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  1. Rebecca, What is a "Rose" eared dog? Nancy O
  2. Rising Sun Farms has a picture of Wisp on thier website. http://www.risingsunfarm.com/wisp the pup in my avatar is line bred to Wisp, as you can see he doesn't look anything like Wisp. Nancy O
  3. Wonder what exactly this entails Does this mean they are buying land under the AKC name, so dogs can hunt, or acquiring hunting rights on land.......? Nancy O
  4. Julie, congratulations! You'll be posting pics when the pups come, won't you? Nancy O
  5. Take a look at the Little Hats website. On the righthand side there is a link for finding instructors. Lots of useful information on the website. http://www.littlehats.net/core.html Nancy O
  6. Penny, I had seen this type of clinic when I first got interested in herding I guess the good thing was I knew there was something not right with this type of training. Sheep were in a pen about 12' x 12'. There were cones setup on 3 sides of the 4 sided pen. Dog and person (notice I didn't say handler) were on the 4th side. Person threw food or toy to the first cone. Dog ran to the cone to get the food, person clicked when it got to the cone. And so forth all around the pen. (Never could figure out how they could throw that well to the cone on the far side of the pen). this was considered an outrun. For balance exercises, person would send dog to other side of pen, when it lined up with the sheep and the handler, the handler clicked and threw food/toy. You could have put anything inside the pen, guess since there were sheep in there it made it a herding clinic. One of the participants there told me she had been doing this for 3 years and didn't know if her dog would "ever be ready to acutally work the sheep" Nancy O
  7. Ah, sorry to hear that Robin. Good luck with your new search. Nancy O
  8. I always love to hear wonderfully flowery dog stories. Thank goodness he is a rescue and you didn't have to "Pay anything" for him. Chip better bring in some big bucks to pay his way Nancy O
  9. Sam, what handsome dog could you possibly mean Saw new name in your signature, who's Chip. And Robin, have not heard anything about the new arrival. Nancy O
  10. You can go to My Profile at the top of the page, and edit profile. there is an area for signature that would show up at the bottom of your posts. Just realized I've been logging in with a very old ID, was wondering what happened to my avatar and why there were only 7 posts listed! Nancy O
  11. Jenny, and you didn't notice he was missing!!!! Actually he's a real cute little bugger, hope he works well. thanks for the information. Nancy O
  12. Melanie, Amanda has some good suggests on Little Hats. see her response to Enough Dog and other posts. Geez, didn't know Fly was already 7! Nancy O
  13. Jenn, boy that sounds confusing, glad you could keep it straight! One of my dogs came from canada and therefore is CBCA registered. Would need to get the other registered, he's already tatooed. Do you know how the Nursery works? (no nursery dogs, just curious) Nancy O
  14. Thanks Marilyn, I was wondering how this worked. Nancy o
  15. Have a question for you Canadians out there. Saw that the Canadian Finals are being held at Grass Creek this year. Is there a qualifying requirement for running in the Open or Nursery Canadian Finals, besides being a member of CBCA and having your dogs CBCA registered? Nancy O
  16. Bruce, you wrote Could you explain this, I'm not sure I understand it. Nancy O
  17. Bill wrote Bill, if you give this many BoSe injections, what dose do you give. Kim, I did take the temp of the lamb around day 3 or 4, know it was normal then. Rebecca, didn't originally see your posts, but I had given the vit B plus injection, figure it couldn't hurt. Nancy O
  18. Bill, thanks for the information. Nancy O
  19. Bill, Thanks for your reply. In response: Yes the gate has been off since the start.And I saw the birth and it was a very easy birth. No trauma at birth and I jugged the ewe and lamb afterwards, but don't think trauma occured then as the problem seemed to be there from the start. No, gate problem was immediately noted after birth. Would have to look into this. No other lambs are affected. Have lambed about 18 ewes and 6 more to go. That was my original plan. If given antibiotics and banamine, will have to check what the withdrawal times are. What anitibiotic would you suggest? I also have banamine available, will have to check the dose. The only other odd thing I've had occur during lambing, was a single lamb I found with it's cord intact and the cord and placenta wrapped around the lamb. Looked like mom had licked at the lamb. Lamb did not look like it had been moved from when it was born. Lamb was obviously dead when I found it. Looked like the placenta had been delivered with the lamb. Was not there for the birth so don't know for sure what happened or if it was a stuck lamb that the ewe eventually delivered, the lamb did not have a large head. Nancy O
  20. Had a single ewe lamb born about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Actually saw the birth, so know there were no problems with the birth. The lamb is a dorset/montadale cross. Lamb had a very wide rear stance initially, but didn't think too much of it. It had a BoSe shot, 1cc immediately after birth (we are in a selenium deficient area and this is dose prescribed by vet). Mom has had access to high selenium minerals year round. Mom had twins last year as a yearling without any problem. No problems with any other lambs that are being born. The lamb continues to have a wide rear stance and is wobbly in the rear, it recieved daily 2-4 pumps of Lamb survive also. It gets around OK, but you can tell which lamb it is by the gait. Joints are not swollen or warm. Lamb is gaining weight fine, weighed 24lbs yesterday (I did not weigh it at birth, but would guess it was around 11 lbs). The only thing I can think of is white muscle disease, even with the BoSe and year round loose minerals high in Selenium (have not had anyone or anything tested for selenium defiencey). any other thoughts on what might be wrong with this lamb? Nancy O
  21. Bill, thanks for the response, hopefully none of the lambs are of the cotton or acrylic type! Know that it depends on the weather conditons etc, but was just curious about it. Nancy O
  22. Here's a question for all you lucky people who live where your sheep are. How long does it take for an umbilical cord to dry? I don't live where my sheep are kept and am trying to get an idea of how many hours old the lambs are that I find born when I get down to my field. In the winter I normally leave the field around 5pm and return around 1:30pm the next day. Sometimes when I return I find new lambs with dried umbilical cords and sometimes the cords are still wet, sometimes the lambs are still damp. I rarely see lambs born. So I was wondering how long it takes for umbilical cords to dry, so I can have an idea of about when the lambs were born. Nancy O
  23. Be careful of hawks and border collie pups. I had an owner of one of my pups tell me that she had been walking her puppy (about 12 weeks old at the time) in Gettysburg state park (they live across teh street from the park) and a red tail hawk swooped down to grab the puppy! She said her son told her they eat skunks and maybe the puppy being black and white triggered the attack. The hawk did not get the puppy, thank goodness! Nancy O
  24. Mark, is there any way to tell if your dogs might be affected before symptoms occur? Nancy O
  25. Well, I actually enjoy running Nursery. For me it is a no pressure class to run a dog in, but many many people don't see it that way. Another reason to run nursery for me is to see if the dog is ready to move to ranch or not. Most trials are too full to run N/c, so I have used the nursery class to see if the dog is ready to move to ranch or not. I took my nursery dog to the finals this year, and yes it made sense because I was running a dog in Open also, running 2 dogs made the trip worthwhile. But, I also had another nursery prospect, whom I did not agressively pursue qualifying in nursery, as I knew it was above her ability. Nancy O
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