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  1. After reading some other posts I figured we should try a kennel. Big issue was I hadn't been able to get it in the back seat before due to size. Friday I had her ride in the front seat in the kennel. She pretty much just laid down and stayed there the whole trip there and back. She did puke on our ride there, but I'm hoping she just had an upset stomach (had puked in the night too). After exhausting my options I was able to squeeze the kennel into the back seat. We also practiced a little on just being around and in the car. Hopefully this week will be much better for her, being able t
  2. She is going to daycare, its at someone's house. They typically have 4-6 other dogs there besides my pup. They are excellent with dogs, and both my pups love going there. Daycare has solved many of her issues, just being in a good environment where she can socialize and feel safe. I'm thinking part of her not having issues sometimes might be from when she can be calm enough to go to sleep. Even if she wakes up while driving around its fine. One day we went to look at houses after going to herding lessons.... we probably spent 9-10 hours out of the house, driving around. She didn't ha
  3. Hey all, been a little while... I ended up getting a second BC pup about a month ago. So I now have an 8 and 3 month old, both girls. The new pup, Trinket, was fairly neglected from what I can tell. Purebred and from a working line. She was very underfed when I got her, supposedly she was only eating about 1/2 a cup of kibble per day. The breeder was saying they couldn't stop her from downing water so fast she'd throw up. Best guess is she didn't get enough water and couldn't eat all her kibble. She was separated from her litter and kenneled the majority of the time starting at about 1 mon
  4. Yeah, she's pretty good with playing fetch in the house as well, and it can be a soft toy too. I've been working on using the ball for different training methods too, like the 'come-by' and 'away' commands. Today we played some hide and seek with one of her soft toys. She picked it up after about the first try... I'm always amazed at how smart she is.
  5. I had similar issues with my pup Shadow. I mostly did what Waffles was suggesting. The difference is that Shadow would never bring the ball back, even if I tried to reel her in. To work on this I'd throw the ball, let her go get it, and wait for her to lay down. I'd then walk up to her, having her stay the whole time, and take the ball and walk the full length of the lead back. I'd then be able to call her back and throw it again. Eventually, not the first nor second day we practiced this, she started to come back with some encouragement. She's 5 months now and is a champ at fetch. It
  6. Its hard to take Shadow to other places besides the dog park because I'm in the middle of the city... I am starting to have second thoughts on taking her there at all, there's just so many things she can get away with at the dog park. And then there's always the fact that if I don't bring her ball, she'll find 2 or 3 right away laying around at the park. Another issue besides balls just laying around is that about 1 in 5 owners will have a ball to throw for their dog, and of course she thinks it's okay to butt right in. She's started showing defensiveness for her ball at a park now. As
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice so far. Much of what you said I kind of suspected based on her behavior and my understanding of the breed's desire to work. At first I figured oh she just wants to do her job uninterrupted, but was then a little concerned when a friend (unfamiliar with the breed) was telling me her nipping like this was a bad sign... We went to the dog park the other day; no ball and no creek this time. She did go stand by the gate waiting to be let down to play, but quickly listened each time I told her we weren't going. We'll probably keep ball play to a minimal there
  8. For those wondering, Shadow has been doing great and has made a lot of progress on recall and loose leash walking. She's now about 4.5 months old and has just about the best personality I could have asked for. She's at daycare with ~3-5 other dogs during the day, and has no aggression problems there. She'll go and take toys or bones when the others have left them and horde them on her bed, but she doesn't show any signs of aggression with the other pups. Recently I started playing fetch with her in the creek at the dog park; I think she's already obsessed with it... She immediately wan
  9. Shadow and I had a great time today at the park today. I drove her there to avoid her pulling on the harness for most of the way. The family that watches her during the day tell me she doesn't pull on the harness for them, and my guess is its because they don't throw the ball for her. When we got to the park she was ready for me to throw her the ball, just as she is whenever we come up to an open field (whether I've brought the ball or not). With my new 50' lead it was great to be able to throw the ball for her and still have her safe. She wasn't interested in returning it to me as usu
  10. I'm familiar with the growing joint issues that can arise in dogs... I'm making sure we don't have that problem, and already doing things you've suggested... I'm not expecting too much from her, I've raised pups before. I just don't want her to kill herself on the leash, and am wanting to find ways to work on her recall. Other pups I've had learned more sooner than Shadow has, but they weren't as smart as she is. This is partially because she is stubborn. Do I blame her, am I mad at her?? No. I love my dog, she's the best, and I wouldn't trade her for any other. I'm looking for a
  11. Thanks Donald, I agree and think she's too young for this. waffles (now I'm hungry!), dragging her is exactly what I want to avoid. My dog is intentionally ignoring me. Shadow knows what come means, and will obey if it agrees with her. She will not stand up at all if I try to reel her in, so I'm going to see what I can do to approach this differently. I am getting a 50ft lead today, was using a 25. Planning to just do training for a bit before we go back to playing, as she becomes unwilling to listen to anything I say when we do play fetch (except for sit when she anticipates me throw
  12. Thanks for your time and all the great advice! Yes, my dog is stubborn! I agree that it's not smart to try and fight the stubbornness, just as with a child; better to get her to do what I want by taking another approach. I can do a bit better here, and glad you pointed it out. She is extremely intelligent. A few weeks ago she learned to vertically scale a small fence and jump over it (I have the video, may try and post it later)!. She knows what I mean when I tell her to go potty, when I'm telling her no, drop it, etc... I don't think she needs a prong collar, but at the same time it
  13. Hi all, new around here and looking for some input on how to train my little gal. Shadow is 14 weeks old, and overall a great pup! She is extremely well behaved in many aspects: doesn't chase children or nip them, no more potty accidents, and never complains about her kennel (stays in it all night). I live in an apartment, but do my part to make sure Shadow gets the attention and exercise she needs. She goes to doggy daycare at someones house on weekdays, and I take her out for good walks or playing fetch. Shadow has done very well with the basic training that I've done inside (sit, gr
  14. Hey there, Also new to the forums, my girl is about 3 months old now and figured I could add my 2 cents. From day one when my pup would fall asleep I'd pick her up and put her in her kennel. After the first day she started to go in and sleep there on her own. Probably luck of the draw but at week two I started to kennel her at night, the entire night, no accidents and no whining. I can't really say about leaving your pup alone because mine goes to daycare. I have had to leave her a few times alone in the kennel, but she's very comfortable with it and hasn't complained at all. I
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