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  1. The litters are all 6+ hours away, so I am really only able to drive up to pick up at 8-9 weeks old. I have been very fortunate to be able to chat with several owners that have full or half siblings to these puppies and the temperaments between them seem to be pretty stable and similar. I have committed to the litter born on October 1st. I have been in contact with this breeder since the beginning, but I was #8 on the list and have my heart set on a female, so the odds of that happening were low. When it came down to people on the list committing, I actually bumped up to #2 pick of 7 puppies, 4 of which are female! I am sure there are several other potential owners who are very excited by this, as the wait list was pretty long for this pairing. We won't choose a puppy for a while yet, she will either be a red tri or red merle. Looking forward, I have found some contacts to start her on sheep when she is the appropriate age, and another gal that is getting a pup from this litter has two other dogs produced by the breeder that are highly competitive in agility! We are just over the moon with excitement for this little bundle of joy after losing my young dog earlier this year to renal failure.
  2. The Sire and Red merle bitch are both active working dogs, I have seen them in action, and like how they work. They have had a couple of previous litters that have produced sound, successful working dogs, some in a trial atmosphere, others in local ranching and do sports. I have contacted a lot of those owners as well to discuss the drive and temperament of their dogs. Same sire for both litters at it was advertised with the original breeder's site that an outside bitch has also been bred by this stud. He is producing quality, consistent working and sporting dogs. These are ABCA dogs, all of which work stock daily. They have also tested for CEA and had hips scored, it has been hard to come by quality working bc breeders with health testing.
  3. I know sport judges don't care so much. I am working hard at finding access for stock work because I absolutely believe that this dog should be able to do to her intended job. I think this will come down to a coin toss haha. The red/merle litter had me at #8 originally, so I had written it off, but now I have bumped up to #3 pick for a female!
  4. Thank you! We have been planning for this puppy for months, and now that it is decision time, it is a very difficult process. If I could take one from each litter, I would! Haha. I lost a young dog earlier this year, and having something to look forward to has helped. This is my first "planned" puppy from a breeder.
  5. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster! I have been waiting on a few litters of working bred border collies puppies and they have all finally made it safely into this side of the world! Now comes the hard part: choosing! Litter 1: Working bred rough coated Red tri male (45lbs) x Working bred black tri smooth coated female (38lbs). CEA clear/clear, hips good/excellent. The bitch is out of incredible lines, bred and brought up for one year by Norman Close as his pick of the litter. She ended up not being pushy enough for the trial environment and was sold to their close friend who has a small sheep farm. She is athletic and FAST! Lovely temperament and structure. I have pick between two females. This is the female's first litter. Litter 2: Same sire x Rough coated red merle female (50lbs). CEA clear/carrier, hips good/excellent. I love the temperament of these dogs! Litter produced mostly red merle and one red tri, I have third pick of females. Puppies from previous litters of this same pairing appear to be lovely dogs in mind and drive, and are successful stock/ sport dogs. Originally when I started my search, I loved the idea of a red border collie, the red merles are also pretty, but as I have been researching, color is my last priority. This pup will be my sport prospect, especially in agility and dock diving, with intention to work stock as well, possibly trial. I am leaning toward the smaller black tri pups, but I still can't get over how gorgeous those red merle puppies are. I know there is a lot of prejudice with the merles, and worry about that in an active sporting/trial career. Thoughts?
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