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  1. I have one also. Good for a few sheep by myself. I agree with Mark that the katahdins squirm more and hold them self stiffer than the wool sheep. Occ get a sheep leg stuck thro the net, chair is adjustable length, width and you can always wrap more of the netting around the lower struts if you have small sheep. Was at a friends and used a sheep chair that did not have the netting, it was more like a sling, with nothing on the sides. Sheep kept falling thro the open sides, there was no way to make adjustments on it. Bought an old turning table just before I got sheep, for $50. It is great!!!!! Last time I tipped a sheep to check feet, I had about 50 sheep pushed into a corner with a dog, tipped the wrong sheep first, then got the right one, hoof trimmers just out of reach so took one tiny step towards it (with sheep firmly between knees) stepped on a small rock and fell over onto hip, sheep still firmly between legs, startling 49 other sheep, with me yelling to the dog "Let them go! Let them go!" He was still trying to hold all the sheep to me! Realized I still had sheep between legs and I wasn't getting up with it there. Went for my bone density scan the next day, they asked if I was having any problems, said to them "Well, if I didn't break my hip yesterday when I fell on my hip with a sheep between my legs, I guess I'm not having any problems" They had no idea what to say to that! Nancy O
  2. Mac is Steve Paxton-Hill's dog. I am running him at 2 trials for Steve. Steve at the moment is not working or running dogs. Guess I've had Mac for 3 weeks now. He's is a very nice dog and a good listener. He is on opposite whistles from my dogs, that's fun! Mac is bred the same way as my Ben, but he is younger, guess he is 3 1/2 now. He is the dog that Steve got reserve champion at the canadian nursery finals last year with. Nancy O
  3. Thanks Julie, I am keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to do well. Robin, time will tell about the other pups. Nancy O
  4. Robin asked "How are those pups off of him doing? I can't wait to see some of them, Ben's such a good one." well, let's see, Nick is a Ben pup :-) Has done well as a 4 year old this year :-) Gunner, who is 1 1/2 is coming along, driving nice. The year old pups, the one is just getting started and the other had surgery when he slipped on the steps and fell and then bounced off the steps and then onto the concrete pavers below and didn't get up right away, he chipped his shoulder, he is still in hobbles. Brynn is just 3 months, my avataar picture. She is nicknamed Bratty Brynn, and yes a female, out of Barbara Ray's Britt. Robin, wish you were going to Canada again. My 20 ft trailer is just right for me, tows easily. Hope to see you at the Finals. Julie, Ben tore his shoulder up and had surgery in Jan. He's been lame for over a year and a half, that plus lymes. The first ortho I took him to, said he would never work again. Took him to Dr Canapp in MD, who did his surgery and has gotten him back and working again. I'll send his entry in for the Finals and then make a decision after the Canadian trials as to whether I'll run him or pull his entry. He's not worked or trialed since last fall. Nancy O
  5. Robin, is that the Toy Hauler Puma? I won't be at the VBCA trial, will be in Florida to visit my mother, who is turning 80. A very good friend is coming to my farm to watch all my dogs for me, as my husband is still unable to take care of them. My last trial for this season is in NY this coming weekend. Will you be in Canada again this year? I'll be headed up there, and hopefully Ben will be able to run. He has started working again, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that his rehab continues on schedule. He is still not doing any outruns or shedding, but is doing short flanks, mainly to his unoperated side (so is there a course that he will only have to do away flanks :-), and driving. Nancy O
  6. Hey Robin, what kind of camper did you get???? Our ground is like the desert here, dogs have been tearing up thier pads. Got a little rain this morning, not enough to make a major impact tho. Nancy O
  7. For the novice classes they ran 3 adult hair sheep. The pull to the exhaust was not as hard as it has been in the past. The sheep all weekend were not easy to set. Dawn Boyce from Ga set sheep for the novice class and then stepped up and set for the Open class, when JP was unable to come. Penning was fairly easy for most handlers, but if you missed it on the first try, they liked to play ring around the pen. For Open class, they ran 2 adults and one lamb. The lambs were from a different flock and did not always want to participate. In Open the dogs had to have enough presence on the sheep to move them, otherwise the sheep just said "I don't want to go that way" and wouldn't. Many retires occured in the dreaded Dead Zones, and many handler's had the sheep return to thier feet on the drive. Sunday it was HOT. The ground was dry and hot and the heat was radiating up from the ground. I have never seen the creek so low as it was this year. I hope they got some rain last night and this morning. They sure could use it. Cheryl, Dick and Walt always put on a wonderful trial. This year was no exception! Nancy O
  8. The pup won't be able to have all her shots by 10 weeks. The last puppy shot and rabies shot is given once the pup is at least 12 weeks old. Nancy O
  9. The Finals Committee has had a generous offer from Battlefield Harley-Davidson, a major corporate sponsor of the 2007 USBCHA National Finals. In addition to their generous sponsorship, they would like to host a FREE Handler's Dinner at the 2007 USBCHA National Finals in Gettysburg. This free dinner would take the place of the paid Handler's dinner that we have posted about in the past. The dinner would be on Friday Sept 21, 2007 time to be determined, but around 7- 7:30pm, and would be located approx 3 miles from the trial site under covered pavilions. Battlefield Harley-Davidson would be providing the menu and all the food for the dinner. Because we would want a good turn out for the Handler's Dinner, as a way to say Thank You, to the sponsor, we do not want to accept their offer, unless we can expect a good turn out for it. In our last poll about a paid dinner, we had only 72 people, who responded that they would attend the dinner. So once again we are asking for people to respond to this email privately at Nancy Obernier Please only respond if you are expecting to attend the 2007 National Sheepdog Finals in Gettysburg this Sept. Please respond, even if you had responded to the first email concerning the Paid Dinner. _____ I am a Handler and Would attend the Free Handler's Dinner ____ I am a Volunteer and Would attend the Free Handler's Dinner _______ Number attending the dinner, including yourself. _____ I am attending the National Finals, but would not be interested in attending the FREE Handler's Dinner Nancy Obernier and Elayne Holbrook
  10. Andrea, The first thought I had when the black and white pic was coming up on my computer was: "Yeah Gads!!!! She still has snow up there!!!!" As the full pic came up I was glad to see it wasn't true. Nancy O
  11. Bill, No head for numbers, but at 25% discretionary, in a trial of 130 dogs, wouldn't 32 dogs be at the discretion of the trial host. In a trial of 44 dogs, 11 dogs would be discretionary. Nancy O
  12. I would also be oppposed for the reasons given above. As a realtively novice Open handler (3rd year running Open) I don't have the history with the USBCHA that alot of people do. But at least when I get in a trial or step onto the field, I feel that the playing field is pretty equal. Nancy O
  13. Thank you to all that have responded to the interest in a Handler's dinner at the 2007 USBCHA Finals in Gettysburg this year. At this time we have not received enough responses to justify having a Handlers Dinner at the Finals. The responses we have received have been overwhelmingly in favor of a Handlers Dinner. I am sure there are alot of people that we have not heard from. We need to hear your opinion, either Yes or No! We will keep the poll open till this Sunday, April 8th. At that time a decision will be made, based on the responses we have received, whether to continue pursuing a Handlers dinner or not. Please send response privately to me at Nancy Obernier _____ Yes I will be attending the USBCHA Finals and wish to attend the Handlers Dinner _____ Number attending ____ Yes I will be attending the USBCHA Finals, but would NOT be interested in attending the Handlers Dinner We will let you know the outcome of the poll. Nancy Obernier and Elayne Holbrook
  14. Just a clarification: The Handlers dinner IS NOT in conjunction with any meeting, such as the General Meeting for the USBCHA. It is a stand alone dinner for the enjoyment of the handlers and volunteers, strictly a social event. Nancy O
  15. We are on a committee pursuing the interest in a handler's dinner at the USBCHA National Finals in Gettysburg in Sept, 2007. It seems that the interest in a Handler's dinner has decreased over the past several years. We feel that a dinner is a great way to renew old friendships and to foster new ones. To make a dinner feasible, we would need to have at least 100 people interested, this will include handlers, volunteers and thier family. Plans for the Handlers dinner are: Date and time: Friday Sept 21, 2007 at 7pm Place: Auction Barn, onsite at the trial field in Gettysburg, so weather would NOT be an issue. Tables and chairs provided. Dinner: Grilled chicken, carved beef, salad and 2 sides, roll, butter, ice tea, coffee and cake served buffett style. The chicken will be cooked on site and the round of beef will be finished on site. We have personally tasted the food and it is delicious! This is not your typical bland, colorless, tasteless buffet food! Cost: Approximately $18-$19 per person We ask that ONLY people who think they will be attending the USBCHA Finals in Gettysburg in September, 2007 respond. Please send reponse privately to Nancy Obernier ___________ Yes, I plan to attend the Finals and would be interested in attending the dinner. ___________ Number expected to attend the dinner. ___________ No, I plan to attend the Finals, but would NOT be interested in attending the dinner Nancy Obernier and Elayne Holbrook
  16. I've had 3 different muck boots, would suggest going to Tractor supply and trying them on. Tack Classic- fit very well, somewhat difficult to get off, I feel every pebble as the bottom is thin Chore- this boot is much wider than the Tack Classic, if you have a narrow foot, this might not fit, nice sole Artic- great for winter, feet never cold Muckster- either too big or too small, can't move fast in them. I like the 13" ones except for in winter, my tack classics are always turned down. I also like Bogs http://www.bogsfootwear.com and have bought the Rancher and they fit better than the chore boot. I have had my boot pulled off in the mud! I've also bought llbean's storm chaser clogs, for quick trips when it is not too muddy. They stay on my feet pretty well. Melanie, the problem I've had with the goretex boots, is that the wet smelly mud gets onto the shoe and then the shoe stinks. My feet are dry but don't want to where the boot anywhere again. I do like them for trialing when it begins to warm up and the ground is wet. Nancy O
  17. Mark wrote Mark I have a great pair of men's titanium toe boots from Timberline, very light weight, very comfortable. Problem is, if using them for kneeknocker sheep, you don't know that the sheep have stepped on you! I've acutally fallen because the sheep are standing on my foot and I don't know it, and I try and move and find out my foot is anchored to the ground by the sheep! Nancy O
  18. Hey Sam, Only people who are getting OLD get a plaque with that on it But great words to live by. Merry Christmas Nancy O
  19. just curious, but for the dogs put on meds, what were thier T4 and free T4 results? Was wondering if both the T4 and Free T4 were low, or just one of them? Nancy O
  20. Colin, there is a discussion on RV.net http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseacti.../pa/pging/1.cfm including a letter from the lawyer for sunline. Nancy O
  21. Sue, I think the biggest problem is water damage. check for water damage on the roof and floor and under the floor. If it has a hard top, does it go up and down and does the door close properly. If the door does not close correctly, most likely it is because of warping due to water damage. Make sure you set it up and take it down, not just see it set up. Do the zippers work? Check the canvas for rot. Have them turn on the stove to check that it works. If the heater is supposed to work, have them turn that on also. Have them hook the camper to thier car to make sure the lights work on it. If it is really small it won't have brakes. If you can, check the wheel bearings. Nancy O Nancy O
  22. Mark, I liked my old sunline that was 20 years old, that's why I bought another one. I liked the quality and the fact that the trailer held up for that many years. I worry about the occasional issue that might crop up and especially if I should have any leaks or problems with wiring etc. The dealer is looking at an issue with a light switch for free. I've had an ongoing issue with my water heater, but that is covered under Atwoods warranty, thank goodness. Nancy O
  23. Robin, no problem with my trailer, just that my new trailer no longer has a warranty with it! the issue would be IF I develope a problem, it won't be covered under warranty. Nancy O
  24. The problem would be trying to stay awake till almost midnight Nancy O ps, Mark, looks like Sunline is closed They aren't doing any warranty repairs per the letter from thier lawyer that has been posted on the net. Will have to keep my fingers crossed that I don't have any leaks or other issues. The appliances are covered under the manufacturer.
  25. Julie, not complaining at all, it's one of the closer trials. Just thought if Open didn't run till say 9 or 10, I could save the cost of the hotel room for friday night and drive down in the morning on Saturday. Nancy O
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