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  1. Thanks. At this point, Kenzie's with me 24/7 unless I can't take her with me somewhere, then I put her in the pen with our other dog. She met a cow yesterday and again today and did very well. In this case doing well is to not mess with cows because I don't plan to have any but some of my neighbors have them, including across the road. Pretty much got her broke of chasing the cats and pretty much just by talking to her. This thing is one smart puppy.
  2. Thanks, Some sort of cattle dog was my first thought as we are in cattle country but then my wife came up with BC and the coloring seems right but that doesn't mean much. I doubt someone would give up a full blooded dog of any type but you never know. We'll just call her a farm dog. Covers most of them. She had no collar or tag and I posted in all the local facebook groups with that pic of her as Found Dog. Haven't posted on any local grocery store bulletin boards but I have been watching for Lost Dog posters. Yup, my wife taught our pit mix to sit and wait for the ok to eat. I'll try that
  3. Oh yeah, she constantly follows and watches. Can tell she wants to learn and/or do things. If I go to the next room, she'll go to the doorway and watch. I was trying to think last night when posting of what she did that showed intelligence and just thought of it. We've got another dog, the pit bull mix, that can't be trusted to roam free. She'll go up to the neighbors and end up in a fight with another dog. She's not mean, just overbearing when it comes to introductions. Runs up and sniffs so intensely that the other dog freaks out and bites at her, so then it's on. So Mollie is on a leash
  4. This is Kenzie. (that's a hunk of deer hide, I think, in her mouth. Have no clue where she got it) She's a drop off dog as we call them out here. Basically, people from the small cities around here get tired of a dog, can't afford to feed it, get kicked out of where they were living and the new place doesn't accept dogs etc so they drop them off out in the country. We live across the road from the Nat Forest. I guess they figure people out in the country want all the dogs they can get? Her belly was loaded with seed ticks so I put some Heartz, advantage/frontline type drops on the back of
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