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  1. 1 hour ago, gcv-border said:

    The first thing I would do is check her teeth. Are they clean or do they have tartar on them? Depending on how dirty they are, you could get her checked out soon by a vet, or if they aren't too bad, try attacking the problem yourself until Jessie's next check-up and make sure you have a conversation with your vet about her teeth and bad breath.

    In the short term, I would consider getting a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste and trying to brush them. Also, (as recommended to me by a vet), give her a Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic dog chew once a week. She says her dogs' teeth have never been so clean. I just started using them so can not provide a review. Other people use raw, meaty bones once a week or so to keep the dog's teeth clean.

    It may be something else, but I would start with checking out her teeth.

    Thank you, will go shopping. 

  2. My 6 year old Jessie has the most awful breath normally in the morning. She gets on our bed at 7.30 every morning and breathes in our faces. We don't mind her being an alarm clock but all I can smell is putrid dog food on her breath and it is very strong. She is otherwise quite healthy and happy. She does pick up some leaf mould in the woods. What can we do to help.

    Thank you.

  3. My Jess has become frightened to go out for a walk on the lead ( only sometimes ). We leave the house ok walk a 100 yards or so then just stops and looks at me. She is only about 6 years old and we have had her about three years. We rescued her and from my experience she has not been mistreated at all. We have been walking for miles since we had her and had no issues. Some days she is absolutely fine and we covered a few miles this morning. This is just a random walking problem. She been on Desmopressin since March for Diabetes and seems very healthy. In doors she is fine and active. Typical dog, don't like fireworks or shotguns; we live in the country where guns are used.

    25.02 001.JPG

  4. My Jess is about 5 years old. Seems healthy and fit and eats well. He breath of late is on par with her back-side, absolutely stinks. She has been on the same food for a few years, but this problem has just developed recently. She is on Desmopressin for her water works. 


  5. I got my first BC from a from Farmer Bostock in Thirsk, Yorkshire in 1988. Rosie was one of an unwanted litter, her mum was in the James Herriot Series. Brilliant dog, never owned a lead and could walk her any where. Died of cancer the day the Twin Towers came down.

    My second was an unwanted farmers litter in Wales, Meg turned out to be a Welsh Collie. Cracking small bitch. Got thyroid at 8 years old and lived till she was 15.

    Jess ( current ) was about 3 years old, rescued her. She loves woman and children and no sign of PTSD. Taught her agility and developed diabetes recently, the drugs work fine. Great dog.

    Please rescue. They are not all sick dogs, honest. Regards 


  6. I have a 5 year old Rescue B/C, she pulls like a train and stalks anything that moves. She loves GSD's and Springers but will attack any Terrier. No rhyme or reason. I have taken her to agility for a year and she was very good at it. She loves a football and other toys. I have had Jess 3 years and we are good friends. I say this as I am going to follow this thread with interest. I stopped agility due to her getting diabetes and a bad leg. She loves local cats, sorry to hijack.


  7. Hi I have a rescue BC and have been much luckier than you. I would pay one of those experts from a dog club who study their behaviour to be present and witness this. If you are kind enough to rescue Stanley you won't mind spending a few more shillings. It sounds like flash-backs triggered by something at that time. They seem to be able to tell the time, mine does, she asks for her dinner at 14.15 every day. Obviously there will a few experts joining the thread soon and I will watch and learn. I wish you all the best. Colin & Jess xx

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  8. I have had 3 Border Collies since 1988. The first two would eat anything including anything left over from a spicy take away ( Not proud of that ) . My current rescue I got when she was about 3 years old. Bit underweight when she came home. Tried all the posh expensive foods for a while and she was not solid for a long time. Turned out we could not give her anything that contained wheat. Now solid for a couple of years on Sainsbury's wet meat in gravy mixed with a non wheat Angus Beef dried food twice a day. She has a lovely coat and looks good. Charcoal biscuits as treats. No human scraps apart from chicken. Hope this helps.

    25.02 001.JPG

  9. Thanks for reply. She was done when I got her, she is still under the vets and they have asked me to check the urine thickness. Seems very happy, no accidents, pees at every lamp-post like all dogs. Will submit urine on Monday. Still need the best way to buy the med's. Regards and keep safe.

  10. I adopted Jess three years ago and there was no sign of mistreatment. She was about 3 when we got her and settled in well. We did agility for over a year and we both enjoyed it. She managed to tear a muscle in a front leg and was treated. She then hurt a back leg and had to have x-rays under general anaesthetic, this turn out to be a torn ligament. Within a week she started drinking excessive amounts of water and peeing just as much. She became quite ill and was detained at the vets. She was put on antibiotics and her health showed good signs of improvement apart from her drinking issues. She has been diagnosed with Insipidis Diabetes and has been prescribed Desmopressin Acetate 0.2mg, one a day. If these work she will always be on them. She is visibly happy, loves her walks and toys. Eating well, no sickness or weight loss. I am wondering what triggered this problem or was it coincidence it was just after a general anaesthetic. Is there anything else I can do for her in the future. The insurance won't last for ever, so what is the best way to buy her tablets. The first box of 90 was £225.  Thank you for reading.  

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  11. I think you are quite lucky compared with some horror stories I have read and heard. I am on my third Border Collie and my latest is a 3 year old rescue that seems to treated very well. I am taking her to agility and she is very good considering she has never done it before. Every evening she gets a toy out of her toy-box and has a wiz around the living room when I am trying to watch a recorded favourite programme. I play with her and launch the toy around the room for about 10 mins then she settles. Change to fly by by blackmail to another game and reward Pickle, she/he will get the message. Some of these wonderful dogs take up to 4 four years to mature. Your dog does not sound dangerous, it is herding. Keep an open mind and be positive, not negative. Your dog is asking for guidance on how to behave not criticism. I wish you well.   

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