her not chase. Then I moved it to the yard and did the same thing as she became successful. Then on a long lead, I would practice the same commands with cars. I started with the "here" and told her to stay or leave it. I'd keep slack in the leash so she felt she wasnt being held, but enough if she lunged I had a good hold. If she lunged I'd correct and and tell her no or leave it again. Now at 11 months i can have her off leash. Now she sees or heres a car and looks at me immediately for direction, or starts automatically walking towards me. I tell her "here" and she lays at my feet and watches the car go by. Once the car has passed she jumps back to her feet and awaits me to throw her ball as I do on our walks around the block.(I know I should use a command for her to break, and I used "ok" in the beginning with training. Now she understands what I want of her)She knows if she misbehaves, our game ends and she goes back on her leash for a "boring" walk.
  18. Thanks for the offer! I live in jim thorpe pa. I may be working next Saturday the 13th, but I'll keep you updated. The breeder kind of blames me for his bad behavior since he didnt show signs until a week after I had him.. trainers are telling me its probably genetic and he may always be this way. They also said the litter mates trying to kill eachother at 6-7 weeks old Is a big red flag and I should have passed. I've wasted about $300 in assessments trying to figure out what to do with him. The breeder offered to take him back, but I'm afraid what would happen to him.
  19. The trainer has us throwing a toy at the end of tasks asked. But lola is focused on the toy and trying to RIP it out of hand over anything else that's going on. She's now nipping at my shoes as well. If I take her elsewhere to practice running without the course, she circles in front of me to stop me. I might start there before trying to even add the game to it. Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can have my husband film it next week. The instructor is ok with it
  20. Thank you so much for your input. I'll try some of these things =) I know every dog is different, he's definitely different from my 11 month old.. She was rather easy and displayed none of these bizarre behaviors. It's upsetting because i'm not sure i caused it to him. I thought i did all the right things by socializing him early, taking him everywhere. Somehow the person that sold him to me blames me.. she said he wasn't like this before i had him. He started exhibiting these behaviors at 10 weeks.. But all his relatives in the area have some sort of fear related issues..
  21. Like this morning..i put him in his crate to settle down..Gave him a treat. Well he didn't feel like settling down.. I told him quiet several times since he was crying and whining.. 3rd or 4th time i Raised my voice and he started digging and banging on the crate. I then removed him and put him away in the crate in our bedroom by himself instead of the one in our main area. He did THEN settle down. Maybe it's the the one blue eye.... lol
  22. So, since you have experience.. is it bad to use a trainer that uses prong collars on a reactive pup? I'm very reluctant it will make him more fearful. At the same time, this dog hasno impulse control and throws temper tantrums to try to get his way. He explained to me if you have a child exhibiting bad behavior and there's no consequence to this bad behavior, whats to stop them from continuing their bad behavior. He said it's like telling a child over and over again to stop something, until you finally smack em upside the head to pay attention lol I'm just weary because we had a german shepherd before that these techniques were used on, and it did nothing but make her more fearful.. But at the time i think THAT trainers echniques were being used incorrectly.
  23. I've decided to go with another trainer. The trainer that assessed him i felt didn't know what he was talking about after thinking it over. He was teaching him to jump up on him, when ive been trying to get him to NOT jump up on strangers..and he didn't address any of my concerns. I spoke with someone else this morning and may go with him. I am cautious as he uses a prong collar to correct bad behavior and eventually phases it out. He also uses positive reinforcement. Unlike the other trainer, he said this is probably more of a genetics issue and it won't be "fixed", but i can teach him howto react appropriately and look to me in situations that trigger him. He said he'll never be 100% if it IS genetics. I knew this going into it. I just want to be able to actually take him out of the house in public. Right now unless we're on a secluded trail away from ppl, he stays home. The walking 5 miles a day has been built up. He started at 10 weeks going aroun the block..then we did a mile part of the trail..then half the trail..then the whole trail. He's still rowdy when we get home lol that's when i usually try to force him to nap.
  24. I try to leave him in there. I can't seem to leave him in his crate when i play with my other pup. He hears her in the other room..and screams,,scratching and banging on the cage. He's already an anxious pup. i Read somewhere never to let them cry it out, but i did with my older girl. She gets jealous too if i crate her..and she'll bark for hours if she thinks i'm here and she's locked away. It is alot harder training 2 dogs at a time instead of 1 lol http://www.simplybehaviour.com/letting-dog-cry-cause-permanent-damage/
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