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  1. Thank you all for a warm welcome we previously had a border collie black German Shepherd mix who passed away due to cancer and Im glad with having this new addition I found a great support center so specific to this very special and intelligent breed. My husband thought it was odd to keep her on a lead that long as well. But I will do what ever it takes to keep her safe until she is trust worthy. We socialize her as much as we can she has not had a fear period at all. My husbands dad has a 4 month old bc mix that is very fearful and I was wondering why and what causes that since ours is the complete opposite. I agree about the dog parks we definitely won't be taking her to one we never did with our other I know socialization is very important but believe it should happen in a controlled invirnment I have a hard time trusting other people that I don't know on how they have trained their dogs and I would hate for something to happen to mine because of that reason.
  2. Thanks so much lawgirl I totally agree and thank you for the great advice.
  3. I agree people get too defensive over write compared to in person. Hard to judge how a person will react. And don't feel like a slacker lol and when we got my husband's dad's bc together with our they wanted nothing to do with us haha I got a taste of how much harder it would be to keep two bc's attention at the same time. And I totally agree about the attention span topic when she wants to act naughty and has something she's not supposed to sometimes she likes to play the try and catch me game and she's quick on the corners so you can imagine it's fun for me haha it's hard to stay serious when she does it. It makes me laugh.i imagine I'll be waiting until she is almost a year or more to let her off depending on how trust worthy she becomes around that age.
  4. Well it won't let me load a picture of her for some reason the file is always to big so I won't be showing her off
  5. Thank you for all the great advice! I feel great about training her on my own she is very smart and catches on quickly. And I guess I shouldn't have said constantly stimulating her lol I just meant I give her enough stimulation when she is wanting to play I let her be a puppy and let her get her down time I'm definitely not waking her up to do training exercises or anything like that and I let her entertain her self when she likes. But thank you for pointing that out because I'm sure there are a lot of people who make the mistakes you are talking about. She knows the sit stay lay down shake roll over and drop. I have been practicing walking her on leash in the back yard and she does great. I just wasn't sure how long to wait before letting her off and what to expect when I do come to that point of being able to. We live in a very small town so it's not to busy and we won't be taking her to a dog park our favorite is very sucluded we drive about 15-20 min. To get there. There's only one road and the feild we go to is at least 5 acres away from it. I'm glad you said something though because I would hate to lose a dog in such a terrible accident as your friend had. I appreciate all advice I don't take any of it as rude. I wouldn't have posted if I was scared of any contructive cridisicum I'm sure even if it doesn't apply to me someone reading the post can take something positive from it. I will definitely be doing as you all advised and be waiting to take her off and using a long lead when she's ready. I'm not in favor off the retractable leashes.
  6. My 11 week old bc Aussie mix Lady has to stay home and can only go in our backyard until she has all of her sets of shots at four months.( The vet advised us to do so for obvious reasons). But I am worried that when we start taking her to the park she will run off. How did you train your dog to keep with you without leash. We live in an apartment but she has a back yard and I'm home with her all day and constantly stimulating her mentally and physically. Any advice on what to start with when we start taking her out? Thanks in advance. All advice appreciated!
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