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  1. Hi! She's soooo adorable. I have a border collie puppy (turns 11 months on Thursday!) that is also obsessed with fetching/chasing a ball. I use it as a reward for engaging with me. So, I'll take him to the park and he has to heel to get there, then lay down, then sit, then turn in a circle, then I'll throw. Then more heeling, perhaps a throw and a 'leave it!' then touch, then released to get it. The older he gets the more tricks and criteria I'm adding for him to get the throw. We had some arguments right around when he was 6 months old wherein he thought if he stared at the ball and stood the
  2. I've loved reading about him! Pictures?? I totally sympathize with having a border collie in the city - I have two right now, a 3.5 year old girl (Zucchini) and a 6 month old puppy boy (Fennel). They are hard dogs to have in the city. Not really because of the energy levels, but because of the sensitivity to evvvvverryything. Zucchini became very very reactive around a year old to dogs and to some extents cars and trucks, particularly when it's raining. I've worked for two years to resolve the issues and she's mostly calm and happy now. I credit pretty much all of it to Leslie McDevitt an
  3. Hi! I cannot possibly recommend all of Leslie's books and programs highly enough. It completely changed how I approached training my dog, my relationship with her, and her self-confidence and focus. And I started out doing R+ training, so this wasn't a pivot away from collar pops. This is definitely not just for competition dogs. I'd argue that almost everything she teaches is giving a dog life skills for living with people in a loud, confusing, sometimes overwhelming world. Control Unleashed will absolutely help with "high-strung" and "won't relax". The best part is it elicits the dog's coope
  4. You got this! That is a similar schedule to what I did with Zucchini. She came home at 8 weeks and spent two 4-hour shifts in her crate pretty much from Day 1. She had a hard time holding it for the full 4 hours for the first few weeks so I enlisted friends' help to let her out after 3 hours and shifted my lunch hour but thereafter she was in the crate in 2 4-hour shifts until I started trusting her loose in the house around 6 months of age. She was totally fine and has no separation anxiety issues (she's almost 3 years old now). Puppies sleep 18-22 hours a day anyway. If he's got plenty of st
  5. I started training Zucchini to run with me when was about 8 months. To start we did 1/4 mile "runs" where we would run a block or two then turn around and loose leash sniff our way home. I upped it to 1/2 mile 2-3 times a week at 10 months and then 1 mile when she turned 1 and her joints closed. And worked up from there. I always let her choose the pace, which when she was 1 for me was "argh slow". She was always great about wanting to just run on trails, but sidewalks/city were challenging. One thing that helped was I bought her a special "running toy" and took her to a soccer field and took
  6. Well this is my favorite thing to talk about and I need a brief break, so here goes. I'm giving you a week since it varies quite a bit day to day. We live in a second floor apartment in the middle of the city, for context. I'm not including quick trips outside for potty breaks. Zucchini is a 2.5 year old bc from working parents. Sunday - went for a 5.5 mile trail run with our Sunday running group, drove a couple of hours to visit extended family for Hanukkah and Zucchini played with the children all afternoon, (every other Sunday we take "herding lessons" in the afternoon) Monday - 2
  7. Thank you all for the advice!!! I'm letting her go at the pace she wants and keeping the runs short. I did take her to a giant grassy park on the 4th and followed her around for 2 miles - she averaged ~9 minute miles! So maybe she just needs a bit more entertainment. We are going to go to the woods this weekend and see if she's enthusiastic about woods running (she loves hiking). I'm definitely going to wait to get a second pup until Zucchini is around 2. And maybe she doesn't need a sibling. A more laid back rescue pup might be a good choice
  8. Hi everyone!! Anyone else have city border collies living in Philadelphia? I'd love to meet other collies and my girl Zucchini would very much like meeting other dogs that appreciate her style of play.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm excited to join the forum! I've been following (silently stalking?) since last August when my BC came home, and it's been so wonderful to find answers and advice unique to these crazies. If you experts and more experienced owners would, I would love your opinions or advice on the following: 1) Does anyone run with their collies? I'm a marathon runner and my plan was to have Zucchini run with me when she grew up. She's over a year old now, and I've been taking her on short little one or two mile runs once or twice a week. She walks about 2 miles every day, gets about
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