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  1. To respond with what the professional trainer said, he actually didn't find my dog aggressive or fearful - he likened it to what you said gentle lake of it mostly being trigger stacking. He said overall she's seemingly fine, but has not learned that her barking and lunging is an unwanted behavior so he gave me a few tips on reducing the stacking likelihood, which we practiced successfully at the beach. He didn't think the e-collar was necessary, although said it could be used around the house if I immediately show her what I want and reward her for the good action - which we'd already been doing and without the e collar.
  2. Actually Cpt I tend to like getting a variety of opinions to see if one resonates or makes more sense, so I wanted to see what this board had to say given it's with people who tend to know the breed type better. It has nothing to do with "didn't like the advice" I got.
  3. Thank you very much Gentle Lake, that makes a ton of sense and I'll check out those resources. I have a trainer coming tonight, and we've used him before, though he's receptive to the e-collar idea. In fact, we just got one for tonight. I'm not a fan of them, but he's had Borders for years and seems to like the idea, though not as a first resort. After tonight, I'll try to find a positive energy/animal behaviorist.
  4. Thanks. It's really hard to tell. Here are a couple of examples: Took her on a walk in a crowded area. A bunch of kids were running around and everyone was fairly active. Maybe the 25th kid to run by, after about 20 minutes, she lunged at. He was no different than any other kid as far as I could tell. At a bar with her, after maybe 2 hours of laying at my feet a woman came up to pet her. My dog let her and was super friendly. An hour later, the woman was leaving and wanted to say goodbye to the dog and she lunged at the woman. I've tried paying attention and the closest I can tell is she stacks her energy and then gets fixated on something to the point of boiling over. I try to break her concentration but she often times will stay completely focused on the subject. Saying her name, saying 'look at me', and even grabbing her head and turning it all do nothing. That's usually when I know something will happen, but there are other times she's just lying down and jumps up. I think what needs to be done is to cut her energy every 30 minutes or so when I am at a place (like the beach). That's why i have another thread about easy close-quarters energy kills. That said, I'm still curious if people have other tips on how to handle the aggression or what they have done.
  5. Thanks Lawgirl and Urge to herd. I will try to do some training with her on leash. For the settling, I got her when she was 7 weeks old so I'd be surprised if she simply likes it outside. Plus I live in Hawaii so it's more likely to be she doesn't like the heat of the house (we don't have A/C). The Towel idea is a good one, however. Maybe if I teach her to settle on that, then move it inside, that can be her 'settling pad.' Then again, any sort of towel I've left outside before becomes chew toy #1.
  6. Congrats Aidan! I am not a trainer, nor do I have a long experience with BCs so take my words with a grain of salt. These are statements from a new BC owner (I have a 1 year old) who wishes he could go back and change a few things. Here are my suggestions: Socialize, socialize, socialize. Take him through the city, take him to a skate park, expose him to every noisy, energy filled stimuli you can think of. And be prepared to work with your dog to calm down and feel comfortable around the stimuli. My dog is great around cars and whatnot because we showed her that when she was young, but she didn't see a skateboard until recently. The new sound and energy of a skateboard sets her off. I used to take my dog to a dog park but stopped doing it. I never had a bad experience with the park, and on very rare occasions still take her there. I just feel I'd prefer to use that time training her and exercising her myself. If I'm going to stand around a dog park getting bitten by flies and letting her play with random dogs, I might as well put that time to a more constructive use, like leash training, fetch, and obedience. I live in HI and take my pup to the beach all the time. She's a bit shy/sharp with other dogs there, but I think it's a good experience for her. She initially hated the water, but I would walk out and hold her, then let her swim around a bit. When she was young, she would get very cold in the water, but now that she's older, she loves it and I swim to a marker about 200m offshore with her multiple times a week (though she still occasionally climbs on my head during the swim). When she gets out of the water, she's like a dog who just got a bath and can be overwhelmingly hyper. Be prepared for that possibility and try to get her to calm if you can. Edit: One other thing I'd recommend, get him very good at "leave-it" and "look at me". Both of those are great for when you get in a situation where he starts to fixate on a stimulus.
  7. Sorry for the double question on this. I have two (hopefully simple) questions. 1) When you are with limited space (on a 15' leash), what is a good energy killer? My 1 year old when we go to a restaurant or beach or park will generally hang with me, but after a bit you see she's starting to get frustrated at the lack of activity and it seems the best bet is to 'take the edge off'. Any tips? Taking her for a quick walk is insufficient. My thought right now is to do a small game of fetch, but I'm curious if anyone else has had success. 2) And somewhat related, what have you found works for settling your dog? Right now, she generally treats it as a heavy 'lay-down' and will lay down, put her head down, and after a second or two, get up and nervously pace the house. I'm thinking of putting her on a leash indoors and forcing her to relax next to me. I don't think it's a lack of exercise/training as she gets between 1-2 hours of training and exercise a day. But in the evening she will pace the house panting. If we let her outside, she will lay on the doorstep and sleep. Full disclosure: I've grown up with dogs but have never had such a high energy, high drive breed so I'm working through the fun traits that come with such a dog.
  8. My pup is almost exactly 1 year old. I take her pretty much everywhere with me, but recently she's developed a random aggressiveness to certain things. For instance, we'll go to the beach and she'll sit there quietly, then seemingly out of nowhere will lunge at a person or dog that walks by, aggressively barking. She does this on our walks/runs as well. She'll let 100 people walk by, then randomly lunge at the next. Thoughts? Training techniques?
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