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  1. Thanks for this suggestion. I have been telling him 'off' and ignoring him, but I am going to try this. Sometimes telling him 'off'just leads to a sort of musical chairs game where he goes to the kid on the couch, then the kid in another chair, etc. He is understanding that we don't want him on us. He is just so needy right now. He has calmed down so much over past 2 weeks since we got him and is learning a lot behavior-wise. He definitely seems to cope better on days when I don't have to be gone a lot.
  2. That is an understatement. ☺ It was an ordeal living with him the first few days. A big kid all nervous in a new environment and not understanding what I wanted him to do. It seemed to give him a boost when we visited the vet and I brought him back home. One of the positive things is he has been great for our other bordercollie. She has had a lot of bad experiences with other dogs. A while back a neighbors Pyrenees dogs tried to come up our driveway at her. I ran them off, but she was a nervous wreck for days. I'd just decided to keep eyes and ears open for puppies when my friends found Wa
  3. I have a new dog and I've had him about a week. Friends found him and could not find his owner, so I brought him home. When they found him, he appeared to have not been taught any commands you might teach any dog. Down, sit, stay, etc. They had worked with him on 'sit' when I brought him home. This boy (Waddie) has very few god manners. He did come house broke, but he was putting his feet on the kitchen counters. In the past week, he has come a long way. He sits, goes in the crate without a battle, doesn't jump on us nearly as much, and is learning 'stay'. And rarely puts his feet on the
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