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  1. What are people's thoughts on these, and have they had any experience with them? Our fence isn't secure, so we've had to build a makeshift one cutting off half the yard to our border, and unfortunately she, when fired up, can still get over the fence. (We rent so we're not interested in making a heavy investment for legit fencing.) The yard is pretty small and I'd love to let her run the entire area, so I'm thinking of getting a wireless or underground fence to 'block off' the problem areas (low points in the fence, gaps, etc.). Thoughts?
  2. Thanks everyone for the incredible advice! I've already started with the training, and will dig up the assortment of old clickers we have laying around. We used the clicker when she was younger so she'll pick it up quickly. One thing that will be interesting is I've trained her that when I click with my mouth, she needs to look at me. Hopefully she doesn't confuse the two, but they're distinctive enough I think it'll be fine.
  3. Thanks D'Elle. I'll give this a try first, and slowly work towards LAT as well. Until I get her trained on LAT, I'll try rewarding her when she pauses. One other question: there are times when I don't have the clicker on me, and instead wait for the break and say, "YES, good girl," and reward her. Is there something magic about the clicker, or is it the praise she receives at the right moment to indicate the action we want, regardless of whether it's a click, a tongue click, or a "good girl."
  4. So is one better or easier than the other (click when she pauses/Look at that)? Also, D'Elle, was there concern you were going to reward and reinforce the bad behavior? She absolutely loses her mind and goes vicious when we park by a dog in our car, and I'm afraid if I click when she breathes or pauses, she's going to think it's a reward for the barking/aggression. I'm also afraid she's going to learn that if she barks, she can look at me and I'll click and reward because she stopped (I've had that happen in the past).
  5. My girlfriend likes to call that the spot where the off button is supposed to be, but wasn't properly installed.
  6. Thanks to you both for the suggestion. Would you say this is a good video to follow?
  7. So my dog who has always been reactive to noises on the street, but she is becoming more and more reactive to any noise she hears outside (this is when we are in the house). Usually what happens is she hears a noise, her head goes up and she concentrates, when the noise comes back she lets loose and barks to her heart's content. I know the general rule is get some distance between her and the noises and reward her when she doesn't react, but that's not possible given the small lot size of the houses around me (even when in the basement away from the street we can still hear trucks, peopl
  8. Thanks. Yeah, we have frisbees and balls for outside, but she comes in and we're trying to think through some good toys to keep her occupied if she's still loaded with energy. We had some squeaky toys but she was completely uninterested. Maybe we'll do more tug of war. We also have bones but she plows through those. We have some of the puzzle toys but as you mention those can be time consuming to put together, and have a shelf-life (once the treats are obtained, she is done with it). Have you found any that are especially time consuming and good? We have Kongs and the puzzle game (8 comp
  9. What toys do people leave around the house for their dog to play with when they are inside? For instance, if you are inside reading or watching tv, what toys does the dog have access to? I am trying to update/upgrade the toys available for the dog to allow her to entertain herself.
  10. Thanks everyone. For background, she barks whether we are outside or inside and it doesn't appear to be stressed. She just seems to be excited barking because she likes training so much.
  11. Out of curiosity, does anyone else have a dog that barks throughout training? Has anyone had success teaching them to stay quiet? Our trainer dismissed it saying, "some borders get excited and express themselves via barking." And for background, it's not aggression or annoyance or anything in that vein. She simply, when we go through the routine of 'sit, down, etc.' barks THE ENTIRE TIME. It's not harmful or concerning, it's just super annoying and we live in a place where the neighbors no doubt hear her every bark and squeal so if there's a way to minimize it, all the better. If it's s
  12. Our Border is super jittery having her nails clipped. My wife wants to use a nail grinder, but I think it's going to be harder to do because it'll vibrate her paw and take longer. Have people used them? Thoughts?
  13. Good suggestion! Any thoughts on brand or size? Mine is 40lbs. Also, do you tend to find it tires your dog out a little, or is it more of a way to make your dog eat slower?
  14. Thanks. We have one of those balls that you put kibble in. It's been a long time since I've used it but I'll try using it for her meal tonight, mixed with a few treats. Yeah, the puzzle we got took her no time to figure out (basically they created a short cut where, if turned upside down, the treats can fall out). She figured that out and that was that. I'm thinking of using peanut butter this time so it doesn't fall out easily and she has to technically 'solve' it.
  15. With lockdown, the ability to take the dog out and hike/beach/etc. is pretty challenging. Have people used any of the puzzle toys for dogs, and had good success or lessons learned? I bought mine a Nina Ottosson Advanced Puzzle game and it is underwhelming. It takes her about 5 minutes and she's solved it for the treats. So do people have other toys they give their dog to keep them occupied mentally? Or toys in general that the dog just loves playing by him/herself?
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