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  1. Thank you everyone for the great responses! They have certainly put things in perspective for me. I was more generally curious about what temperatures (rough coat) border collies would be willing to put up with. It does seem as though there is a point even an energetic puppy who loves walks would prefer to stay inside. I may just need to temper my expectations for winter walks with Basil. I think I will look more into boots and a coat. If I am suiting up in parka, scarf, gloves, toque, etc. it seems reasonable to expect Basil would need a little something extra as well.
  2. I agree. Boots would be very annoying. When Basil had a splint on her paw (for her broken toe) that couldn't get wet it was enough of a hassle putting bags overtop of it. I am hoping that she get used to the weather. I think the cold may bother her less once her toe is completely healed.
  3. Ya, I think these will be the temperatures for the rest of the winter so I think we will need to confront the weather eventually. I don't think I'd be able to handle a crazy indoor puppy for the next four months... I was not aware of the mushers secret. That may be a great solution. In the winter most of the paths we walk on are also salted which causes the pads to dry and crack. I wonder if the the mushers secret may also help with that.
  4. Hey folks, After spending a long time lurking on this website, absorbing tips and tricks, I am now making my inaugural post! My wife and I got Basil this past June. We've had our ups and downs, but overall she is a pretty good girl. She learns tricks quite quickly, but has some progress to go on her manners. I am positing to generate some opinions on winter clothes. I've been skeptical about the necessity of dog boots/sweaters, however, this morning winter arrived here in Canada. It was -20 celsius (-4 fahrenheit) and Basil seemed cold. The cold is excaberated by the fact that s
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