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  1. He IS a reactive dog per the trainers I've met with. By reactive, I mean he barks at theTV, reflections, strangers, noises outside, objects like buckets or things laying around. Sometimes he just barks out of no where all triggered. It's a confidence issue that is being worked on and we have made SOME progress. He wears a thundershirt alot and the trainer is doing tellington t touch along with positive training. He will never be 100%, but he has gotten better. Sounds that used to set him off immediately he can now ignore most of the time unless hes tired. Hes honestly very sweet and very loving..hes just very unconfident. He is what he is. All I can do with a trainer is help him cope better in situations that scare him
  2. My friend that has Lola's sister has an intact Male. She wouldn't let him near her the same way. They had them in the same house for over 6 years lol. The diaper she has is pretty tight and her tail barely fits through the hole. Theres no possible way they could mate with it on. I honestly waited until he lost interest in following her around. Her bleeding is heavy and usually lasts a little over 3 weeks. I kept the diaper on an extra week or so after that. Hell probably be fixed by the time she comes into season again
  3. The Male will be getting fixed. I'm waiting for them to be old enough. I think it was recommended 14 months atleast to give their growth plates time to close? For now I just her diaper on her through her heat up until her swelling is gone. She honestly snaps at him if he tries to even sniff her during that time..so I dont think shed let him mount.
  4. I guess my girl was so good at a young age I took her awsome behavior for granted and see his as a bit abnormal. I was able at 8 months to leave her home while I was at work for 7+ hours. I cant even leave him alone at 10 months while I take a shower or he ends up getting into something. Last time I tried he was chewing on my bathing suit lol. Today I caught him chewing on the cord to my electric blanket. He has PLENTY to chew on....so yeah .The marking did not coincide with her heat, but it has been corrected atleast inside the house. Were still working on public places with the marking.
  5. I meant for lola(my bitch) snaps at him for sniffing her in season. To HER its crossing a line, not with me. (Its the only time she seems to snap at him) Hes a horny little adolescent pup. What I mean about him thinking correction is funny is my in laws German shepherd will snap and bark at him, and hell run circles around the room as if he thinks shes playing. She cant catch him, so he continues egging her on running away from her..running up and biting her then running away. It's like he doesnt understand her language. Lola does hide sometimes when he gets too rough..even though in this video shes instigating with the bark. Theres times we play and shell grab the ball first and hell come barreling at her full speed and bite her, making her flip and roll. Theres times shes dropped the ball and will refuse to play with me because she doesnt want to get chased down or bit. It's not intentional aggression on his part from what I can tell...just being rowdy
  6. He thinks when other dogs correct him that it's funny. My girl wont correct him usually, unless hes crossing a line like sniffing her while shes in heat. We have a dog that visits every couple weeks that puts him in his place and runs around like shes playing with him... His rough play seems to be over-arousal, but theres very little warning. Hes fine one minute and then bursts into energy out of no where and becomes nuts. Maybe mostly what I'm seeing is just a young pup without body awareness..my other dog will be laying on the couch and he acts like shes not even there and just jumps ontop of her full force and lays down. My other dog then gets up and lays in her bed being annoyed. With toys he used to snatch things out of our hands and get our hands too..its been alot to get him to take things nice. Sometimes he seems so frenzied to get a toy, especially before my girl gets it he knocks over anything and everything to get it. Is this maybe just something he may grow out of? My girl is only 34lb..the boy is pushing 55lbs Heres a video of her hiding behind a table since hes been rough and she tries to ignore him. I do admit I feel shes instigating him with the barking..
  7. He gets pushy and over excited in play as well. He bites my other dog hard sometimes and makes her yelp because hes rough. His half brother has been kicked out of 3 daycares for the same issue. There anyway to help that? Hes obviously not a child that u can tell him hes behavior is too rough
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! He would really like hunting for treats throughout the house. Hes got a really good sniffer on him. Right now indoors he obsesses over fetch and throws the toys at ur chest or face. Last week I taught him to back up into his bed and lay down before I throw it. I like the game more when I can throw the ball a good 50-100 feet outside and have him run up and down the hill for it. Funny enough during fetch he tires easily and lays down with the ball. It's not enough to keep him down for long though....
  9. Heres a video. I let my girl out to potty and he thought he were playing instead, so he got upset. That bark halfway he thought he heard something. That happens randomly all day even in the house
  10. By being worse I mean if hes unsettled and rough, putting him in his crate makes him all that much worse when I let him back out. It's like all the energy of being anxious builds up. He does cry in his crate if hes not tired. If I'm giving attention to my other dog he screams this piercing scream. The trainer I'm working with thinks the rowdy/roughness is his way of releasing the anxiety. Even in play he acts frantic all the time where he runs into walls and doesnt watch where hes going. If a person has anxiety they move, fidget, clean. It's a way of releasing that tension. I'm sure dogs are similar. I'll try to get some videos of his craziness today and what I mean by being rough
  11. By reactive, he just barks at random noises, strangers, dogs. Hes on high alert all the time. Honestly, I dont think I will be able to teach an off switch. The things I mentioned above to calm him have helped, but aren't a fix all. For example: at night he cant settle, even when exhausted. He will do paces around the house in circles around the couch and through the kitchen, then back again. Only thing at night that helps him settle is putting him in his crate. When hes being rough and crazy, putting him in his crate makes him 100x worse. Some background: hes highly inbred which I think started this issues..so I think it's more of a maintenance then a fixer
  12. I mean I was looking for something other then trick training to keep him occupied. Something possibly indoors because of the ice we have everywhere. I would take him to public places, but he is reactive and I dont want to freak him out.
  13. This may also be slightly helpful.. My reactive pup reacts badly to strangers when they look different.. if they are very tall, he reacts. If they have a hat on, sunglasses, or anything foreign in their hand forget it. In my own troubles with a reactive pup, I've got a thunder shirt and someone working on tellington t-touch.(which you wont be able to use until he trusts you). Before my pup would trust me to grind his nails, I had to pick up his paw and reward many times before I even attempted. Then would hold the trimmer to him without doing anything and reward. Months later he puts up with it knowing hell get treats if he sucks it up. You can use this method with the burrs in his hair. You could also try saying his name in different tones and giving him treats as you do this. It re-associates his name with good things. The snapping sounds fear related and not true aggression. When you have a reactive dog, it seems they're always on high alert. If hes getting to that point of snapping, his anxiety has reached a level he can no longer cope with. I also noticed I tried to socialize my pup to everything as quickly as I could when he was young, and it clearly made him worse. They can take a long time to decompress from a stressful situation. I would keep him in a comfort zone for now until he starts to be more relaxed. If hes chillin in his crate or if hes walking by, just drop treats. No pets, dont look at him. Hell associate you with good things
  14. I have a 10 month old unneutered boy. Hes reactive, but no longer fearful like he was a couple months ago. I have a trainer working on him with tellington t-touch, he has a thunder shirt, and I've gotten him the cbd edibles treats. I'll probably be getting a fermone defuser too. My question is, where do I take him and how do I keep him occupied when hes reactive? If he doesnt like new experiences, how do I keep him happy? Right now he gets into everything and is constantly up in my grill when I'm trying to do something. Hes extremely rough and plows through everything in the house(which I assume is anxiety/tension related). I try to exercise him, but everything has been ice the past week(exercise hasnt really been a cure anyway). Doing trick work doesnt tire him out as he gets frustrated and wiggly easily. Any suggestions to really work his mind? Hes getting to the point I can only take so much and then hes gotta go in his crate because hes into EVERYTHING. I never had this problem with my female.
  15. Hes only done it about 4 times. My husband bought a new jacket and he peed on that. Then he peed on our fake Christmas tree. I put a chair back in the Christmas trees place and he started to lift his leg and I caught him. This week is the first time I had him out in a public place not outside in a couple weeks(and a place he knew well!) And tried to mark. I also forgot to mention it could be partially due to my bitch in the same house being in heat? I'll try the belly band in public places incase I dont catch him in time with a correction before he piddles on something. Luckily, after I caught him trying to pee on the chair hes hasnt had any other accidents inside the house.
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