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  1. Fair enough. I interpreted the replies as something negative and they were not. I apologize. If my previous post came across as hostile, I apologize for that as well. I do appreciate the replies. I hope to move forward from this in a positive manner. Greg
  2. Hey y'all Logan is doing good and his vet is good with him off the meds now. A few loose stools here and there thanks to consumption of foreign objects (hair tie, small lego) but he is good other than that. Gonna start to transition his food back to TOTW soon.
  3. MeMeow thanks I was beginning to think I was crazy. I have kids and that was my main concern. But also if I wanted to approach my dog for any reason I never wanted him to feel threatened by me. I understand that the behavior is normal as of now. But i dont understand why i was kinda "attacked" in this thread for wanting to touch my dog even if he was eating. Eventually I would like to approach my dog for any reason and it be a positive out look in his eyes. To each their own I guess.
  4. 3 cups split into 3 meals. He is eating 1.5 cups now with noticeable improvement of his eliminations. I can pick it up with little effort. Would it be bad for me to bring him back to TOTW IF IT appears he was over eating? I still got a practically a full bag left and it's not cheap. Lol. And should I implement the CRaP diet before giving it back to him. Or is that just really for upset tummies? His vet gave him some more meds. Im holding off on them since I see improvements. (Knock on wood)
  5. Thanks so much. We have noticed a slight difference today. Rush fan. Based off of what you said and ypur dogs size and age. Is mine over weight for a 14 week male? Sorry don't know what is typical as of now. I'm worried about bone issues.
  6. Obviously the action of me touching my dog while he was eating is I guess completely asinine from what I have read. The reason I petted him was because he did, In my opinion a very good job waiting on his food. I'll do some more research on the trade up process and use what was given to me here. Thank you all for your time.
  7. I'm teaching him now to wait for his food. Last night he waited 35 secs before I said "ok" he does very well with that. But when I went to pet him and say good boy, he got confrontational. I just don't see how that behavior is acceptable. Am I supposed to not touch him at all when he eats? Or has a good chew toy. I feel like he's trying to controlling the situation.
  8. I'm gonna try to slowly cut back his food. As I have been doing. Since I started getting replies. If I'm just over feeding that's an easy fix. If I did the CRAP diet will it upset his stomach initially? And wish his weight how much food? And how often? I was just doing what the bag said. That's frustrating how people are just driven by money at any cost. Thanks for commenting on my pics of him. He gets a lot of attention where ever he goes.
  9. I guess I didn't think about it as possessivnes. But that makes sense. I'll try some giving denice method a try. I wad this fixed now before he gets to be a bigger dog. I don't see any reason for him to act like that when I just merely touch him.
  10. Hope this is appropriate place to ask this but my 14 week old puppy Logan is showing aggression when eating or using a chew toy. I noticed last week when I was petting him and he growled at me. Then yesterday I did the same however this time he crinkled his nose snarled at me and tried to bite me. I was pretty angry with his aggression. What's the best way to go about handling this? Greg
  11. Ok well I guess I'm gonna have to cut back on the amount of food he gets for the day. Also I'll be asking my vet if they tested for any of this things as well. Coccidia IGS and Giardia. I'm not freaked out by or Just want him to have this problem gone. Hopefully it's just his food. I'll try to keep y'all updated. Thanks for all your help.
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