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  1. Do you know what time they are starting? Nancy O
  2. Julie, thanks, guess I'll go down the night before. It is at least a 3 hour trip. Nancy O
  3. Does anyone know the order of classes for this weekend Mt Pleasant SDT in Strasburg, VA? Trying to figure out if I can drive down Sat morning or will need to be there the night before. Nancy O
  4. Good luck Mark and Jody! Have fun! We'll be watching the USBCHA site for results. Nancy O
  5. Yup, Nick's winnings would pay for the ATV with some leftover for gas. But the ATV is a 2WD, and we get snow up here! Don't think it will go in the snow. Then there would be the issue of getting it up to PA. Nancy O
  6. The lawn tractor is a very very old sears lawn tractor, that will hopefully start when cranked over, or maybe not. But the dogs can be paced at a trot with it.(Robin, would have loved to buy your ATV, but really couldn't justify it) I have a 35 hp real tractor with front end loader, but won't use it with the dogs around, unless it's just one dog and I have to move some sheep before I mow. But if I have to do anything that requires frequent backing up such as mucking out the run in shed area or putting out large bales of hay, all dogs are put away, or at least in another field. These pups, at 7 weeks, were herding chickens, not chasing. I found it cute, but then I don't have chickens myself. I always like to hear what people do with pups on stock, the frequency, number of sheep etc. Nancy O
  7. Denise, Thanks for the link. I love following the trials! Of course I would rather be out there running in them! Nancy O
  8. Laurie, thanks for your information! All puppies have limited interaction with the adult dogs. Most of thier interaction with the adults occurs at the farm when I'm walking everyone or running them with the lawn tractor. The pups are currently crated upstairs in separate crates where they can't see each other. Nancy O
  9. Robin wrote That's the boy for you I usually only put them on sheep once a month and will stop if they need to have any type of pressure put on them, ie grippers or really tight on sheep, so that they will need pushing out. We've had each of the pups out in the field (individually) with Ben being used to keep them out of the corners so the sheep wouldn't face off the pups. They were chasing after them, of course couldn't catch them, but weren't doing any harm either. Robin, how do you think putting the pups on sheep every week helped? Nancy O
  10. Renee, That gives me an idea. Since I've been working only half a day, I've not been taking any pups into work with me. I may alternate bringing one of the pups with me into work each day. That would give them individual time with me. Even with my older dogs, I keep a solid divider between thier crates. I had found one of my dogs, subtely intimidating one of the other dogs. The solid divider stopped it. Thanks Renee, Nancy O
  11. They've spent more together time in the last week than I would like, as our son and 7 1/2 month old baby have been visiting from Maui. But it's back to the real world now. Outside, they tend to run and be wilder than I like, so their time together outside is being restricted. When they are inside together, they tend not to play with each other, but chew bones or hooves individually. As long as no silliness is going on, I let them in together. I've walked them separately each day, and use thier recall whistle or "that'll do". Renee, are you dogs all crated together, even the pups? nancy O
  12. I've raised a number of pups and I've been happy with the results, but I've never had more than one pup at a time. I have decided to keep 2 pups from a litter that we recently had as the breeding will not be repeated. I was looking for people's suggestions about how they raise 2 working pups at the same time. Some background information. I have about 50 sheep that are not housed at my house. I work 4 hours a day, even tho I have 3 dog runs in my 3/4 acre fenced dog yard, I rarely use it. The dogs are crated while I am at work. At lunch time, we all get into the car and head to the farm, where I do general farm and sheep upkeep, work dogs and walk and run the dogs. We eventually return home for dinner. I usually am at the farm about 4-6 hours a day. I am trialing at the national level. Puppies are normally raised in the house and are loose upstairs under supervision. They sleep in a crate upstairs. When a pup gets to be about 7-9 months old, they join the older dogs downstairs. A puppy does not go out with the other dogs on a regular basis, down at the farm when I run/walk the dogs, they are all run at the same time. What I am looking for is information about whether you let 2 pups play alot with each other, do you let them out together all the time, how do you house them etc. Thanks for any information. Nancy O ps Robin, thanks for your prior input.
  13. I agree with what Robin has said. Pups all sleep next to my bed, as I have a very very low tolerance for any whining or crying. Sometimes when first put into thier crates they will whine, they get a light rap on the crate and told "Quiet". If I had a very young pup that woke in the middle of the night, I would carry him out, tell him to "hurry Up", my word to go to the bathroom, and when he does, he would be picked up and put back into his crate. Since Dec I've had 4 pups, even at 7 weeks old, the pups have been able to hold it from 11pm to 6am. At that age I pick them up and carry them outside, otherwise they will most likely stop and pee in the hallway or kitchen. When it is time for bed, they go outside once more and then put in the crate, they do not get to play again before being crated. I initially just pickup a young pup and pop them into thier crate, using whatever word you use for the crate. My word is "Cage", much to the horror of my mother! As the pup gets a little bit older, he gets carried into the bedroom and put down in front of the open crate door and told Cage, occ may need a little push on the butt to go in. Once they get the idea, I put the dog down further and further away from the open door and say Cage. Around 9-10 weeks I put a piece of twine thro the collar and hold both ends, walk the dog into the bedroom and as he goes into his cage I release the one end of the twine so it slips easily thro his collar. The reason for the twine, is there usually comes a day when the pup does not want to follow me into the bedroom to be put in his crate. The twine thro the collar does not give him an option. If he balks, he gets a quick jerk and release, so he can decide whether he wants to go or not. He will get a quick jerk and release until he decides the best thing to do is go in his crate. As he goes in the crate, the twine slips thro his collar (that way you don't have to bend down and fuss and unclip him) I usually have one day when the pup will balk about going into the crate and then that's it. Pups sleep in the bedroom until they outgrow thier puppy crates and then go downstairs with the big dogs, usually around 6 months old. Right now I have two 13 week old puppies in separate crates in the bedroom. They happily run to thier respective crates, either when I leave for work or at night time. Nancy O
  14. Alot of the newer cell phones have GPS on them, to locate the phone and caller. On my phone I have to turn on the continous GPS feature, which will give your location even if the phone is not in use, otherwise the GPS feature only is working when I make a phone call. I think calling as you go is a good idea, the frequency depends on the tolerance of the person you are calling I always leave my location and phone number of the farm that I will end up at with my husband and dtr in case I don't have cell phone reception, the reason for 2 people, is that once my husband had an emergency admission to the hospital when I was away, I had no cell phone signal. My dtr was able to call the people hosting the event to let me know he had been admitted to the hospital. Nancy O
  15. Sam, pretty funny story! Did they want to tax you for the silver bowl as you crossed over? I actually like the one where I yell "What! You haven't won any friggin m****, all week! Congratulations Sam and Fred! Robin, I was very proud of my boys, especially Nick Nick! I couldn't believe he actually turned back for his second lot of sheep. Nancy O
  16. Hmmm Sam, didn't you get something in your goody bag, JUST for that welcome home, maybe in an orange color Nancy O
  17. Good News! The ewe seemed absolutely fine today. Gave her more nutridrench just to be on the safe side and turned her and her buddy out with the rest of the flock. There is a lovely breeze today, still very hot, but not as humid. Everyone else seemed OK Nancy O
  18. Debbie, I hope I hear something also, but at this time can't think of anything else to do for them. Nancy O
  19. Julie, this is what is posted on the VBCA site Nancy O
  20. Yesterday, late afternoon, was checking the sheep. They are on pasture, with free choice minerals, with 3 shaded areas, they mainly stay in the oasis of trees near the upper end of the field though. I assume this is where they have been all day, as I didn't see a disruption in the grass going to the other 2 areas. They have an automatic waterer that is in the shade, water was nice and cool, as it usually is. Sheep were wormed about 3 1/2 weeks ago with cydectin and on Monday with Safeguard, mainly because I will be away for 12 days, with friends checking on the sheep for me,, would rather be safe than sorry, since it was about time to worm them anyway. One sheep was very wobbly when I got down to the field, I don't live at my field. I gave it nutridrench and wormed it with levasole, as a precaution, tho it did not appear anemic. I put it and another sheep in the carport area, that has access to the round pen grass and I gave them some dry hay, and put a large tub of water under the carport for them. If there is any breeze, the 2 open ends of the carport will usually catch it, though I don't think there is any breeze. Temps were near 100 yesterday with very high humidity and expect to go that high again today. The sheep seemed to improve after the nutridrench. I will be going and checking on them around noon today. Does anyone have any other suggestions or things to be done for sheep that appear to be affected by the heat. Or anything else you can think to do for the sheep. I do not have a barn fan, and at this time do not plan on buying one. Nancy O
  21. Denise, Hope Mick is doing OK. Dixie girl wrote When I had my pup in for his second shots recently I asked the vet about the Lepto. He said he gives Lepto in the last of the puppy shots (usually around 12-14 weeks old) and then yearly there after, so my dogs have been vaccinated for it. The vet said he had stopped doing Lepto but then a few years back it started showing up again in our area, so he has been vaccinating the dogs against it for several years again. Nancy O
  22. Lauren, how much of the blanket did she eat? Just pieces of it or the whole thing? Nancy O
  23. Did they do a full international shed? From the pics it looks like they had 3 collared sheep and you took the 3 collared plus any other 2. Just curious. Nancy O
  24. Julie, thanks for the information. Had never heard the term before. Nancy O
  25. Hi Elizabeth, Bea is doing great!She's a really nice pup. Very calm and self assured. I've gotten alot of really nice compliments about her at trials, ie her behavior, as she is only 4 months old. Then of course there is the person who refered to her as Beauty and the Bea...st. when she was playing with a pup named Beauty at a trial Bea is out of Elizabeth's Black and Zoe. Nancy O
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