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  1. My pup had some leash reaction issues and I can say the treats are working very well. He is becoming clam in situations that made him nervous before. It did take awhile to see good improvement though. Good luck!
  2. Thank you.. I can see why so many people love these breeds. They are Bengal cats.... Generally an intelligent energetic sometimes dog-like breed. Playing fetch... Liking water and leash walking is not uncommon. They do seem to match well with dogs if raised with them since they like to play. I am allergic to cats but this breed doesn't bother me too much since they don't have an under coat and shed minimally. They have a small amount of Asian leopard in there genes hence the spotted pelt.
  3. IMG_20170901_190839 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr How long do I have to sit here until I can have my birthday presents? 2018-02-04_05-47-22 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
  4. IMG_20170724_152414 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr 2017-07-27_10-10-42 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr IMG_20170713_210412 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr IMG_20170713_124550 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr 2017-12-24_09-39-51 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr They both were hanging out in the kennel so I shut the door and quick took a picture. 2018-02-04_05-48-19 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
  5. Wanted to update. Zyggy is now 1 year old and we also got a Bengal kitten who is 1 month older than him so they are best buddies. He is a wonderful dog, the only problem we are working on is some leash re-activeness. A miniature poodle attacked him when he was 6 months, he was on lead and the other dogs collar broke and he got away from the owner. Zyggy was not hurt but the dog jumped on him repeatedly making awful noises until we could catch the dog. Zyggy was scared and jumping around like a hot potato. Currently he is only reactive at dog school, I believe because there are so many dogs and a lot of barking at times. However we are working on it and he is improving, this week he only barked once in his crate and when we worked on leash with other dogs in the area I was able to get him to focus on me and ignore them after he took a nervous glance around (we kept a fairly comfortable distance). A different miniature poodle approached us and got within a foot when we were walking outside around out house and he had no reaction, just friendly curiosity. This poodle was very calm though. I think it is a mix of fear and excitement when he gets over the threshold. Off-leash meeting dogs outside he is a dream, he is very respectful of other dogs big or small and entirely tolerable of the pushy bouncy ones, he even took a bossy husky in stride. It is like a completely different dog. I think he knows he is fast and he isn't worried about it. He does love to play with other dogs that invite him to do so. Otherwise he is amazing. He listens wonderfully on and off lead and is very focused into what we are doing. He loves everything from agility, learning new tricks, dock diving, ect. He is also very much a velcro dog and follows me to every room and lays outside the bathroom when I am in the shower. He even sleeps in his kennel next to me or plays "watch dog" out the bedroom door when I am asleep. He loves praise and loves to be petted, they are as good as rewards as food. He will drive ahead in agility or explore offlead when he is told it is okay. Even if my husband is awake downstairs he wants to stay with me. He has a very high toy drive but will work for food too. He is not neutered yet but doesn't seem to lose his focus when there are females in diapers in class and doesn't snoop for dropped treats. He is practically a dog who teaches himself, I hung a bell on the door and didn't get around to teaching him to ring it to potty but he figured it out himself. We did shadow handling this week for the first time where he had to match my speed while going in circles and he did it perfectly which put me in shock (I never taught him to heel), as soon as he got it I said "good boy" which is like a jackpot to him and he was in the zone after that with a look of pure focus on his face. I have never had a dog like him before and just so thrilled with his enthusiasm for life. Pics below, he still does funny things with his ears, backwards, both tipped, 1 up, 1 down, both up.
  6. I am new to border collies so I can't help there but I had two field goldens (at different times), they were females and besides the puppy phase, they were not bouncy in your face dogs, they would play tug and such with me but they were pretty serious and respectful around other dogs. They would tolerate other bouncy dogs but they preferred behaved dogs. Perhaps the field lines are a bit different? Maybe helped I started training them around dogs in classes young? I think you could find the right pup of lab/golden if that is what you want. My last golden's relatives worked as therapy dogs and her aunt was a search and rescue dog so I would believe breeding was helpful.
  7. Hello! I do not post often but lurk a lot and thought I would share my experience since I have a 10 month old border collie mix (mixed with other herding breeds). I got him when he was 9 weeks. We lived in a 2nd story apartment complex that was pet friendly at the time. We ended up moving into a side by side duplex with our own yard. Yes, we had to move because it was what turned out to be best for our dog. We did not have issues with barking or anything like that but new people moved in downstairs who had a baby and because part of our apartment was wood flooring, you could hear everything, dog playing, dog squeaky toys, anything. He was a young growing dog and it was hard to just play with him without bothering people. That wasn't the worst part though, the worst is that since it was a pet friendly building, other people had dogs and no one has a private yard. Most of the other dogs were not socialized or trained in even basic commands and some of the owners were worse. This meant lunging barking reactive dogs so just taking the pup to potty was instilling fear into my dog of other dogs and people. No good!! We still live in a busy city but now have our own space to potty and can play endlessly inside and love a good game of fetch outside. We have many parks and huge fields nearby for offleash fun and go to doggy school every week. The city itself has not been a problem at all but living space definitely needs to be considered, not sq feet but the possibility of noise and unfriendly dogs.
  8. It's hard for me to imagine the type of person who neglects/abuses a dog, let alone such a beautiful one as her. She can now know what love is.
  9. Beautiful dogs everyone! I think saddle back is my new fav color. What a beautiful surprise she grew into Thanks for being so welcoming even though he is a mix. He is the only mix in his puppy school but kicking butt Here is a video I took last week of Zygy playing with his friend Jasmine (field spaniel) before practicing recalls. I took him on a 1.5 hour walk before class (weather was sooo nice!) but he still had energy reserves for some play. There is a part at the end where she runs off and he chases her and runs around out in front of her to face her. Is this some of that herding instinct? Sorry for the video orientation. I am not the best filmer lol [video=youtube]
  10. If I wasn't in an apartment, I would love to have two dogs, one golden and one herding type. I had thought about getting another golden but cancer is so prevalent in their breed. It is the one major pitfall that is hard to ignore. I decided I would try something different this time. My golden (Jem) has a white face now and is retired living a very spoiled life with my parents in the countryside. Took Zygy for a 1.5 hour walk today and then went to puppy class for 1.5 hours... really wore me and him out!
  11. Thank you all. Gloria, Midge is beautiful. I love tri-colors! I didn't even know border collies came in so many colors until I got Zygy and was doing some research on his breeds. I have only seen black and white ones in person.
  12. My growing pup's ears are doing all sorts of funny things too. I love it He had one tipped and one flopped over and then 2 days later he had changed sides of which one was tipped vs flopped. Then he had just one up all the way for a day...and right now they are both tipped. I have seen his ears stand up twice when he was on high alert watching another dog. I joke around and say he just likes to have different ear styles like we have hair styles.
  13. Thank you! He sure is a fun guy! What do you mean by amount of tan? Borders can come in the same color, can't they? It's just uncommon unlike Aussies? He has been changing a lot as he grows. When he was 8 weeks his head looked more like a standard collie, his nose was narrow and his eyes were closer together and smaller but his head seems to be "normalized" now and is looking more border. I have never had a mix before so I find how he is changing pretty fascinating because I don't exactly know what I will end up with. I think he may grow into a big boy unless his growth slows down. He was 25 lbs at the last vet visit and he was 1 week shy of 4 months. Daddy was a big boy though from the German Shepherd in him.
  14. Hello all, I got a new pup, Zygy (Ziggy) at 9 weeks, he is about 4 months old now. His mom was border collie/australian shepherd and his dad was rough collie/german shepherd. They are working "ranch dogs" on a cattle farm. Decided to join some border collie forums as he is aging and seems to be taking on some of the personality. He can really get an intense eye at times when he is focusing on something and doesn't think his 'job' should ever end (right now the job is fetch). He is an extremely active and intelligent pup but I haven't given him any bad habits yet. He was really skittish and scared but has since come out of his shell after we starting going to a "puppy class" for manners. The socialization with other pups that don't scare him was a huge help. This is my first herding type dog, in the past I had Golden Retrievers and a Siberian Husky. So there will be a lot of learning!
  15. I believe its pretty normal for dogs to resist the gentle leader at first. My 3.5 month old pup still messes with his sometimes but is getting much better. I never walk him on it (yet), I do not plan to until he fully is comfortable wearing it just around the house. I basically put it on for very short sessions and only when I can distract him so for training such as practicing sits and I tempt him to put his nose through the muzzle part himself by offering treats. Another good way to distract him while it is on is a really nice bone, bully stick, or a stuffed kong. I figure he puts it on and something positive always happens after. As far as treats go, I would try some different ones if she isn't overly excited about them. For instance, my pup likes dogs treats but he LOVES boiled chicken. For my Golden retrievers, it was cheese. I just started puppy classes and they use positive reinforcement only, I'm not even allowed to say 'no'. It is definitely something I find difficult to get used to but I think it will be very rewarding in the end. They do not allow any sort of choke/pinch collar in their facility. Its very different than how I was taught many years ago for obedience. It is why I chose them though. Its a great way to socialize and learn new approaches, I would definitely recommend finding a positive class in your area, it is not just for new dog owners. It is great fun and gets the pup around other dogs their age and new people. Your pup is beautiful, keep it positive and fun and she will reward you with lots of love.
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