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  1. Lots of good points made Although I think the one somewhat uncertain observation for me is whether or not the dog that has just been “corrected” by my BC is actually being rude. For example, there are cases where I feel like my BC is warning a dog off just because she’s tired (a minute ago she was just playing and running around happily with that dog). Or cases where my BC is lying there, and another dog is slowly (really slowly) walking over, but once that dog gets within a certain distance of my BC she will also warn the dog off. In these cases, it doesn’t look at all like the other do
  2. I've had a lot of discussion with other dog owners on this topic lately, and since it pertains specifically to my border collie (female, 1 year 8 months old), I would like to see what everyone's thoughts on the topic are. Here's a quick overview: Our BC tends to be very intolerant of other dogs, in a few specific cases that we have observed: After greeting a dog and she does not seem interested in continuing the interaction, if we don't keep walking (and she's leashed) and the other dog keeps attempting to sniff her, she will show her teeth Typically we can tell if
  3. Thanks to everyone for the additional suggestions and feedback. A lot of different & unique perspectives and experiences, and I'll need some time to digest all of that - but seems like the consensus is that the chance of success is relatively low and an alternate breed would be a better choice.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! In summary, seems like everyone's major concerns boils down to: [a] the randomness of a BC puppy's sensitivity/temperament post-adolescence inexperience with training a BC [c] city environment that may give the BC even more negative stimuli or distractions [d] climate Replying to as many questions and prompts as possible below 1. Adult rescue - have thought about it, but as BCs aren't a very popular breed here (in Taiwan, not a big country with only 20M population), there are rarely any BC rescues around. The few breeders here have been br
  5. Hi CptJack - thanks for the feedback! To clarify, in my apartment there are only 2 units on each floor, and the unit on the same floor as mine rarely has anyone in it (the owner of that unit is an airline pilot based in a different country and is only occasionally here). This should make it a bit better in terms of noise & motion I'm thinking? Also regarding "noise, motion, and sometimes other dogs and people" - is this something that can be mitigated by more socialization and outside playtime when the BC is young? (to get them used to all these noises of being in a city environmen
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and am currently a prospective BC owner. I've always loved BCs and have wanted to own one, but previous working/living conditions haven't made it feasible. Recently my situation has changed a bit, but I'd still like to get some feedback from you guys on whether or not my current situation would make for a happy BC. 1. Living environment: high-rise apartment, approximately 1400 square feet, in a tropical country (winter lowest temp approx. 10 degrees Celsius [50F], summer high approx. 38 degrees Celsius [100F], relatively humid) 2. Currently in-bet
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