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  1. Thanks for your advice Cpt Jack, I did try a ‘look at me’ with a treat in hand, but I think he was too hysterical to hear me...I will try to get his attention earlier in future
  2. Shadow is almost 2 years old, we rescued him when he was about 4 months old. He’s really good in most situations & did well in his 2 basic puppy classes. He’s at the end of his 4th agility class. We have 3 other dogs, 2 Irish Wolfhounds age 2 1.2 & 4 yrs, a terrier mix age 12yrs. In the agility class there is a PWD that Shadow has taken a dislike to, he bares his teeth at this dog if it looks our way or comes close...he’s never done this before. This morning at the beginning of our usual morning walk, 2 huskies were behind us with their owner. Our other 3 dogs were off leash & ran back to greet the huskies, Shadow shrieked so loudly & stood on his hind legs in an effort to get free. We’ve not experienced him doing anything like these two scenarios before. He has always played well with every dog he’s met. Any ideas of why he’s changing? & any ideas on how to resolve Many thanks in advance
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