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  1. Hi! Congrats on the new pup! Everything everyone else said is great and I totally agree with all of it. But I would just like to add something to it. I would suggest going outside with a leash on her and treating her for every moment she keeps her eyes on you and not whatever is distracting. If you can master this it will certainly make recall training easier. Also work on staying and heeling with full eye contact, this will also help recall. Also, you may already be doing this, have you been socialising her ALOT? If she is nervous or confronted while recall training due to lack of
  2. Hi again! Thank you for all your responses. His grandparents are imported European working dogs, then his parents were the offspring of them so yes he is more of that type of border collie. His parents are registered as purebred border collies with our national kennel club. They have competed in certain shepherding trials that have given them titles; but they have equally competed in non-kennel-club trials. I believe that is what a dual registration is? Correct me if I'm wrong. Yes I believe he is most likely just a lower driven dog. And I'm fine with that! I was just initially cur
  3. Hi again everyone, thank you all so much for replying. Apologies if things weren't too clear, I'm not from America so some things are done different here. What I meant by the champion part is that his parents have competed in kennel club trials as well as outside trials (for herding). They have won herding champion titles, not confirmation titles. And I have absolutely no plan to ever re home him as I really do love him. I only had interest in your responses if you have heard of BCS like this. I'm considering doing something like nose work and just rally o or obedience. Yes I have re
  4. I transitioned Ripley from inside to outside in his crate when he was 6 months old. But if he is doing quite well i assum there is no harm in trying it out. How long has he stayed in the other crate for? You could even maybe swap the crates so he will be used to the smell more. I would suggest maybe leaving him there with a stuffed Kong for an extended time and see how he goes. Since he is young you could maybe even take a piece of your clothing and put it in with him? I hope this helps. Good luck with it!
  5. Hi there! I'm new to the forums so please excuse me if I say something that is incorrect. I have an 8 month old male entire Border Collie. I purchased him from proven champion working stock with lines behind them of the same. The dogs have lure coursing, herding, disk, dive, agility and obedience titles. I sought after a BC as a performance dog and of course, a companion for myself and my other dog. Despite his heratige my border collie has almost no drive at all, for toys, balls or prey. He is fairly driven for food but just seems lazy in general. He is a very fit boy, has bee
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