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  1. Thanks samantha, ill reach out to the fb page. I also plan to attend the sheep and wool festival in jeffereson, but dont think ill make it to Hudson. Perhaps we will see each other! thanks!
  2. I have ridden horses and mules and am comfortable around them, but no real training nor have we ever had horses on the farm. I would love to though. Able to walk really far if neccesary also also Best way to contact you?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have recently connected with the wi stock dog association and plan on attending any clinics i can. I guess i didnt mean i expect to learn everything by attending trials, more to network with some of the right people. I have an aunt in your neck of the woods! Ill be in touch, thanks!
  4. Perhaps not the right place for this? Please move (or delete) if need be. This is my first post- I have been "lurking"on and off for some time and I have enjoyed observing. I am 27 and employed by a non-profit to manage a 5 acre vegetable "farm" in southeastern Wisconsin. My cousin owns Simangus cattle (cows are at my place) and I have (mostly) pastured swine/poultry. Beyond catching lambs and moving irrigation, my sheep experience is limited. They keep me employed over the winter doing a variety of things, but i am interested in finding some seasonal employment/apprenticeship over the wi
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